Did George Soros and his OSF fund Kenyatta’s opponents?

By David Nyekorach Matsanga

The ugly hand of neo-colonialism and imperialism has again shown its head in the after-math of a peaceful election in Kenya.  The same Open Society Foundation (OSF) and African Centre for Open Governance (Africog) that brought misery on Kenya in 2007- 2008 are at it again.  The George Soros Foundation bankrolled the chaos of 2007-2008.  Kenyans must ask hard questions as to how an African centre for open governance receives money from a ultra-white nationalistic agency controlled by U.S. intelligence to maim the same Africans whom they claim to advocate for in governance.

After the 2007-2008 election date there was calm and then the same NGOS with the help of this OSF, an American CIA affiliated agency, triggered the violence that killed 1300 people and displaced over 600,000 people. They poured huge amounts of money into Kenya that caused political havoc in 2007- 2008.  In 2013 the same NGOs linked to a CIA plot are trying to confuse and distort the minds of Kenyans who endured the African Savannah heat and voted in huge numbers on 4th March 2013.

A cursory look at the Kenyan voter registration exercise and the final total numbers of voters registered from each strongholds of whatever side one had wanted to vote for that day, showed a straight win for the Jubilee coalition of Uhuru Kenyatta. A good political and media analyst of high caliber and a Pan Africanist like me (not funded by white Ultra nationalistic agencies) would see a first round win coming in Kenyan elections.

The tyranny of numbers, the voting behavior and patterns in Kenyan politics for many years, would vindicate any good political science student like me that victory was to come on the first tally of votes and count in 2013, based on the levelled ground and superb organizational structures of the IEBC that I saw during the Kenyan elections in 2013.  I want to commend the good work of the IEBC Chairman and his commissioners who put up a spirited and organized   election based on good rules under the new constitution that delivered the best elections so far in Kenyan history.

 Frankly speaking, machines are machines. A credit card can embarrass you on a holiday with your family in a foreign land by declining your card at the hour of departure, but this does not mean the bank is corrupted and your money is stolen. All these noises by Western-paid civil society of Kenya  about computers  and machines not working when the real constitutional method of tallying votes is by manual counting, is insanity of the highest degree in Africa.

 I want to be candid and state that it is only those who stopped outside serious class rooms in our villages in East Africa or paid for street degrees in America like Prof Makau Mutua (one of Uhuru Kenyatta’s hunters) who cannot see the tyranny of numbers formula winning the recently concluded Kenyan elections. I am one of those who stood by and still stand by the analysis of my learned friend Mr Mutahi Ngunyi that it was going to be round one due to the tyranny of numbers. Obama won because of tyranny numbers and political blocs of black vote, Jewish lobby and others in the USA.  In elections it is the numbers that matter and it is up to the political grounds to look for those numbers. One can cry blood but believe it or not, one side of the Kenyan coalitions had the massive numbers.

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