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Syrians walks out of the NAM summit in Tehran in protest

A Syrian delegation attending the Non-Aligned Movement (NAM) summit being held in the Iranian capital of Teheran, walked out of the conference after U.N. Secretary General Ban Ki-Moon and Egypt’s President Mohamed Morsi delivered stinging speeches that damaged the host country’s quest for global prestige and support for its nuclear programme and its policy on Syria. The Iranians had to deploy their much-tested diplomatic skills and listen while Ban Ki-moon denounced them for calling for Israel’s destruction and denying the Holocaust. On the other hand, the Syrians found it hard to sit and listen to Egyptian President Mohamed Morsi urge NAM members to back Syrians trying to topple President Bashar … Continue reading

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Situation in DRC worsens as women and children are killed

The UN Special Representative of the Secretary-General for the DRC, Roger Meece, has expressed deep concern over reports of further massacres of civilians in Masisi territory, North Kivu in the Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC), the latest in a series of violent attacks by armed groups systematically targeting the civilian population. “The deterioration of the overall security situation in North Kivu following the M23 mutiny and related ruthless attacks against civilians is extremely alarming,” said Special Representative for the Secretary-General (SRSG) Meece. Through four missions to the remote affected area and dozens of interviews with victims and witnesses, the UN Joint Human Rights Office in DRC (UNJHRO) has documented since … Continue reading

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Grenade attack in Mombasa leaves one policeman dead, 16 injured

  A grenade was last night thrown at police in the Kenyan coastal city of Mombasa, killing one officer and wounding 16, officials say. Muslim youths have been involved in running battles with the police since Monday after the murder of radical preacher Aboud Rogo Mohammed. Mr Rogo, who the US accused of backing Islamist fighters in Somalia, was killed in a drive-by shooting. Rogo’s murder is said to have been a well-planned attack by members of al-Shabaab to gain sympathisers. One person was killed and churches were attacked in clashes on Monday. A senior police intelligence officer in Mombasa, Benedict Kigen, announced the grenade attack.  “They have attacked our … Continue reading

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South Sudan denies rape and torture report by HRW

The head of a South Sudan disarmament campaign has dismissed a Human Rights Watch (HRW) report saying soldiers had raped, beaten, tortured and killed civilians during the campaign in Jonglei, the country’s largest state. HRW, citing local officials, victims and witnesses, said soldiers in the national Sudan People’s Liberation Army (SPLA), have committed the abuses since the disarmament campaign began in March, particularly in the eastern state’s Pibor County. The group urged the newly independent nation to investigate and punish those responsible. Kuol Dim Kuol, head of the campaign in Jonglei, rejected the report and said the operation had succeeded in collecting thousands of guns. “I believe those reports are not … Continue reading

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Hunger kills 13 people in Napak, Northern Uganda

By Steven Ariong in Napak, Karamoja At least 13 people have been reported dead from hunger in Napak District in Karamoja Sub region in the northern part of Uganda since the beginning of this month of August, the LC5 chairperson Mr. Joseph Lomonyang has said. He said the most affected areas are the villages around Morulinga state lodge, Nawaikorot, Ngoleriet and Lokopo adding that the situation is worsening following the last year’s poor harvest caused by floods. “We have begun receiving reports of death resulting from hunger and so far 10 people have been brought to my attention to have died since the beginning of last month,” he said. Speaking … Continue reading

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Angola extradites Chinese kidnap gangs

Thirty seven Chinese nationals accused of extortion, kidnappings and armed robbery as well as running prostitution rings, have been extradited from Angola after they allegedly targeted other Chinese, kidnapped businessmen for ransom and sometimes buried their victims alive. The gang is said to have lured Chinese women to Angola, promising them well-paid jobs, but instead forced them into prostitution, Chinese police said. China’s Ministry of Public Security said a special police team was sent to Angola in July to help investigate criminal gangs. The ministry said the officers had helped their Angolan counterparts break up 12 gangs and free 14 victims, most of whom were thought to be women forced … Continue reading

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MDC rejects Zimbabwe draft constitution

ZANU-PF amendments to Zimbabwe’s draft constitution, restoring sweeping powers to the president and setting up a mandatory youth service, have been rejected by its Movement for Democratic Change (MDC) coalition partners and are likely to delay adoption of the landmark new document. Earlier this month, regional leaders said work on the new constitution was near completion, boding well for parliamentary elections required by next year under a power sharing deal between ZANU-PF, the MDC and a smaller MDC splinter group. Approval of the constitution requires a two-thirds majority in parliament and none of the parties have enough seats to railroad the document through on their own. Zimbabweans had hoped elections … Continue reading

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Influential South Sudan military commander dies in Nairobi

A powerful South Sudanese army officer and former militia leader influential in some of the country’s richest oil regions during its long civil war with the north has died, officials said on Wednesday. Paulino Matip, deputy commander in chief of South Sudan’s national army, was a key figure in the civil war that killed an estimated 2 million people and left the now-independent South one of the world’s least developed countries. Different sources including his son Kang Matip confirmed his death at the Mayo Clinic in Nairobi, Kenya. Close aides and relatives with him in Nairobi said Gen Paulino had been suffering from diabetes and high blood pressure. South Sudan … Continue reading

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Why the West needs to be tougher with Zenawi’s successor

The West will need to show tougher love to the successor of Ethiopian Prime Minister Meles Zenawi who died Monday, than it did to him, if one of its most important regional allies is to remain stable. Meles engineered one-man rule within the virtually one-party system of his Tigray People’s Liberation Front (TPLF), an ethnic party representing a minority group within an ethnically diverse country that co-opted other ethnic elites into the ruling Ethiopian People’s Revolutionary Democratic Front (EPRDF). His successor will lead a weaker regime facing mounting grievances along ethnic and religious lines and a likely increase in radicalism. Without Meles, Ethiopia will struggle to control unrest that could … Continue reading

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Mali approves transitional government

Mali’s interim President Dioncounda Traore approved a new transitional government on Monday, to move the West African country closer to constitutional order after a military coup in March. The 31-member government will replace a transitional authority that was crippled by political infighting, and failed make progress in setting elections. “The president of the republic, after receiving proposals from the prime minister, decrees the list of members of government,” said a presidential statement read over state radio. The statement said the holders of five posts in the new transitional government had been chosen by the military leadership. It said at least four members of the previous transitional authority, including the interior … Continue reading

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