Calling for total overhaul of ICC’s Office of The Prosecutor

By Henry D Gombya

Dr David Matsanga and the ICC deputy Chief Prosecutor James Stewart at a recent gathering at SOAS in London (Photo by Henry Gombya)
Dr David Matsanga and the ICC deputy Chief Prosecutor James Stewart at a recent gathering at SOAS in London (Photo by Henry Gombya)

A call has been made for the complete overhaul of the International Criminal Court’s Office of The Prosecutor following a confirmation by the ICC that the case against Cote d’Ivoire’s former President Laurent Gbagbo was not strong enough to warrant its continuation for trial in The Hague and that some sections of the ICC case against Kenya’s deputy president Samuel Ruto be referred back to Kenyan courts.

In a ruling made Monday by the ICC, the court ruled that the case against Mr Gbagbo lacked sufficient evidence to enable it to go ahead, It said that while evidence so far produced by the prosecution was not strong enough to allow the case to move to trial, it could not be seen as too weak to have the charges against Mr Gbagbo thrown out.

Regarding the case against Mr Ruto, the ICC ruled that the case against the Kenyan deputy president, along with his co-accused, Kenyan broadcaster Joshua arap Sang, should be delayed until September to give the politician’s defence more time to prepare their client’s defence. This case will now go to trial in |September when the two will answer to charges for crimes against humanity.

Reacting to these announcements, Dr David Nyekorach Matsanga, a Ugandan London-based international lobbyist who has for years waged a personal war against the ICC for the way it has chosen to pursue mostly African leaders and ignored other human rights abusers mostly in non-black countries, said the ICC decision to postpone the Ruto case and return some sections of the case back to Kenyan courts, was a victory for those like him who have lobbied the ICC to review and evaluate the evidence in most of the African cases now being handled in The Hague.

One thought on “Calling for total overhaul of ICC’s Office of The Prosecutor

  • June 5, 2013 at 7:17 pm

    ditching the ICC is what remains to be done in earnest. in the old days, government authorities of the colonial powers would be prompted by the colonial clergy about so and so recalcitrant king to be thrown out of the country. and instructions would be issued to the resident colonial governor to banish the king concerned from his country. his people would never see their king again. this happened in rwnada- king yuhi musinga- in 1931. same thing happened in many other parts of africa.

    today, international wizards have crafted a malicious way of getting rid of african leaders not complying with western policies or interests. human rights issues have been blown out of proportions as if they never existed before. we never heard of human rights issues in places like rwanda under presidents kayibanda and habyarimana. creepng genocide had been on right from 1959, and no westerner had lifted a finger on the hutu republics’ abuses, before the RPF rebellion captured power in rwanda.

    let africans evolve their own forms of national and regional justice structures.

    it the west wants their ICC, they can please themselves.


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