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Somalia to get small arms after U.N. lifts embargo

The Somali government expects to get its first shipment of light weapons within two months after the United Nations partially lifted an arms embargo to strengthen security forces fighting al Qaeda-linked militants, Somalia’s president said. Aware of international wariness about sending arms to a volatile country already awash in weapons, President Hassan Sheikh Mohamud said he knew the world was closely watching how his government would manage a fresh inflow of arms. “We take full responsibility. The world is looking at us and monitoring us,” Mohamud said in an interview in Doha on Wednesday after taking part in his first Arab summit focused on Syria and the Palestinian-Israeli conflict. “We are … Continue reading

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Ugandan troops kill another Al Shabaab commander in Somalia.

By Steven Ariong The African Union Forces fighting for peace in Somalia have killed another Al-Shabaab commander. In an email to The London Evening Post on Thursday, Major Henry Obbo, the Uganda contingent Public Information Officer in Somalia said the Al-Shabaab commander Mohammed Abdu Saidi was killed in an ambush laid by the AMISOM forces in the Lower Shabelle Region of Somalia. “We can confirm that Al Shabaab commander Mohammed Abdu Saidi is no more. He fell as his group lost-out to us in a battle at Salini, some 70km south west of Mogadishu, where the Al Qaeda linked group also lost to us military long range communication gadget and … Continue reading

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AMISOM moves to capture back Hudur town from Al-Shabaab

By Steven Ariong The African Union Forces keeping peace in Somalia Republic have reassured the citizens of Bay and Bakool towns in Somalia that it’s closely monitoring developments. The AMISOM made their reassurance to the citizens on Friday after the Ethiopian troops withdrew from Hudur town. The London Evening Post learned that the hooded militants loyal to the Al-Shabaab, the radical Islamist group last week seized the town of Hudur, the capital of Bakol region 420 km southwest of Mogadishu. The seizing of Hudur capital by the Al-Shabaab fighters was after the Ethiopian troops who were based in the place were withdrawn which created panic to the community that had … Continue reading

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Uganda to keep troops in Central African Republic despite coup

Uganda plans to keep its African Union-mandated troops hunting for Lord’s Resistance Army (LRA) fighters in Central African Republic (CAR) , it said on Tuesday, even after rebels seized power and threatened to expel all foreign forces. A coalition of rebels called Seleka took power on Sunday, sweeping into the capital Bangui in a lightning offensive in which they fought their way from the far north to the presidential palace in four days. Uganda has more than 3,000 troops that form the backbone of the AU force hunting Joseph Kony’s LRA rebels roaming jungles that straddle the borders of CAR, South Sudan and Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC). “There have … Continue reading

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Appeal opens for jailed Rwandan opposition leader

Jailed Rwandan opposition leader Victoire Ingabirewas in court on Monday to appeal against her conviction in a case linked to the 1994 genocide after a trial last year that Amnesty International called “flawed”. Ingabire, head of the unregistered FDU-Inkingi party, was imprisoned for eight years in October for conspiring to harm the country through armed force and terror and for seeking to minimise the genocide in which more than 800,000 people died. Ingabire returned to Rwanda in January 2010 from exile in the Netherlands to contest a presidential election that year but was barred from standing after being accused of the crimes linked to genocide denial. President Paul Kagame, who … Continue reading

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New leader named for Al Qaeda in the Islamic Maghreb

Algerian Djamel Okacha has been named as a new commander in al Qaeda in the Islamic Maghreb (AQIM), replacing Abdelhamid Abou Zeid who was killed in fighting in northern Mali, Algerian Ennahar TV said on Sunday. An Algerian security source said Okacha, 34, was very close to AQIM’s leader Abdelmalek Droukdel as both belonged to the Group of Algiers, made up of militants born in the region around the Algerian capital. The source also said that he was confident that al Qaeda commander Mokhtar Belmokhtar, whose death was reported shortly after that of Abou Zeid, was dead. “Okacha is Droukdel’s right-hand man,” he said. Okacha’s priority would be to reorganize … Continue reading

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Ntaganda’s surrender to ICC won’t solve DRC’s problems

By Richard A Luce The problems of the Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC) will not be solved by the transfer of Gen Bosco Ntaganda to the ICC in The Hague. This was said by the leader of Rwanda’s opposition Rwanda People’s Party (RPP) John Karuranga. In a statement he issued after Gen Ntaganda arrived in The Hague after surrendering himself to the American embassy in Kigali last Thursday, Mr Karuranga said: “Ntaganda, brutal as he is alleged to be, is just one war lord amongst many others who have been terrorising the DRC for more than a decade.” This, he added, includes his former best friend and business partner, DRC … Continue reading

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Rainfall around Karamoja brings hope to pastoralists

The current rainfall  in Karamoja sub region in the Northeastern Uganda has lifted  up the hopes of the Karimojong pastoralists in the region.The three day continuous heavy rains that some parts of the region have received so far has pleased the pastoralist who had fears of drought affecting their animals. The London Evening Post learned that the severe drought that had hit the region for closely to six month had created panic among the Karimojong pastoralists in the Northeastern Uganda with many of them opting to cross to the neighboring districts of Teso in search of water and pasture for their animals as one Mark Losigiria in Napak District commented. … Continue reading

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Congo foils plot to assassinate President Joseph Kabila

Democratic Republic of Congo’s government said on Friday it had thwarted a plot involving a Belgian member of parliament that aimed to assassinate President Joseph Kabila and overthrow his government. Two suspects – a Belgian doctor of Congolese origin named Jean-Pierre Kanku Mukendi and Isidore Madimba Mongombe, a former policeman – were arrested last month in the capital Kinshasa, Interior Minister Richard Muyej told journalists. Muyej said the two men, who were in possession of a small quantity of weapons at the time of their arrest, confessed to the plot. “(Mukendi) admitted that this plan to attack the city of Kinshasa and physically eliminate the head of state was adopted … Continue reading

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Karimojong women plan demo over jigger infestation

A young Paul Lokiru crawls around their home, clad in tattered clothes that barely conceal his malnourished body. The young boy of seven years by last year was in Primary One  in Nadunget Primary school, but he dropped out of school in the second term after a jiggers infestation outbreak which damaged his toes. Lokiru from Kaurikiakine village in Nadunget Sub County in Moroto District in Karamoja Sub Region in the Northeastern Uganda can’t walk and the only parts of his little body not infected by jiggers are his neck and his back.  All the other parts of  his body are infected by jiggers. His mother Magadalen Nakiru said she has tried … Continue reading

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