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EU agrees to send more troops to the Central African Republic

A French paratrooper reviews the turmoil around him in Bangui as the EU sends 500 troops and promises even more.

The European Union committed Friday to sending 500 troops to the tumultuous Central African Republic (CAR), a number that the coalition is “looking” to double, according to its foreign policy chief. The announcement from the EU foreign policy chief Catherine Ashton came after her address to the U.N. Security Council and after France announced it will send 400 additional troops to its former colony. Already, France, an EU member, has deployed 1,600 personnel there to support African Union troops following a U.N. Security Council vote in December authorizing military intervention. In late January, the Security Council voted to not only continue its peacekeeping mission in the war-weary African nation but … Continue reading

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Violence could force out CAR’s Muslim population – HRW

Women in the Central African Republic weep for the loss of their loved ones.

Religious violence in the Central African Republic (CAR) could force its entire Muslim population to flee, a senior human rights worker has told BBC News. Human Rights Watch emergency director Peter Bouckaert said this could affect the economy, as Muslims control the livestock market and other businesses. Violence between the Christian majority and Muslims has torn the country apart since a coup last year. Mr Bouckaert said at least ten people died this weekend in the capital city. He said he had personally witnessed a Muslim being hacked to death in Bangui, in retaliation for the reported killing of six people by Muslim fighters. The French news agency AFP said … Continue reading

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Nowhere to go for South Sudanese in Central African Republic

Michael Djotodia whose capture of power in Central African Republic led to more deaths and human rights violations. He stepped down last week.

By Rebecca Blackwell and Krista Larson Ibrahim Abakar sleeps with a machete at his side, terrified the darkness will bring death or disappearance as it did for his wife and young sons when armed Christian fighters showed up at their door in the capital of Central African Republic (CAR). Returning to the land of his birth isn’t an option though — South Sudan is now on the brink of civil war, mired in conflict just as the area was when he fled from there more than two decades ago. “I can’t return and I can’t stay here,” the 38-year-old Muslim said desperately. “I just want to go somewhere there is … Continue reading

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France losing support for military intervention in C.A.R. – Poll

French soldiers try to deal with the local populace in CAR

A new survey shows that France is rapidly losing public support for its military intervention in the Central African Republic (CAR), nearly one month after Paris deployed troops to the country. A recent poll by the French Institute of Public Opinion (IFOP) showed on Saturday that only 41 percent of the respondents are in favor of France’s military operation in the CAR, down by 10 percent compared to a previous poll conducted right after France’s military intervention. Some 1,000 people were questioned in the latest IFOP survey, which was conducted from December 27 to January 2. France invaded its former colony on December 5, 2013, after the UN Security Council … Continue reading

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Why LRA’s Joseph Kony isn’t about to surrender any time soon

Gen Joseph Kony, the elusive leader of Uganda

If Michel Djotodia, the Central African Republic’s rebel leader-turned interim president, is to be believed, Joseph Kony, the head of the infamous Lord’s Resistance Army, is about to emerge from the jungle and surrender. “It’s true, Joseph Kony wants to come out of the bush,” Djotodia told the Guardian. “We are negotiating with him.” Reports suggest that Kony is sheltering near the town of Nzako and asking intermediaries for food and supplies. Let’s just say that analysts tracking Kony are, well, skeptical about that claim.  What’s more likely, they say, is that the government is talking to a group of LRA fighters, possibly defectors, who may have no affiliation with … Continue reading

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Central African Republic president dissolves rebel alliance

President Michel Djotodia who has moved away from the movement he used to get into power.

Central African Republic’s new president said on Friday he was dissolving the rebel alliance that swept him to power, a group that has since been blamed for a wave of violence. Seleka rebels seized the capital Bangui and overthrew leader Francois Bozize in March, the latest in a series of coups in the country that remains one of the world’s poorest despite its mineral resources. The rebels have carried on looting and killing indiscriminately, witnesses have said, and French President Francois Hollande last month called for urgent U.N. action to stop the country slipping further into chaos. Michel Djotodia, himself a former Seleka leader sworn in as the country’s new … Continue reading

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Bozize forms political party as gateway for his comeback

Former CAR President Francois Bozize who is planning a political comeback.

Deposed former Central African Republic (CAR) President Francois Bozize still nurtures ambitions of returning to power, he told French media, ending months of silence since he was ousted by rebel forces in March. Bozize, who ruled the mineral-rich former French colony for a decade, fled to Cameroon after rebels overthrew his government and captured the riverside capital Bangui. In an interview with Radio France International broadcast on Saturday, Bozize said he had formed, along with some compatriots, a political organisation called the Front for the Return of Constitutional Order in CAR, or Frocca. He said its objective was to “follow and denounce everything that is happening in the country and … Continue reading

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UN, EU pledge aid for “forgotten crisis” in C.A.R.

Baroness Valerie Amos, the UN deputy Secretary General in charge of humanitarian affairs: "Central African Republic will no longer be a forgotten crisis."

UN and EU aid chiefs promised help on Friday to victims of a “forgotten crisis” in Central African Republic, where armed groups are preying on civilians four months after a rebel takeover plunged the country into chaos. In the town of Kaga-Bandoro, deep in the jungle 350 km (220 miles) north of the capital Bangui, inhabitants have fled constant attacks by gunmen to live in the nearby forests and fields, surviving on roots and the leaves of manioc plants. The school, government offices and U.N. agency buildings in the town of 26,000 people have been pillaged since the Seleka rebel group seized power in Bangui in March, ending any semblance … Continue reading

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HRW accuses Central African Republic’s ex-rebels of war crimes

Ex-rebel fighters loyal to the new leader of Central African Republic went on a rampage after toppling the former president, executing opponents, raping women and looting homes – acts that could constitute war crimes, Human Rights Watch (HRW) said. Thousands of fighters from the Seleka rebel coalition led by Michel Djotodia  marched into the capital Bangui on March 24, forcing President Francois Bozize to flee to neighboring Cameroon. Djotodia, a former civil servant turned rebel leader, was later named interim president by the parliament and charged with leading the mineral-rich but chronically unstable nation to elections within 18 months. While organizations including the United Nations and the International Criminal Court … Continue reading

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C.A.R. leader calls for public order as his fighters loot capital

Central African Republic’s leader is calling on his fighters to restore public order as anger mounts over pillaging in the capital more than a month after they seized power. In an address televised late Wednesday, Michel Djotodia also called on police and security forces to return to their jobs in an effort to help stabilize the volatile country. “Weapons should be silenced. I want public order to be re-established across the nation and for security to return to Central African Republic,” he said. Thousands of fighters belonging to a rebel coalition known as Seleka overtook the capital in late March, overthrowing the president of a decade who fled to Cameroon. … Continue reading

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