CIA behind ‘Walk to Work’ protests – Matsanga claims

 By Henry Gombya

Dr David Nyekorach Matsanga accuses the CIA of trying to use the Uganda opposition to effect regime change in the country.

The United States Central Intelligence Agency (CIA) has been accused of hiding behind the on-going ‘Walk to Work’ protests that have resulted into the beating up of the country’s opposition leader Dr Kizza Besigye and the imprisonment of several leading and minor opposition figures.

In a scathing attack on the American secret agency and the methods used by Uganda’s political opposition, Dr David Matsanga, a former spokesman of Ugandan rebel movement, the Lord’s Resistance Army (LRA) has written to Ugandan President Yoweri Museveni pleading with him to find a way of reaching out to the opposition and not fall into a trap allegedly being set by the CIA in an attempt to bring down the Ugandan government. He said: “My position on the Uganda scenario is that the current acrimony created by foreign instigators under the guise of “walk to work” is a simple CIA mechanism of regime change in Africa.”

Dr Matsanga who is an expert in conflict resolution, said engagement rather than confrontation would serve the country better. “What we see on the streets of Kampala and what is developing in other parts of Africa can be resolved by constructive dialogue that builds consensus, not violence,” he said. Denouncing Thursday’s brutal treatment of opposition leader Dr Kizza Besigye by Ugandan police, Dr Matsanga pleaded with President Museveni to ‘seek national dialogue and reconciliation’ with the Forum for Democratic Change (FDC) leader and former presidential candidate Dr Besigye and others ‘for the better future of our country Uganda’.

11 thoughts on “CIA behind ‘Walk to Work’ protests – Matsanga claims

  • April 29, 2011 at 2:31 pm

    Dear Editor
    I quote your inferences: ‘Dr Matsanga who is an expert in conflict resolution, said engagement rather than confrontation would serve the country better. “What we see on the streets of Kampala and what is developing in other parts of Africa can be resolved by constructive dialogue that builds consensus, not violence,” he said. Denouncing Thursday’s brutal treatment of opposition leader Dr Kizza Besigye by Ugandan police, Dr Matsanga pleaded with President Museveni to ‘seek national dialogue and reconciliation’ with the Forum for Democratic Change (FDC) leader and former presidential candidate Dr Besigye and others ‘for the better future of our country Uganda’.

    In my humble assessment you and Dr Masanga have a harmonised approach to the political way forward. I am stopping short of using the word synchronisity.

    I would argue a position that different nationalities who have taken a fighting charge have gone ahead with the cause they are prepared to die for i.e to return the country to its owners, these being nationalities that inhabit the expanse of the so-called Uganda. For right or wrong reasons, accident of history bestowed on them the right, in fact, absolute and inalienable right to make right or wrong decisions. For existential reasons, the nationalities can only make but THE RIGHT DECISION(s).

    Those who have taken a fighting stand have rejected a return to business as recommended by ‘consultants'; visionary leadership'; excellent knowledge and high-level experiences etc etc., all these have variously let our respective nationalities badly down. None of these or the yet to emerge from the woodwork prophesied, imagined, encompassed or dream’t of this emerging fight to return the country to its owners. All variously more and some less so abandoned the nationalities and their centrality in the ownership of the country in pursuit of the personal merit living ala NRA or to satisfy their insatiable life. The nationalities who had gathered around the facets of society i,e political, economic, social and cultural table woke up to find it yanked-off and being enjoyed by excellent people with high-sounding titles elsewhere for no other reasons but thieving and pilfering of national resources and wealth. They remained blind, deaf and mute to the impoverishment and alienation that the nationalities braved with diminishing hope followed by exponential increase of despair. They never imagined that the people would get angry and even if they did, it would be too late to anything about it.

    Mr Editor and Dr Masanga, you are taking part or recommending that the nationalities should look the other way while you broker the so called ‘constructive dialogue’. NO NO NO, the nationalities have to take the table back, control it before they decide who to select to take part in the inter-nationality engagement followed in that order by a full inter-nationality dialogue.

    Please once again dismount and enable the nationalities to de-construct how the destruction of the facets of society were done and thereafter to re-thread the fabrics of the society they want, in that order. This is not a society constructed by high-sounding theories and tick-box practices but of and by lived experiences of the each and various nationalities.

    Please I beg you, STOP, and STOP it NOW, the attempt to yank-off the rugs from under the feet of the fighters whose cause is to return the country to its owners.


    • April 29, 2011 at 5:20 pm

      Let us make this very clear. The editor allows fair comments on this website wherever and from whoever writes them. This does not mean in any way that he agrees with these comments, neither should it be taken to mean he supports whatever causes they are pursuing or whatever political parties they are affiliated to.


  • April 30, 2011 at 11:00 am

    I am so happy that you have mentioned fair comment. What commentators should be doing is to merely give their opinion on comments written, either agreeing, disagreeing with the comments or having their own separate stands but some of them have gone ahead to have personal attacks on views where someone is freely with all entitlements, stating their personal opinion.

    Editor, Dr, Matsanga’s letter appears to me as a word from a presidential political advisor to Mr. President rather than an honest letter from a negotiator or pro-dialogue activist. Dr. Matsanga is merely praising Mr. Museveni’s government, giving him credit for its actions and advising him on ways of crushing the opposition. Little does he know that the dictator he is writing to is not bothered because he receives many of such letters but he is so careful to act on them because he knows the reasons you are living in exile. Dr. Matsanga’s lifestyle in London is so comfortable that he is unaware of the suffering of many Ugandans under the Museveni regime.

    Dr Matsanga has advised the president that the domestic law is paramount to international law, yet he is an international negotiator who knows that under the law of treaties, pacts must be respected (pacta sunct servanda) and where there’s a conflict between domestic and international treaties, international president takes precedent. The same scenario can be applied in Uganda’s context, where the constitution for instance guarantees a right and another law is later passed that is contrary to provisions guaranteed under the constitution, that law cannot be construed as being in consonant with the spirit of the constitution and should be struck out. Your advice to the president regarding supremacy of domestic law is not only misleading but drafted with a malicious intention of crushing the opposition that has been helping check the excessive powers of the ruling government.

    Editor, Dr. Matsanga further sang merry praises to Mr Museveni telling him that the gas prices world over have gone up. We do not dispute that but his advice to government to stay put is total utterance meant to brand you an ardent supporter of the movement and join the clique who are not caring about what is happening to a common man. Dr Matsanga knows that the Uganda government is charging over UgShs800 for petrol, over UgShs500 for diesel and over UgShs300 for kerosene as tax per litre. This is way too high and the best thing government should have done is to reduce these charges. Kenya, a country he drew an example from, was faced with a similar crisis but their government was responsible enough and cut the tax and subsidized fuel and other commodity prices. I don’ t get it when he, who is not even living in Uganda and is not suffering the effect of the pinch it has caused on ordinary Ugandans, can give such advice to the president. In fact Dr. Matsanga’s dubbing of Museveni’s government as formidable and the opposition having failed to come up with measures on how to take this nation forward gave me a clue that he knows nothing about what is currently happening here. Isn’ t it his formidable governmentthat is refusing to meet opposition demands and refusing to meet with them? It is not until the inter-religous council came in and also members of the ipod speaking out on some of government’s failures that made government realise that if it does not engage in talks right away, they will be the cause of their own downfall. But look what they have done in a bid to frustrate the talks. They frustrated the main opposition leader and one wonders how the talks can go on without the majority opposition team on the round table. Just like the way he thinks, Mr. Mbabazi now claims that if the FDC team is missing, they will not postpone the talks, and this is just to show him (Dr Matsanga) the unwillingness of government authourities to engage in these talks. His advice is nothing but a laughable matter to these guys. He should run away from them as fast as he can and fight them using other means. Militants dont like to talk, they like to fight and NRM is showing us the amount of force they are using even when they are controlling Uganda’s seat of power.

    Honestly speaking, Dr. Matsanga erred in fact when he said that the opposition was taking an avenue which was not fruitful, destroying what they had built 49 years ago since independence. We all know that Mr. Museveni was in the bush and destroyed what we built as a nation too. But even after coming to power, leaders before him had preserved certain public institutions for purposes of job creation for their citizens and economic growth. When I was growing up, there were cooperations like Lint Marketing Board, Nyanza Textile Industry, Uganda Commercial Bank, Cooperative bank, Uganda Railways, etc and many others. Where are they today? Instead, they came up with the Public Enterprise and Divestiture Act selling all these institutions to themselves claiming to be privatizing them. They stole all that was left for us since independence and its very sad that Dr Matsanga can write to the president to show hisr support and stand on government mismanaging the trust they are holding on behalf of Ugandans.

    I can assure Dr. Matsanga that the walk to work demos have no hidden agenda. Although many people are daily walkers here because this government does not want many to get rich and challenge them, but want to keep us in subordination, any strongman, fighting for the rights of the poor is now, to you Dr Matsanga and the NRM, a dangerous sign to a nation. If you arrest people walking, and they walk tomorrow again because of lack of money to buy petrol or those daily walkers you laugh at because they have failed to get money for travelling on a taxi, then why apply for bail when someone knows that they will be locked up again? NRM judiciary is giving unbearable bail and bond terms so why apply for bail when one cannot keep up with those terms? Get serious Dr. Matsanga.

    While Dr. Matsanga has a great disgust for the Ugandan opposition, it does not mean that while the ruling government is powerful and armed with state machinery to crush the opposition, it is doing the right things. I wonder why he cannot write to President Museveni to advice him about his (Museveni’s) over stay in power as well as their proposal of increasing the current five terms to seven and also giving him ideas on how to re-introduce term limits. The problem we are having with African leaders is that when uprisings take route, they promise to step down and reintroduce term limits after announcing that they will step aside. I am telling you Dr. Matsanga, the best and formidable dancer you are praising will leave the stage someday, and you will take back your words because we will build a stronger nation, create jobs and establish civilian rule. Then you and the person you are praising will look for the good things you left this country since independence, but can find non but destruction and suffering and loss of lives.

  • April 30, 2011 at 10:19 pm

    Let sleeping dogs lie with their conspiracy theory because no body can buy that to mandate to teargas innocent Ugandans who are walking for their rights. At one time Dr. Matsanga was siding with the killers in northern Uganda where children were being abducted to cause a reign of terror by the Lords resistance rebel leader Joseph Kony. Today he is living comfortably in London and appeasing President Museveni as a peaceful mediator. What moral authority does this one time rebel activist turned Doctor have to determine which way Uganda should be steered?

  • May 1, 2011 at 9:16 am

    Matsanga early last year declared his intention to contest for the presidency of Uganda but never reechoed the same untill nominations were done, election conducted and the swearing in of the perceived winner is just at the door step then he starts to bring in his self-seeking agenda! I wish Dr Nyekorach had contested, perhaps we would not be suffering from high inflation and the ongoing Besigye-Museveni blame game!
    Now that Dr Nyekorach never honoured his promise to Ugandans, he should acquire a SOLEX, VIRO or any other strong pad-lock and shut his mouth on affairs of Uganda once and for all.
    Akena Patrick

  • May 1, 2011 at 10:31 am

    Dear Editor,

    To begin with, I am not in London . I am in Nairobi. On Saturday April 30, 2011 President Museveni addressed a gathering in Nairobi at the Inter- continental Hotel and I was among the gathering who faced Museveni face, about five metres away from where he sat and asked the President to seek dialogue with Besigye. Those writting have never come face to face with Museveni and told him face to face like I have done on LRA and what I did in that meeting.

    The meetring in Nairobi was attended by diplomats, CEOs, Kenyan official, interenational journalists and all shades of people. So when somebody underates me like what some people are writing here I feel betrayed.

    First I have been one of the few surviving politicians in opposition since the 1985 overthrow of Militon Obote. I am one of those who has stood the challenges of opposition while the Besigye you praise was busy maiming UPC supporters . Does somebody remember a Dr. Besigye who was a minister of state for Internal Affairs when Dr. Kayira was murdered?

    Does some one remember Dr. Besigye as NRA Political Commissar? Does somebody remember the Besigye who was sending squads into Kenya to assasinate innocent exiles opposed to the NRM government between 1986- 1999? Does someone in the Ugandan opposition remember the man whose troops went to Northern Uganda and Eastern Uganda to main people under the same doctrine coined by Besigye?

    Dr. Besigye might be a hero to you who praise him but not to some of us who were hunted by the same man because we belonged to UPC and supported Obote. Does someone remember an organisation created by the NRM political commissar in Eastern Uganda called FOBA, meaning FORCE OBOTE BACK which was used by Dr. Besigye’s Ministry under Dr. Ssemwogere to imprison many Easterners and Northerners? So I remember all these and I have no respect for Besigye and I will never have respect for him at all.

    Dr. Besigye is being treated to his own medicine that he created in Uganda as a political commissar of NRA and why should he cry now? Those supporting him are equally reformers who have lost direction and have no serious opposition to go to. Dr. Besigye disagrees with Museveni over a woman and every Ugandan knows that. For us Ugandans to be fooled that he is representing the opposition for a personal matter where he stole people’s goods, is very stupid of us.

    That is why in Nairobi face to face with President Museveni, I pleaded with him to open dialogue with Besigye and others on matters of our country. I am equally disturbed by the images that I see on TV but people seem not to have read the letter I wrote to Museveni which copy I personally handed over to him in Nairobi. So those who want to write me off from Uganda politics must know I am waiting to create a credible alernative opposition which engages the Government through dialogue, not through street battles of social outcasts like Besigye and others who maimed us.

  • May 1, 2011 at 11:21 am

    Actually Africa`s presidents think that guns are the easy solution. Will this government kill 1000 people according to what is on the ground? One word is always enough for a wise person. That is it.

  • May 1, 2011 at 4:52 pm

    I want to tell Akena Patrick that part of the reasons I refused to take part in an election in Uganda are the same reasons that have led Dr. Besigye to sickbay in Nairobi. – VIOLENCE. I hate violence and I will not take part in an election where the level ground is missing. I will only take part in an election once I am conviced that my supporters will behave and accept defeat after such an election. My reason why I withdrew was that President Museveni was a strong candidate and over 60% of voters in Uganda are the same young generation that grew up during the last 25 years of his rule. These are the same men who have little knowledge about our past and don’t know much about Matsanga, Olara or most of us in exile. They know President Museveni as the father of the nation. So such an election is impossible to win. Secondly, the “gerrymandering ” which is in plenty in Uganda was the cause of my withdraw. That is why I withdrew.

    Akena I believe comes from Lango by the name and he knows that Dr. Besigye was part of the NRA/M until the had personal differences on “Godly goods” that we all know as Ugandans. Dr. Besigye’s desire and lust to reach State House is just to prove a point that he can challenge the President of Uganda and that is where he has lost the support of some of us. He needs to leave the opposition to neutral people like General Mugisha Muntu who have less skeletons on women or other personal issues in Uganda.

    Such people can propel the opposition foward. Mugisha Muntu disagreed with Museveni on merit and substance and left NRA/M but our Dr. Besigye has “unfinished business” which haunts him and which Ugandans and the world reading this article must know and must look at now and evaluate whether we should follow such a man who wants to die for the sake of proving to his wife that he also reached State House once in his life time.

    I was listening to Museveni in Nairobi live yeterday and very near him and I also investigated from Kampala about the law of demostration. I phoned the Inspector General of police and the legal department of the Uganda police to see whether Dr. Besigye has ever asked for permission to demonstrate in writing . I found no trace of Dr. Besigye having applied for such a permit.

    In London even when you want to have music which is louder than the normal one, you seek permission. But to walk to work with 5000 people who might turn violent on the way, one needs a stronger guidance of the police. I always run to work in London up to the Croydon Park Hotel in Surrey where I live, but one morning police asked me to have better running shinning clothes so that I dont cause any accidents on the road. Imagine this is London and my right to run is being regulated by conditions. What about Dr Besigye who is going to walk to work with 5000 men and women who are hungry! Ugandans! Come on! Be serious.

    That is why I am in agreement with Museveni that international law is there on human rights but these human rights must also be protected by the law of the country. I did not condone violence on Besigye but I simply and intellectually looked at international law that is well written on the subject I read and passed very well -called political science and international relations.

    I am not a NRM member. I am just a man who hates Dr. Besigye’s style of operation, substance and style. In 1999 I wrote a letter to Dr. Besigye where I predicted that this was bound to happen because he had moral authority as a former NRM stategist who made this laws. This letter can be found in the New Vision [newspaper] as it was published on the New Vision front page .

    In the letter, I told Dr. Besigye about a plate that had been removed and he was now shouting because it is not there. I will stand by that letter and I am not praising President Museveni. I simply chose from two options: Engage the Uganda government and President Museveni constructively by informing him about corruption and other things without violence but through brains and giving alternative methods. Like in Nairobi I asked President Museveni to allow dialogue and reconciliation with opposition and urged him to avoid violence. I will do that until I solve the conflict.

    It is true that as leader of opposition he must obey the law and show a good example and avoid impulsive behaviour that would land him in a grave six feet below! He must seek police permission to walk with 1000 people and if that is refused by the police or government, then we shall build pressure on President Museveni to give permission for peaceful demostrations.

    But without a demonstration permit from the police, I will not support impunity because we hate Museveni for the sake of hating. Being an opposition leader, he needs protection by the state from NRM supporters who might also target Dr. Besigye. So don’t just read my name. Read my letter and undertand it.

    I might be wrong but after loosing three elections in any country in the world, such a person becomes moribund and is not worth salt and Dr. Besigye is just violent like others in NRM who built a militaristic stance on our country. So it is better to stay with one who can protect the little we have and the poverty we Ugandans go through than create another family to eat and destroy what we have.

    Editor! I believe that this newspaper is not going to target Matsanga’s name but the material I have written. Not my name . I have also gone to school and should not use this new and good newspaper as shallow social media outlet to write about Matsanga. This is an international newspaper where people have to know what is happening in Uganda and Africa.

    I have brought out reasons why I believe Dr. Besigye has a personal matter with President Museveni and these are facts that the world must know so that we dont just play in the images of media as if we all agree with Besigye. NO. I for one, I don’t agree with Dr. Besigye ‘s ideas of “street commercial democracy of destruction”. I dont agree with democracy of violent regime change . It will cause more violence in Uganda.

    I thank you editor for the layout of the newspaper and I believe that we shall soon be on the streets of London with ideas not violence.

    • May 1, 2011 at 6:11 pm

      We would like to assure all our readers that this newspaper will not target anybody, be it Museveni, Besigye, Kagame, Matsanga etc. We are here to inform the public and act as an alternative for a medium that can inform all that read this newspaper without fear or favour. We are here because we are able to publish any information we deem necessary for our readers, without the fear of being arrested or our premises ransacked by those in authority. Thus information sent to us for publication is very safe and the names of those that send us this information can never be revealed, even if it means us going to prison. That is a promise we make and will never break.

      That is why we ask all who wish to place comments on this website to stick to the issue they are commenting about and not personalise their comments. Equally, we ask those that send us their comments or articles for publication to please understand that readers have a right to respond to what has been written by any individual. We reserve the right not to publish abusive comments or those that we believe are personal attacks on anybody, especially contributors who do not hold any political office.

      We thank all our readers for your support since we came into circulation.

  • May 7, 2011 at 2:35 pm

    I wholeheartedly support Dr.David Nyekorach Matsanga’s stand on this issue.Kizza Besigye has lost our faith.We no longer have faith in that guy.I was so disgusted looking at this guy waving proudly to uninterested people from the roof of his vehicle before police stopped him.This guy was given the platform to campaign and be president but he has failed thrice.He is now having political hysteria.He should accept defeat.As a former Ardent supporter of the opposition i have now decided to join NRM.This man is so violence oriented.Why did’nt he first call for dialogue with the government?on the contrary this man could not seek permission to demonstrate peacefully.I come from Northern Uganda and i will never forget Besigye’s activies there.


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