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Al Shabaab kills scores in Somali and Kenyan attacks

Al Shabaab fighters still operating in Somalia despite joint operation by African Union  forces arraigned against them.

At least six civilians and four militants were killed when Al Shabaab Islamists attacked two hotels in the centre of the Somali capital Mogadishu on Friday, police said. Al Shabaab claimed responsibility for the attack on the Wehliya Hotel and said it had also laid siege to another hotel in the city, the Siyad, where gunfire continued into the night near the presidential palace. “Three fighters have been shot dead and another blew himself up inside the car bomb that hit the gate. The operation here is finished. So far we know six civilians died,” Umar Ali, a police officer, told Reuters from near Wehliya hotel. The hotel is frequented … Continue reading

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Al Shabaab tells Kenyans: “We’ll run your cities red with blood”

Kenyan soldiers stand in front of a morgue with bodies of suspected Garissa University College attackers in Garissa April 4, 2015.  REUTERS/Goran Tomasevic

Somali militants vowed on Saturday to wage a long war against Kenya and run its cities “red with blood” after the group’s fighters killed nearly 150 people during an assault on a Kenyan university. Kenyan officials said they had arrested five men in connection with Thursday’s attack by Al Shabaab gunmen at Garissa University, 200 km (120 miles) from the Somali border. The raid has put Kenya on heightened alert and spooked Christian congregations, horrified by survivor tales recalling how the Islamist militants had sought out Christian students to kill, while sparing some Muslims. In a message directed at the Kenyan public, the al Qaeda aligned group said the raid … Continue reading

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Al Shabaab attack on Somali parliament leaves 10 dead

Somali government soldiers take their positions during a clash with Al Shabaab militants outside the Parliament buildings in the capital Mogadishu, May 24, 2014. Al Qaeda-linked militants attacked Somalia

By Nkonge I Kaggwa in Kampala – Uganda At least ten members of AMISOM (the African Union Mission in Somalia) are feared to have been killed after the Somali militants, Al Shabaab attempted to storm their way into the country’s parliament at the weekend. Several other officers are said to have been injured during the daring attack on the heavily-guarded country’s legislative house. The attack started with a car bomb at a gate to the heavily fortified parliament compound, followed by a suicide bombing and then a gun battle that continued for hours. Al Shabaab is an al Qaeda-linked group that killed 67 people at a Kenyan shopping mall last … Continue reading

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Kenya Westgate Mall attack suspects appear in court

(L to R) Mohamed Abdi Ahmed, Omar Liban Abdulle, Adan Mohamed Ibrahim, and Hussein Hassan Mustafa appear in court in Nairobi, charged in connection with the Westgate mall massacre in September last year.

The trial of four men charged in connection with Kenya’s Westgate mall massacre opened in the Kenyan capital Nairobi yesterday (Wednesday) with the court hearing testimony from a guard who was outside the upmarket mall when the gunmen launched their attack in September last year, killing at least 67 people. Surprisingly, the men who appeared in court (photo) were not charged with carrying out the actual attack but which was claimed by Somalia’s Al-Qaeda-linked Al-Shabaab insurgents. They were being accused of lending support to the gunmen. The four, Adan Mohamed Abdikadir Adan, Mohamed Ahmed Abdi, Liban Abdullah Omar and Hussein Hassan Mustafah have all pleaded not guilty to charges of … Continue reading

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Al Shabaab strikes again killing six people in Central Mogadishu

Somali troops inspect the vehicle that carried the bomb which claimed the lives of six people

At least six people have been killed after a suspected suicide attack at a hotel in Somalia’s capital, Mogadishu. Interior Minister Abdelkarim Hussein Guled told the BBC that 15 people had been injured after a car exploded outside the Hotel Maka. The hotel lies on one of the capital’s main roads, which the authorities say is usually safe. Islamist militant group al-Shabaab was driven out of Mogadishu two years ago but often stages attacks in the city. The BBC’s Ibrahim Mohamed Adan in Mogadishu says a loud explosion was heard in the city’s administrative centre just before 20:00 local time (17:00 GMT). The Hotel Maka is on the Maka Mukaramah … Continue reading

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EU hopes Somalia meet will back reconstruction plan with cash

Somali President Hassan Sheikh Mohamud to sign treat with Europe on Monday

Somalia’s government and international donors will sign up to a three-year plan on Monday to rebuild the violence-torn country, backed by pledges of new funding that EU officials hope could reach more than one billion euros ($1.3 billion). The Brussels conference is aimed at consolidating fragile security gains in Somalia after two decades of civil war and lawlessness triggered by the overthrow of President Siad Barre in 1991. Nick Westcott, a senior EU diplomat dealing with Africa, said Monday’s conference would be a “milestone in terms of the political reconstruction of Somalia”. “We are beginning to see after 20 years of conflict Somalia pulling itself together,” he told reporters. The … Continue reading

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Citing threats, Doctors Without Borders pulls out of Somalia

Dr Unni Karunakara, MSF’s international president: "By  choosing to kill, attack, and abduct humanitarian aid workers, these armed groups, and the civilian authorities who tolerate their actions, have sealed the fate of countless lives in Somalia."

In announcing a pull-out from Somalia after 22 years, Doctors Without Borders said Wednesday that armed groups are killing and abducting aid workers. And in a scathing indictment of Somalia’s leadership, the aid group accused civilian leaders of condoning or even supporting the attacks. The pullout goes against the narrative of a Somalia emerging from decades of anarchy and violence amid military gains against Islamist insurgents, but it underscores the violence that persists. Some two dozen local journalists have been killed since the start of 2012. In June, a truck bomb and gunfire attack on the main U.N. compound in Mogadishu killed eight U.N. employees and five Somali civilians. Doctors … Continue reading

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Somali president raises soldiers and MPs wages

Some of the Somali MPs who will benefit from the president

By Stephen Ariong Somalian President Hassan Sheikh Mohamoud has announced a raise in the wages of Somali soldiers as well as those of members of the Somali parliament in a move seen as being an attempt to that the soldiers for their fight against Al Qaeda-supporting Al Shabaab movement that has now been defeated in the Somali capital; Mogadishu with the help of African forces. Speaking to Somali forces at a villa outside Mogadishu, President Mahmoud said the country would now be paying its soldiers $100 per month and would raise the salaries of members of parliament to $3000 a month. According to an email sent to The London Evening … Continue reading

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Somalia may accept former islamist warlord in port city

Somalia’s government is expected to recognise a former Islamist warlord it had opposed as interim leader of a strategic port city, diplomats said, defusing a crisis over rival claims to the post that had raised fears of a return to clan warfare. The threat of the kind of clan fighting that over two decades tore Somalia apart has hung over Kismayu since Ahmed Madobe, leader of the Ras Kamboni militia, was chosen by a regional assembly to lead Jubaland and its port in May. The fate of Kismayu and the surrounding region in southern Somalia has been seen as a litmus test of whether the government can manage a federal … Continue reading

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Increased AMISOM operates net several Al-Shabaan militants

By Steven Ariong In a bid to consolidate the peace in the areas under the Federal Government of Somalia and specifically in Mogadishu city, the African Union Mission to Somalia (AMISOM) forces supporting Somali security forces in Sector One have over the past three weeks intensified their operations which has resulted into the arrest of several terrorists, the capture of numerous weapons and improved security situation especially in Mogadishu. In a message to The London Evening Post, Major Henry Obbo, the communication officer for the Uganda contingent in AMISOM, said the special operations come at a time when Al Shabaab was carrying out several fatal attacks on the civilians in … Continue reading

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