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Drought exercerbates conflict in Turkana

Cross-border armed conflict over resources among Turkana pastoralists in north-eastern Kenya has increased following the severe drought ravaging parts of the Horn of Africa. Besides rampant malnutrition, the desperate competition has led to increased livestock theft, shootings and forced migration. With greater pressure on fewer resources, the consequences have been particularly dire for pastoralists, who make up 60 per cent of the population in Turkana district. Natoo Lore, an elder, said: “This drought is very severe for everyone. We have very small herds. I lost 100 goats and sheep in the past two months.” Animals are dying from starvation now that the pastures are dried out, but also from a … Continue reading

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Service chiefs defy court order to produce journalist in court

By Henry Gombya, Managing Editor The Ugandan justice system today stands accused of cowardice as top military officers ordered to produce a kidnapped radio journalist ignored the order and the courts failed to charge them with contempt of court. Equally carrying the same are two two Ugandan main newspapers, The Daily Monitor and The New Vision who have not carried a single story about the order of a high court judge to the four service chiefs of the Ugandan security forces and their failure to comply. On Monday this week, Justice Steven Musota of the High Court of Uganda issued a 24-hour deadline order to  the top four Ugandan service … Continue reading

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Tribal repercussions for Gen Younes assassination

By John Simpson From the moment he switched sides and went over to the rebels in February, Abdel Fattah Younes was afraid of being assassinated – and with some justification. Last February he was Libya’s interior ministry, as well as the commander of its special forces. His close friend Col Muammar Gaddafi sent him to his home town, Benghazi, with instructions to arrange a Tiananmen Square-style massacre of the demonstrators who were planning to demand an end to Col Gaddafi’s rule. But the demonstrators struck first and captured him. Gen Younes immediately announced that his plan all along had been to come to Benghazi in order to join the rebels. … Continue reading

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Cracks appear in Libyan rebel’s NTC

Barely 24 hours after the Libyan rebel forces were boosted by being recognised as the rightful government of Libya, cracks are beginning to appear in the National Transitional Council (NTC) after a leading general who defected from Col Gaddafi’s army has been shot dead amidst claims he was in collaboration with the Gaddafi government in Tripoli. Gen Abdel Fattah Younes who has been the military commander of the Libyan rebels fighting to topple Col Muammar Gaddafi was killed after being summoned for questioning about military operations. It was said he never managed to reach his destination before being gunned down. Announcing his death, Mustafa Abdul-Jalil the defacto leader of the … Continue reading

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Cholera epidemic in DRC kills 500 – many people hospitalized

A UNICEF official says a cholera outbreak in the Democratic Rep[ublic of Congo (DRC) has killed at least  279 people and infected more than 4,000 others in the last four months. Dr. Ibrahim Cisse said Wednesday that northeastern Orientale province is worst affected, with more than 1,400 cases and 102 deaths. The Congolese government has declared an outbreak in four provinces in the large Central African nation. Cisse says the capital of Kinshasa has seen 124 cases and 14 deaths since mid-June. Another 250 people are said to have died in Kisangani, the capital city of the DRC’s Oriental Province since a cholera epidemic was reported there last March. According … Continue reading

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In line of fire: A call to help Somali children

The scale of war crimes affecting Somali children, including the systematic recruitment of child soldiers under 15 by armed Islamist groups, has been exposed in a new report by Amnesty International today. ‘In the line of fire: Somalia’s children under attack’ reveals the full impact on children of the on-going armed conflict. Children in Somalia are being recruited as child soldiers, denied access to education and killed or injured in indiscriminate attacks carried out in densely populated areas. “Somalia is not only a humanitarian crisis: it is a human rights crisis and a children’s crisis,” said Michelle Kagari, Amnesty International’s Deputy Director for Africa. “As a child in Somalia, you … Continue reading

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Exposed: British naval surveillance of the Buganda Kingdom

  By Robert Asketill The last part of the British Naval Intelligence Survey of the Kingdom of Buganda before Great World War 1 The first section ends at Mubendi, which is 104 miles west of Kampala by road, and forms a half-way house between it and Fort Portal. Mubendi is situated at an altitude of 5,121 ft., on a long hill, some 10 miles in length, which rises very abruptly 500 ft. above the surrounding country. There is no other hill of a similar type for miles. It is very steep, and a motor road winds up its face. The hill is open and covered with short grass, except in … Continue reading

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Letter from Kampala: Gen Tinye and Ms Semakula Musisi still ‘shadow-boxing’

By Christine Acen Cracks have began to emerge between Kampala City Council Executive Director Jennifer Ssemakula Musisi (above photo)  and Uganda’s head of military coordination, Gen David ‘Tinye’ Tinyefunza ( she hangs him on her office wall)  who have been involved in a war of words over premises located in an upscale suburb of Kololo currently being used by the general as his army intelligence coordination centre. Critiques now say that this row has turned into a game of power. Last Friday July 22nd), local media described Tinye as threatening to arrest Musisi over her plans to evict him. The row started with a notice of eviction by Kampala City … Continue reading

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Journalists demand to know whereabouts of their colleague

Over 50 journalists in Lira, Northern Uganda matched to Lira Central Police Station on Thursday to demand an explanation from police of the whereabouts of their colleague Augustine Okello aka ‘Rouks’, a radio presenter who went missing last week. The match was led by their chairperson Nancy Obita and General Secretary Hudson Apunyo under Lango United Journalists Association. The journalists delivered a petition to the different security chiefs including the District Police Commander, Resident District Commissioner, Regional Police Commander and the District Internal Security officer. However, when the journalists set off from CPS to DISO’ S office located across the road to deliver their petition, the DISO Eryaku Steven was … Continue reading

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Releasing frozen funds to Libyan rebels would be a violation

By Issaka K. Souaré On 15 July, the ‘International Contact Group on Libya’ held its fourth meeting in the Turkish capital, Istanbul. This meeting saw the participation of two-dozen foreign ministers and other senior officials from several countries, particularly those engaged in the military campaign in Libya, including the foreign ministers of the United States, United Kingdom and France, as well as the Secretary General of NATO. It is reported that the Russian government declined the invitation to express its disagreement with what it perceived to be violations of the UN mandate by NATO countries engaged in aerial bombardments in Libya since March this year. According to media reports and … Continue reading

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