Assassins roaming freely in Uganda after latest high profile murder

An onlooker stares at the  lifeless bodies of AIGP Kaweesi and his bodguards hang halfway out of the police car in which they were assassinated.
An onlooker stares at the lifeless bodies of AIGP Kaweesi and his bodguards hang halfway out of the police car in which they were assassinated.

“The last time I saw Andrew Felix Kaweesi was 19th February 2016, a day after the election. I was part of the team that was tabulating our Presidential results. Dr Besigye arrived at the headquarters. Together with General Muntu, the Party President, Wasswa Biriggwa, Joyce Ssebuggwawo and others, they were waiting for an update of our tabulation. Gen Muntu called me to the meeting room and asked me how many declaration forms we have. I answered I was then given a Press Statement to edit before Besigye could speak to the media.  I moved to the Party Accountant’s (Bosco) office and sat on his PC to edit it.

“Suddenly I heard a stampede outside. That stampede, was as if to announce the arrival of Kaweesi. He came into the offices and demanded access to the meeting room where Besigye and others were. He actually forced his way in. Shortly after, he commandeered other police to come in, but not into the meeting room. As I continued to edit the press release, an order was issued demanding all of us to leave the inside of the offices. I asked one policeman why. He barked at me and before I could understand what he said, teargas was all over. We scampered for cover. I ran to the loos to try and use water to calm down the effect of teargas but in vain.

“I decided I was going to make for the exit. With my hands on my nose, I shot out of the door, pushed it hard and exited. Shortly after, a gang of men forced their way in, lifted Dr Besigye like he was a criminal and shoved him into that infamous black van. Kaweesi followed out, shouting how there is no way we were going to organise our results. This, perhaps is the most shamelessly stolen election in Uganda’s history. From the meeting room also came Ingrid, being lifted by the same gang and like Besigye shoved into the van. They were then driven off in a police convoy with Kaweesi following and detained in Naggalama. The headquarters were then sealed off and no one could come in or go out.

“But that was not the first time I was encountering Kaweesi. About 10 years earlier, I had seen him in Kamuli. What happened in Kamuli will be told another day, but I had never seen a man so arrogant, so boisterous and so overconfident as he marshalled the state security apparatus against us. If I don’t like Museveni, I perhaps disliked Kaweesi more. But today he had his last breath in this world. His death this morning was so brutal, so grotesque and so unbelievable. I did not see what happened at the scene but according to what I have gathered, the people who executed him had perhaps a similar kind of arrogance, confidence and were even boastful, perhaps like their victim. They had the audacity to, after shooting him and his guards, walk to his car, open the doors and take a proper look at their victims. All this at 9:30am in a city suburb.

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