Al Shabaab ‘planning attacks at schools in Jinja and Kampala’

Fred Enanga the Uganda Police spokesperson told The LEP Al Shabaab are targeting schools in Kampala and Jinja.
Fred Enanga the Uganda Police spokesperson told The LEP Al Shabaab are targeting schools in Kampala and Jinja.

By Ruth Namatovu

Uganda police has placed security officers on high alert after learning of new planned terrorist attacks in the country allegedly planned by Al Shabaab, Uganda’s Police spokesman Fred Enanga has confirmed. In a telephone interview with The London Evening Post in Kampala at the weekend, Enanga said that police had received information that “Al Shabaab attackers are possibly around and ready to strike targets in Jinja, along highways, and in schools this April.”

Enanga’s fears further proved worthwhile when this correspondent and her daughter received terror alert messages from London, warning them of an alleged attack on Uganda by an unknown terror group. The messages sent on the phones via  WhatsApp read: “Just got this but don’t know how far true it is but just be aware :Take care tonight, (Saturday 4th April 2015) a massive bombing or hostage taking mission expected in Uganda in the next 48hrs. It’s advised to stay indoors. Army deployment heavy in Kampala even in malls. Apparently, they want to enter a place and shoot as many people as possible. So avoid crowded places” the message read.

That message is what triggered The London Evening Post to ascertain the claims from the police spokesman who confirmed to us that there were indeed some serious terror threats before asking this correspondent to forward the text message to his cellphone. “We have received similar threats and security officers are on high alert throughout the country. We know terrorists are planning to launch attacks in Jinja and in other places such as schools. They are fond of changing tactics so they could do either what you have seen in your message or what we know already,” said Enanga. He urged the public to be very vigilant.

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