Leaked report outs Ugandan journalists in Museveni’s pay

President Museveni )with hat) is used to handing over sacks of money. Here he hands an unsuspecting voter a sack containing US$100,000 in Ugandan currency. The Ugandan media are now closely in his sights for the 2016 general election.

By Richard A Luce A detailed plan through which the Uganda ruling National Resistance Movement (NRM) party intends to win by hook or crook next year’s general election reveals how the nearly 30-year old government of President Yoweri Museveni has allocated billions of shillings to plant its agents into media houses all over the country and use social media including Facebook Messenger, WhatsApp and online newspapers to promote ‘Candidate Museveni’. While it is not illegal for any political party seeking elective office to use the above-mentioned facilities, Ugandan voters will indeed wonder how one party has unlimited access to funds that no other party in the country can ever dream … Continue reading

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Kagame accused of intimidating Britain and the United States

US Secretary of State John Kerry with President Kagame of Rwanda. US unhappy about Kagame

By Henry D Gombya and Norman S Miwambo Rwandan President Paul Kagame has been accused of attempting to intimidate into silence and inaction the United Kingdom and the United States of America over the violation of human rights in his country and the death of close to six million people killed in wars his interventions and aggression have caused in the Africa Great Lakes Region since he came to power in 1994. In a statement issued by the coordinator of the Rwanda National Congress (RNC) Dr Theogene Rudasingwa following the recent arrest in London of Gen Karenzi Karake, head of Rwanda’s ‘notorious’ National Security and Intelligence Service, Kagame was accused … Continue reading

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South African opposition taking country ‘back into apartheid’

Dr David N Matsanga who has spent nearly a decade opposing the ICC

By Staff Writer The newly-elected leader of the opposition South African Democratic Alliance (DA) has been accused of trying to take Africa back to the apartheid era. In a strongly-worded response to DA leader Mmusi Maimane interview last month on BBC’s popular Hard Talk show (click on the photo above to hear Maimane’s BBC interview) , the Chairman of Pan African Forum Dr David Matsanga said during what he called ‘his moments of stupidity’ during his BBC interview, Mr Maimane had uttered words that were very misleading, misplaced and disturbing for a leader of opposition vying for the presidency. During the BBC interview, Mr Maimane noted that South African President … Continue reading

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African leaders strongly warned against removal of term limits

Egyptian academic and politician Mohammed ElBaradei giving the 6th Thabo Mbeki lecture in South Africa

By Ruth Namatovu A leading Egyptian political figure and Nobel Peace Prize winner has warned African leaders against the removal of term limits halfway through their tenure saying the practice is incompatible with good governance and the rule of law.   Delivering the 6th Thabo Mbeki Africa Day Lecture at the University of South Africa in South Africa recently, Dr Mohamed Mustafa ElBaradei said African countries need an agreement on shared norms and values that should be lived by all African leaders such as constitutions and laws that meet international standards of political, economic, social and cultural human rights. ElBaradei who holds a doctor of juridical science (J.S.D.) in international … Continue reading

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Mbabazi can never win any election be it free, fair or transparent


By Staff Writer Former Ugandan Prime Minister Amama Mbabazi has been told that he stands no chance of ever winning any election in Uganda even if it were free, fair and transparent. In an exclusive interview with The London Evening Post, Professor Aaron Mukwaya, a senior lecturer of political science at one of Africa’s best known universities, Makerere University, Kampala, said Mr Mbabazi had become a victim of himself after spending many years glued on President Museveni and enacting many ‘bad laws’ that will come to haunt him soon. “He knows very well that if he’s not given lee way, he cannot compete nationally and win an election in this country … Continue reading

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