As Museveni gets ready to meet with the head of the Commonwealth at CHOGM 2015, his police force degrades and humiliates women politicians

Zaina Fatuma, a senior member of Uganda's opposition FDC party is manhandled by policewomen as they throw her on a police wagon as a sack of wheat.
Zaina Fatuma, a senior member of Uganda’s opposition FDC party is manhandled by policewomen as they throw her on a police wagon as a sack of wheat.

By Henry D Gombya

Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II will next month preside over the 24th meeting of the heads of state and government of the Commonwealth Nations. Best known as CHOGM, the biennial meeting this year will again be attended by England’s next head of state and future head of the Commonwealth, the Prince Charles who will also be accompanied by the Duchess of Cornwall as well as the Queen’s husband, the Prince Philip, Duke of Edinburgh.

As the head of the Commonwealth is a woman, one wonders what will be going through her mind when she, as is protocol, hosts the Commonwealth of states to dinner at Fort St Angelo in Birgu and among those will be the President of Uganda whose security forces this weekend arrested a senior woman opposition politician and in their efforts to forcefully take her into custody, removed all her clothes in daylight and in front of media cameras.

Zaina Fatuma, one of the many leading women politicians in the opposition Forum for Democratic Change (FDC) party was among many FDC politicians arrested at the weekend for ‘daring’ to visit Rukungiri Town in western Uganda and home to FDC flag bearer for next year’s presidential elections. In their usual ways of forcing those arrested to board police wagons, police officers under the command of Western Ugandan regional police commander Maxwell Ogwal, arrested several FDC officials including Dr Besigye who refused to come out of his car which was unceremoniously loaded onto a truck with the man who could be the country’s next head of state calmly seated inside it.

Others were not so lucky as to be ‘loaded’ whilst inside their cars. One of these was Zaina Fatuma, a member of the FDC executive committee. She was arrested and police tried to bundle her onto a police wagon which she resisted. In their efforts to get her onto the police truck, those at the scene hear police officers tell each other to strip her. This was done in the presence of TV and newspaper cameramen who recorded the incident as seen in the photo we are carrying above.

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