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“Major breakthroughs” due in Kampala-held DRC peace talks

M23 leader Bertrand Bisiimwa: "Major breakthroughs are about to be obtained in Kampala since the heavy involvement of the international community in the dialogue".

The March 23 Movement has announced they are heading towards “major breakthroughs” with the Kinshasa government in peace talks in neighbouring Uganda. A press statement by the rebels, a copy of which was emailed to The London Evening Post, said that under Uganda’s mediation, “major breakthroughs are about to be obtained in Kampala since the heavy involvement of the international community in the dialogue”. The M23 referred to the “remarkable presence” of US special envoy to the Great Lakes Russ Feingold and the UN special envoy Mary Robinson as well as Martin Kobler, the head of the UN mission to the DRC, and representatives of the European Union and African … Continue reading

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Karimojong urging for creation of special ministry of pastoralism

Karimojong pastoralists loading their property on the donkeys in Moroto Town (photo by Steven Ariong)

By Steven Ariong in Karamoja Karamoja region is an agro-pastoralist region located in the north east of Uganda where the region’s main economic activity is livestock rearing of mainly cattle but also includes camels, donkeys, sheep and goats. The Karimojong pastoralists prefer rearing livestock because it has an advantage over crops and can be moved from place to place in search of water and pasture, depending on the season. But because of the region’s aridity and unreliable weather pattern, the Karimojong pastoralists have faced several challenges including drought, lack of water and pasture for their animals. The region’s rainfall patterns are low, with an average of 500-700 millilitres of rainfall per … Continue reading

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Pirates targetting vessels and crews off Nigerian Coast

Nigerian pirates operating of the country

Pirate attacks off Nigeria’s coast have jumped by a third this year with ships passing through West Africa’s Gulf of Guinea, a major commodities hub, increasingly under threat from gangs wanting to snatch cargoes and crews.” Pirates, often heavily armed and violent, are targeting vessels and their crews along the (Nigerian) coast, rivers, anchorages, ports and surrounding waters. In many cases, they ransack the vessels and steal the cargo, usually gas oil,” the International Maritime Bureau (IMB) reported on Thursday. Countries on the Gulf of Guinea, including Nigeria, Ghana and Ivory Coast, are major sources of oil and cocoa and increasingly metals for world markets. Unlike the dangerous waters off … Continue reading

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Kenyan Veep vows to continue support for ICC

Kenya deputy president William Ruto who has vowed his government

Deputy Kenyan President William Ruto has said he would continue to cooperate with the International Criminal Court despite a call from African leaders for the prosecution of President Uhuru Kenyatta to be halted. Ruto told a news conference in The Hague that he would prefer for the case to proceed but that he should be excused from appearing in person so that he could carry on with his duties in Kenya. Ruto and Kenyatta face charges of crimes against humanity over accusations they orchestrated widespread violence after a disputed 2007 election. Both men deny the charges and have tried to have the prosecutions adjourned or halted. An African Union summit … Continue reading

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170 Ugandan school girls leave school after being defiled

Primary girls of Morulem girls matching during the Labour Day cellebrations in Abim recently. (Photo by Steven Ariong)

By Steven Ariong in Abim A total of 170 primary School girls have dropped out of school after being defiled, Abim district in Karamoja sub region in the north eastern Uganda, an Education officer has said. Speaking at the Baraza function supported by Adventist Development and Relief Agency (ADRA) in Morulem trading centre in Abim district on Wednesday last week, Mr Mathew Omara the Abim district Education officer said the girls were defiled between the months of February to August this year. Mr Omara attributed the high defilement cases to poor attitude by parents towards giving parental guidance to the children. He said the figures were  alarming saying there will … Continue reading

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I am not DRC’s keeper – President Paul Kagame tells the world

President Kagame: "It

Rwandan President Paul Kagame says he doesn’t understand why people keep asking him how to end decades of conflict in neighbouring Democratic Republic of Congo, despite accusations by U.N. experts that Rwanda backs Congolese rebels. “It’s like, you know, the world has decided, for Congo, you ask Rwanda. Why? I don’t understand,” Kagame told Reuters on the sidelines of the annual gathering of world leaders at the United Nations in New York. Millions of people have died from violence, disease and hunger in Congo’s resource-rich eastern borderlands during nearly two decades of ethnically driven conflict that has its roots in Rwanda’s 1994 genocide. A more than year-long insurgency by M23 … Continue reading

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