Compaoré on the run as army ‘highjacks’ people’s revolution

Gen Honore Traore who has assumed power in Burkina Faso after the incumbent was forced to flee the country by protesters.

By Henry D Gombya People’s power has forced Burkina Faso President to resign from office and the army has stepped in to fill the power vacuum. Reports reaching us from the Burkina Faso capital, Ouagadougou (pronounced ‘wagadugu’), say Blaise Compaoré who has ruled the country since 1987 is now on the run after he issued a brief statement announcing his resignation.  We are receiving reports that there is jubilation in the capital with crowds dancing and loudly cheering, and blowing on whistles after people realised their dreams of driving out the man who killed Thomas Sankara 27 years ago to take over power. After days of protests in which tens of … Continue reading

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Military on verge of taking over in Burkina Faso

Protesters in Ougadougou. torch City Hall, parliaments and MPs houses.

By Henry D Gombya Reports reaching us from Ouagadougou, the capital of Burkina Faso say a military coup seems to be in the offing after the country violently rejected attempts by President Blaise Compaore to amend the country’s constitution and enable him to stand again for his country’s presidency. Wire sources say the army commander, Gen Honoré Traore has imposed an overnight curfew as earlier announced by Compaore. He however insinuated that there would be a new government when he announced the formation of ‘a transitional body’ that would work with the opposition to form a transitional government. Problems started when President Compaore who has been in power for the … Continue reading

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Annette Ashaba —Suicide or was she murdered by the State?

The body of the alleged victim Annette Ashaba as it was pictured after being found. There is not a trace of blood around the victim and she has her mouth bound and hands behind her back. Not the way a suicide victim would look in most circumstances, if not all.

Nearly five years ago, Gen James Kazini was bludgeoned to death and his girlfriend allegedly admitted to having killed him. When Gen David Sejusa fled to London, he revealed that in actual fact Gen Kazini had been killed on the orders of President Yoweri Museveni and that the murder was allegedly committed by a six foot six inch giant. The Uganda government has to this day never denied or challenged Gen Sejusa’s revelations. Many Ugandans have died and there has not been any proper investigation by the police to find out who exactly carried out the murder. We can name many names. Of recent, a young businesswoman who had toiled … Continue reading

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Museveni demeans Kabaka of Buganda in secret Rome meeting

President Museveni (with hat) walks on as Buganda King, Ronald Muwenda Mutebi II acknowledges greetings from his people.

By Staff Writer Ugandan President Yoweri Museveni may have broken protocol after likening the Kabaka (King) of Buganda to being his young brother. While the Kabaka can call President Museveni by his first name, in Buganda royal etiquette Mr Museveni, much as he is the head of state, cannot do the same and cannot refer to His Highness as ‘my young brother’. The words are likely to hurt the very people the Ugandan leader is desperate for their support as he campaigns for a fifth term of office. The comment becomes more repugnant when the Baganda realise that as a commoner, Museveni can never be Kabaka Mutebi’s ‘big brother’. Commenting … Continue reading

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Museveni resurrects ‘killer squad’ in preparation for 2016

Gen Charles Angina, the deputy Chief of Defence Forces (DCDF) who has been assigned to lead the killer squad.

By Nkonge I Ismail in Kampala A killer squad used in the 2006 Ugandan General Election is being resurrected to help the country’s leader, Gen Yoweri Museveni retain power in the 2016 general elections. Known then as the ‘Kalangala Action Plan’ (KAP), the squad will be led by a three-star general, assisted by a brigadier and a major. The resurrection of this squad was revealed Monday to The London Evening Post by Muwanga Muhammad Kivumbi, a Member of Parliament representing the Democratic Party in Butambala County. He said the KAP will be led by Major General Charles Angina, a member of parliament representing the Uganda Peoples Defence Forces (UPDF). Angina, … Continue reading

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