Assassins roaming freely in Uganda after latest high profile murder

An onlooker stares at the  lifeless bodies of AIGP Kaweesi and his bodguards hang halfway out of the police car in which they were assassinated.
An onlooker stares at the lifeless bodies of AIGP Kaweesi and his bodyguards hang halfway out of the police car in which they were assassinated last Friday.

By Nkonge I Kaggwa in Kampala and Henry D Gombya in London

The killing of a senior Ugandan Police officer Friday morning has once again reminded Ugandans that within their midst are a group of assassins who continue to pick their victims off without any hindrance by the Ugandan authorities. Andrew Felix Kaweesi, 48, an Assistant Inspector General of Police (AIGP) was assassinated moments after he had left his home at Kulambiro, on the outskirts of the Ugandan capital Kampala allegedly by four gunmen riding two motorbikes who riddled his official police car with bullets that also killed his personal bodyguard Corporal Kenneth Erau as well as his driver Godfrey Mambewa.

A bystander who saw the killings, told The London Evening Post: “I saw the two men on bodaboda when they saw Affende’s car coming. They immediately shot at it with rounds and rounds of bullets at it. We had to run away for our dear life.” The police car, a Toyota Prado TX with its blue lights still flashing in which the fallen police officer was traveling, was showered with bullets all over that shattered the driver’s door windscreen. Another onlooker told us that immediately after the deal was concluded, one of the men went closer to the doors of the car opening both the driver’s door and the back door where Kaweesi was seated as if to sort of prove they were dead. They left the car doors open with the victims’ bodies lying halfway through the doors and sped off on their motorbikes shooting in the air to scare off the people and disappeared.

Condemning the killers, Ugandan President Yoweri Museveni decried the lack of CCTV cameras around the country and ordered that they be installed in the capital as well as in all major towns of the country. But police chief Gen Kale Kayihura seemed to disagree with his boss when he told the press the police force had foiled several attempted kidnaps and arrested many suspects involved in several attacks in Ugandan in the absence of CCTV cameras. High profile assassinations in Uganda have been taking place as far back as 30 years ago when a former Energy Minister was gunned down at a friend’s house shortly after being found not guilty of treason by the Ugandan High Court. 30 years on and the killers are still roaming the country’s capital. The most recent high profile assassinations include that of Major Sulaiman Kiggundu who was gunned down in a similar manner last November by gunmen riding on two motorbikes. Formerly a rebel with the Allied Democratic Forces fighting the Museveni regime, Maj Kiggundu had given up his fight against Museveni and joined the ruling army. In March 2015, Joan Kagezi, then a senior public prosecutor was gunned down in broad daylight by assassins riding a motorbike. In all these instances, the assailants have are yet to brought to book.

What is shocking in this recent assassination is the impunity with which the assailants operate these days. They were able to get off their bikes after riddling the police car with bullets, approach their victims to make sure all were dead and then leave the doors wide open so any passing journalist would be able to take photos of the dead victims and confirm what they had just done. Worse still, they did not wear any masks to hide their identity. In other words, they were not afraid to carry out the attack in broad daylight and later be identified by onlookers. What does that tell you? While social media is now full of messages describing what a loss AIGP Kaweesi’s death is to Uganda, several conspiracy theories are also being voiced. Apparently there seems to be quite a few things that Kaweesi, in his role as a senior police officer has done in the past that haven’t been pleasant at all. Of interest to us is allegations of how he mishandled presidential candidate Kizza Besigye during last year’s presidential elections. We reproduce below a sequel of events in which Kaweesi was involved that has been sent to us anonymously. The writer says inter alia:

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