Call to international community to speak unambiguously about what is happening in Uganda

Prof Amii Omara-Otunnu: "No guns or humiliation shall forever extinguish the people’s aspirations and yearning for fundamental freedoms and decent living."
Prof Amii Omara-Otunnu: “No guns or humiliation shall forever extinguish the people’s aspirations and yearning for fundamental freedoms and decent living.”

In the second and last part of his article for The London Evening Post, Prof Amii Omara-Otunnu wonders whether in the wake of the sexual harassment of Ugandan women politicians in particular and the humiliation of the country’s politicians in general by the Uganda Security Services, it is high time that the international community came out and clearly stated whether they are on the side of the Ugandan people in their struggle to get rid of what he calls ‘a monstrous totalitarian-style state’. Please read on:

The latest evidence of President Museveni’s attempts to construct a monstrous totalitarian-style state coupled with the humiliation of citizens in Uganda should offer most people who had given him the benefit of doubt opportunity to pause and evaluate.

Two outstanding examples can be cited here. The human rights organization, Privacy International, and the BBC Newsnight program have revealed that a British firm, Gamma Group, supplies the Finfisher technology used by President Museveni’s regime to monitor citizens and facilitate internal repression. It is the technology supplied by foreign companies like Gamma Group that is at the heart of the surveillance network system used by the regime to deny Ugandans their fundamental freedoms and human rights.

General David Sejusa, former long-time coordinator of the intelligence services of the regime has indicated that in addition to the modern technology supplied by foreign companies to the regime for internal repression, the regime has put in place a sinister scheme to recruit husbands to spy on wives and vice versa. Indeed, totalitarian-like methods of instilling fear in people have become the regime’s mainstay in power in Uganda.

The totalitarian-like system is operated by apparatchiks of the regime who have been schooled and conditioned to be cold blooded and heartless when dealing with citizens. In the hands of these agents of death who mask themselves as policemen, no citizen is spared humiliation. A prime example is the stripping naked in broad day light of a woman by the name Fatuma Naigaga on October 10, 2015. In a sense, the stripping naked of Ms Naigaga symbolizes and represents the stripping of most Ugandans bare of their dignity. Because of the gravity of the action by the mafia-like police, the office of the United Nations High Commissioner for Human Rights is now investigating the case.

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