Bukenya calls for a united opposition against Museveni

President Museveni, 70, is showing signs of dementia, says the professor of medicine.
President Museveni, 70, may be showing signs of dementia, says the professor of medicine.

By Nkonge I Kaggwa – Kampala Uganda

A former Ugandan vice president has called upon the country’s opposition to form a united front to fight next year’s general election in order to bring to an end 30 years of Yoweri Museveni’s presidency.

Prof Gilbert Bukenya who served the country for eight years (May 2003-May 2011), remains the second longest serving vice president of Uganda after Dr Specioza Kazibwe (1994-2003). At a press conference in Kampala, he argued that once the opposition succeeds in removing Museveni from power, they should  form a coalition government that would address President Museveni’s ‘mischief’ with all Ugandans both in the country and those in the Diaspora who have lost love for Uganda because of different issues.

A professor of medicine, Bukenya warned that President Museveni (70) looks like he is suffering from dementia, exhibiting symptoms like being easily forgetful and severe mental incapacitation as his brain at his age receives little blood that cannot ably sustain the country’s demands which would affect the country at large.

One thought on “Bukenya calls for a united opposition against Museveni

  • February 14, 2015 at 11:54 pm

    Dear Editor
    The metaphor I will user is of ‘river nile’ and its sediments. The opposition to Gen Amos if its true, should drain their river bed of ‘person-merit’ sediments. As long as they rely or do no deposit a different sort of sediments to dilute or rid itself of ‘personal-merit’ deposits or such ‘depositories’, the river bed will soon clog and then dry up.

    In short Gen Amos the chief pontiff of ‘personal-merit’ knows it and also knows that the ‘highbrows’ are driven by personal-merit’ ideology and both know that the personal-merit sediments is clogging their river beds and on drying up will leave the inhabitants thirsty and and the habitat wilting.


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