Why it’s time the Baganda saved Uganda from Museveni

The Kabaka of Buganda and his wife. President Museveni is said to have used the influence of the Kabaka to on the Baganda to get into power and stay there.

By Eric Kashambuzi In their understandable desire to get rid of Obote (RIP) and his largely Protestant-based Uganda People’s Congress (UPC) party and restore their traditional institutions and assets especially land lost with the introduction of the 1967 constitution, Baganda supported Museveni against wise advice and his mercenaries initially recruited from Tutsi refugee camps in Ankole. The destructive guerrilla war in the Luwero Triangle targeted Baganda Protestants for elimination and confiscation of their properties. Baganda Protestants since the colonization of Uganda had worked closely with British administration and were the most experienced in administration and the richest in Uganda. With due respect, Baganda Catholics and Muslims who replaced Protestant Baganda … Continue reading

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Authenticity of NI card registration worries Uganda opposition

Leader of Uganda opposition in parliament Wafula Oguttu: "...government has failed to avail the country with an enabling law supporting the registration exercise."

By Nkonge I Kaggwa in Kampala Ugandans are questioning the authenticity and legality of the National Identity (NI) registration exercise which kicked off on 14th April and have accused the government of lack of preparedness to adequately and efficiently implement the exercise. This follows country wide anomalies and challenges including late deliveries of machines, theft of equipment and lack of birth certificates among many Ugandans that have mired the process aimed at accessing the first ever citizen national Identity cards in the country. While commenting on the exercise at parliament on last week, the leader of Ugandan opposition at parliament also the Member of Parliament for Bukooli Central, Philip Wafula Oguttu … Continue reading

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CJA International President receives warm welcome in Dhaka

Rita Payne (2nd from left) receives a bouquet of flowers from Shyamal Dutta of the CJA Bangladesh Branch at  the Dhaka Club.

The Commonwealth Journalist Association (CJA) Bangladesh Chapter accorded a reception to CJA Global President Rita Payne on April 16, 2014 at Dhaka Club in the capital city of Bangladesh. Rita Payne was in Bangladesh for a weeklong professional visit. CJA President Emeritus Hassan Shahriar, CJA Bangladesh President Farid Hossain, Secretary General Shyamal Dutta and other members of CJA Bangladesh Chapter received Rita Payne with a bouquet. Former minister and research scholar Mizanur Rahman Shelly, State Minister Mr Mirza Azam, editors and senior journalists of print and electronic media, representatives of different missions of Commonwealth countries in Dhaka and elites of the city were present at the reception. Welcoming Rita Payne, … Continue reading

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Uganda opposition calls for sacking of country’s police chief

Uganda Police chief Gen Kalekeezi Kayihura

By Nkonge I Kaggwa The Ugandan opposition has rendered the country’s Police Chief, Major Kale Kayihura incompetent, following the disappearance of classified tapes that recently leaked and made public by social media icon Tom Voltaire Okwalinga ( TVO). In a press conference presided over by the Uganda People’s Congress (UPC) President Olara Otuunu at the Ugandan parliament on 15th April, the Ugandan opposition demanded that the Inspector General of Police (IGP), Gen Kayihura steps down to protect the image of the Uganda Police Force ( UPF) because the leaked tapes feature him interrogating several people particularly those opposed to the National Resistance Movement party (NRM) but more especially President Yoweri Museveni. … Continue reading

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Ugandan journalist fired for hosting opposition politicians

Geoffrey Magezi the Uganda Radio host who has been fired for hosting opposition politicians.

By Jessica A Badebye A Ugandan journalist, Geoffrey Magezi has been fired from his job for hosting opposition politicians in Hoima District. According to a press release issued by the National Coordinator of the Human Rights Network for Journalists-Uganda (HRNJ), Robert Sempala Magezi who has been managing Spice FM radio for the last two years was verbally dismissed on 15th/ April/2014. Sempala revealed that on Saturday, 12th April 2014, between 9:20pm- 10:30pm East African Time, the station hosted the former Forum for Democratic Change (FDC) party leader , Dr Kizza Besigye, the leader of the FDC Women’s league, Ingrid Turinawe and the Democratic Party (DP) President Norbert Mao to discuss … Continue reading

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