Could Rwanda’s Paul Kagame be Africa’s worst ‘serial killer?’

Juvenal Habyarimana was the third president of Rwanda (July 5, 1873 - April 6, 1994). He died when his plane was allegedly ordered to be shot down by now President Kagame.
Juvenal Habyarimana was the third president of Rwanda (July 5, 1873 – April 6, 1994). He died when his private Falcon 50 jet  was allegedly ordered to be shot down by now President Kagame, becoming Kagame’s first victim head of state.
We belatedly bring our readers the last section of the amazing revelations concerning the leadership of President Paul Kagame of Rwanda. The authors of this article, Edward S Herman and David Peterson have written a book ‘Enduring Lies: The Rwandan Genocide in the Propaganda System, 20 Years Later (The Real News Books, 2014), which is now on sale in good bookshops around the world. In the final part here, they accuse Kagame of having been involved in the killing so far, of three African leaders. In addition to having already agreed with a BBC documentary on Rwanda that it was indeed Paul Kagame whose actions started the 1994 Rwanda genocide, the authors believe he is also not only responsible for assassinating Rwandan exiles but has ‘personally’ ordered the killing of at least 17 Rwanda Patriotic Army officers. Read on:

The list of former Kagame associates who eventually testified to Kagame’s responsibility for the shoot-down [of President Habyarimana’s plane in 1994] is impressively large; Peter Erlinder, the U.S. defense attorney and former lead defense counsel before the ICTR, estimates that the number “now exceeds eight,” but we suspect the total is considerably higher. But any number is especially impressive, given that former members of Kagame’s inner circle who provide such testimony, place themselves at great risk, as Kagame and some of his underlings have been regularly engaged in the permanent silencing of critics [e.g. Patrick Karegyeya].Estimates vary of the number of former allies who were later killed on orders from Kagame.

Particularly vulnerable and at highest-risk are figures who possess “knowledge of the regime’s darkest secrets and had themselves been involved in its crimes,” as Reyntjens puts it. Reyntjens quotes a former RPF member “exiled in Europe” who claims he was ordered to assassinate Kayumba Nyamwasa (who in fact has survived four assassination attempts), and could name 17 other former RPF officers “murdered on Kagame’s orders.” Anyone “considered a threat, Hutu and Tutsi alike, were physically eliminated.” Exiles from Kagame Power were eliminated either because they had knowledge of Kagame’s responsibility for the assassinations of the Rwandan and Burundian presidents in April1994, or because Kagame suspected them of disloyalty and plotting against him, or of leaking sensitive information to the world outside his base of supporters.

According to Reyntjens, Ruzibiza claimed the “physical elimination of over twenty military, in addition to several foreigners working in Rwanda who were suspected of having leaked information on RPF abuse….” Kagame is also implicated in the January 2001 assassination of yet a third head-of-state, Laurent-Désiré Kabila, Kagame’s handpicked successor to Mobutu after Rwanda and Uganda drove Mobutu from power in May 1997. In 2010, many of the most prominent surviving exiles from Kagame Power went on to found the Rwanda National Congress, and called for the end of the Kagame dictatorship, once and for all. But the establishment U.S. and U.K. media have rarely given Kagame’s regime of terror and assassination the attention that it deserves, paralleling the United States’ and Britain’s longtime support of Kagame, and of course the 38 slavishly follow the same apologetic silence on this matter.

4 thoughts on “Could Rwanda’s Paul Kagame be Africa’s worst ‘serial killer?’

  • November 20, 2014 at 8:24 pm

    A very well-written article. Indeed, it is a pity the world has been fooled too much and nearly too long on the Rwandan case especially about the events in the 1990s. “Enduring lies” – this is indeed a proper term. Maybe the truth will eventually triumph? And lies and liars on Rwanda’s case are still there: An economic miracle, an economic model in Africa, a clean city, etc. And yet, the majority of the population can hardly afford one meal a day! When will the donors to Rwanda be able to find out the truth behind cleverly doctored reports ? The practice of producing fabricated data in reports is very well-known in Kinyarwanda as “GUTEKINIKA”. Of course, Westerners do not know this, or the simply ignore it!

  • November 21, 2014 at 1:51 am

    Rwandans know very well how this president is a serial killer. Not only he kills, but also his political system is all about lies. Western countries are very manipulated by his propaganda and lies .Kagame will do everything he can to keep power and to manipulate the western people who don`t know who he is . Rwandans suffer a lot under his criminal dictatorship but his admirers continue to defend and praise him. Why ? Are lives of Rwandans, being killed or kidnapped for unknown destination, not worth of respect and protection like other human beings on the earth ?

  • November 21, 2014 at 11:17 pm

    The truth must be said. Paul Kagame is nothing else than a serial killer. Why is he still on power and supported by the West? Many Rwandans, especially Hutu, have been seeking justice for a long time, and they hope that this man will soon go to ICC.


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