Could Rwanda’s Paul Kagame be Africa’s worst ‘serial killer?’

Col Patrick Karegyeya, a Rwanda army officer strangled on a Johannesburg hotel by men allegedly sent to assassinate him by President |Kagame.
Col Patrick Karegyeya, a Rwanda army officer strangled in a Johannesburg hotel by men allegedly sent to assassinate him by President |Kagame.

We should also note that Dallaire is hardly a neutral observer on the recent history of Rwanda, and in fact is one of the 38 signatories to the letter to the BBC which, as we are showing throughout, is error-laden and biased. We may also point out that there are not one but two Dallaires—one in his term as force commander of UNAMIR (1993-1994), and the other subsequently acting as a spokesperson for the standard model of the “Rwandan genocide” and an apologist for Kagame Power (1995- ). In the earlier role, while biased in favor of the RPF, he at least could recognize and acknowledge the relative weakness and demoralization of the FAR and the military superiority and readiness of the RPF; about the RPF, Dallaire had reported to the United Nations as early as September 1993 that it “displayed the potential to easily defeat the [FAR].”

The 38 devote considerable space to charging the BBC2 documentary’s producers and guests with “genocide denial,” which they describe as the “final stage” of genocide which “ensures that the crime continues. It incites new killing.” Recall that after conquering Rwanda in 1994, Kagame invaded Zaire-DRC two years later, with estimated subsequent killings there running into the millions. This was not a result of any “genocide denial,” it was justified on the basis of the need to clean out the “génocidaires.” That is, the new killings were built on the claim of a Hutu genocide of Tutsi that required what turned out to be large-scale massacres of an allegedly genocidal Hutu population that had fled to Zaire-DRC. If the Hutu were the primary victims in 1994, and the April 6, 1994 assassination of President Habyarimana was attributable to Kagame, both of which we believe to be true, these extended killings in Zaire-DRC would be harder to rationalize. By misrepresenting the reality of that history, the 38 help justify this further and larger genocide.


So in fact the 38’s cry of the immorality of “genocide denial” provides a dishonest cover for Paul Kagame’s crimes in 1994 and for his even larger crimes in Zaire-DRC. The 38 thus belong to a sizable contingent of apologists for Kagame Power, who now and in years past have served as intellectual enforcers of an RPF and U.S.-U.K.-Canadian party-line. We may note here the amazing claim by the 38 that the events of 1994 “should be treated by all concerned with the utmost intellectual honesty and rigour.” Their own violation of this appeal in their open letter is both systematic and comprehensive.

We have seen that the 38 have a penchant for slander as well as straightforward misrepresentation. It is for committing the grave intellectual and moral crime of providing an alternative but, we believe, entirely credible and evidence-based reinterpretations of what really happened in Rwanda in 1994 that the 38 would like Rwanda’s Untold Story expunged from the BBC archives, and its production team sent to the woodshed.

Edward S. Herman is Professor Emeritus of Finance at the Wharton School, University of Pennsylvania, USA and has written extensively on economics, political economy, and the media. David Peterson is an independent journalist and researcher based in Chicago.

The articles have been reproduced here courtesy of Pambazuka News

4 thoughts on “Could Rwanda’s Paul Kagame be Africa’s worst ‘serial killer?’

  • November 20, 2014 at 8:24 pm

    A very well-written article. Indeed, it is a pity the world has been fooled too much and nearly too long on the Rwandan case especially about the events in the 1990s. “Enduring lies” – this is indeed a proper term. Maybe the truth will eventually triumph? And lies and liars on Rwanda’s case are still there: An economic miracle, an economic model in Africa, a clean city, etc. And yet, the majority of the population can hardly afford one meal a day! When will the donors to Rwanda be able to find out the truth behind cleverly doctored reports ? The practice of producing fabricated data in reports is very well-known in Kinyarwanda as “GUTEKINIKA”. Of course, Westerners do not know this, or the simply ignore it!

  • November 21, 2014 at 1:51 am

    Rwandans know very well how this president is a serial killer. Not only he kills, but also his political system is all about lies. Western countries are very manipulated by his propaganda and lies .Kagame will do everything he can to keep power and to manipulate the western people who don`t know who he is . Rwandans suffer a lot under his criminal dictatorship but his admirers continue to defend and praise him. Why ? Are lives of Rwandans, being killed or kidnapped for unknown destination, not worth of respect and protection like other human beings on the earth ?

  • November 21, 2014 at 11:17 pm

    The truth must be said. Paul Kagame is nothing else than a serial killer. Why is he still on power and supported by the West? Many Rwandans, especially Hutu, have been seeking justice for a long time, and they hope that this man will soon go to ICC.


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