Museveni orders military to arrest General David Sejusa

Gen David Sejusa, leader of  Free Uganda, who has now been arrested on the orders of Gen Yoweri Museveni

By Staff Writer Reports reaching our news desk this morning say Gen David Sejusa has been arrested from his home in Naguru near Kampala and is now being kept at the notorious Makindye Military Barracks on the outskirts of Kampala. This news was confirmed a short while ago by Dr Vincent Magombe, Press Secretary of Free Uganda (FU), one of the leading opposition organisations in the country currently led by Gen Sejusa. In a statement he sent to us, Dr Magombe said the general was arrested this morning soon after military police and special forces from the Special Forces Command surrounded his home. Special Forces Brigade is commanded by President … Continue reading

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Help us get home – Ugandan women in Saudi Arabia plead

President Museveni is given a warm welcome on his recent visit to Saudi Arabia where he signed an agreement to provide cheap labour to the Saudis.

By Ruth Namatovu – Kampala Correspondent Ugandan women casual labourers stranded in Saudi Arabia have appealed to their country’s leaders to help them return home after claiming they were being treated as slaves by their Saudi masters. Here at The London Evening Post, we have been inundated with clips of the women crying for help to return to Uganda. Some of the clips in our possession show women being sexually abused by their Saudi masters and are so violent it was hard and quite shocking to watch them. In an audio clip that recently went viral worldwide, the Ugandan women are seen pleading with the Ugandan government to help them … Continue reading

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Airlift – Edge of the seat thriller that tells the Gulf War story

Airlift! The movie that tells how India sent 488 planes to airlift its citizen from Kuwait after the Iraq attack.

By Tilusha Vyas, Asia Correspondent  With news dominated by events unfolding in the Middle East on a daily basis, it is not surprising that even the Indian film industry popularly known as Bollywood could not resist an action-packed thriller based on the Gulf War. By now you must be thinking it must be the usual run-of-the-mill Bollywood genre love story – with rendering songs and dances by the action-packed hero wooing his heroine to denote their undying love for each other in some hot deserts in some war zone areas with a happy ending. Nope. Nothing of the sort this time. Airlift, which was released in the cinemas last week, … Continue reading

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Rwandan parliament crowns Paul Kagame life president

Rwandan President Paul Kagame whose parliament has literally given him the country

By Theogene Rudasingwa The 14th of July, 2015, will always be remembered as another day in infamy in Rwanda’s entire history. In a joint session of Parliament, legislators unanimously voted to remove term limits, thus paving the way for President Paul Kagame to rule for life. This deliberate and yet fateful decision by Rwanda’s rubber stamp parliament was preceded by equally irresponsible and dangerous decision by the ruling Rwandese Patriotic Front (RPF) to abide by President Kagame’s will to remove the term limits. Equally cynical  has been the manipulation and coercion of ordinary Rwandans to gather 3.7 million signatures demanding constitutional amendment of article 101 that will allow President Kagame to … Continue reading

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The Burundi Current Fact File:
How all parties are committing widespread abuses

Pierre Nkurunziza, the Burundian President whose intention to seek a third term in office may end up turning the country into a civil war.

  The human rights situation in Burundi remains poor, with widespread abuses committed by all parties, particularly in the rural areas surrounding the capital. Tens of thousands of people remain internally displaced. Killing of civilians, reprisal killings, torture, rape, theft, illegal and arbitrary detention, and forced labour have been reported. Rape and gang rape against women, girls and boys is on the increase. The judicial system has little capacity to act in timely and impartial manner, and impunity is pervasive. The indigenous Twa (Pygmy) people remain marginalised economically, socially, and politically. The transitional government split power between the two most important political parties, UPRONA and FRODEBU. Tutsi-dominated UPRONA was the … Continue reading

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Museveni’s plan to use social media for 2016 re-election

Joel Isabirye, a well-known Ugandan media consultant. His name is on the document listing the NRM attempts to use the media to promote Candidate Museveni.

The London Evening Post today publishes a leaked report to the head of special duties at State House Entebbe, official residence of the Ugandan leader, showing how the ruling National Resistance Movement is going to use billions of shillings to plant its agents in media houses around the country in an attempt to convince the electorate to return President Yoweri Museveni to power he has held since 1986. Here is the full leaked ‘Status Report’. TO: The Head Special Duties State House, The Republic of Uganda FROM: JOEL ISABIRYE AND MPIIRWE NICHOLAS (MESSE) DATE:  30th JUNE 2015 RE: MOBILIZATION THROUGH MEDIA: Since we started work on the mobilization project, we … Continue reading

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Why the United Kingdom was right to arrest Gen Karenzi Karake

Dr Theogene Rudasingwa

The arrest last month of Rwanda’s top spy, Gen Karenzi Karake prompted angry bursts from the country’s leader, Gen Paul Kagame. No one knows President Kagame more than his former ambassador to the United States, Dr Theogene Rudasingwa. Theo, as those close to him call him, is a medical doctor who helped Gen Kagame’s rise to power. As with the case of Uganda’s Dr Kizza Besigye, Rudasingwa disagreed with Kagame and has lived in the United States ever since. In a statement he signed on behalf of the opposition Rwanda National Congress, he tells our readers why he thinks the United Kingdom was right to arrest his country’s spy chief. … Continue reading

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Makerere don tells Amama Mbabazi:-
You can’t win any election even if it’s free, fair and transparent

Ruth Namatovu

In September last year, Ugandan President Yoweri Museveni sacked his then Prime Minister and longtime friend, Amama Mbabazi from his government in which he (Mbabazi) had served for nearly 30 years in various capacities. As if that wasn’t enough, he also dropped him from the ruling National Resistance Movement (NRM)’s top administrative post as Secretary General. Museveni accused Mbabazi of intrigue and divisive politics that the Ugandan leader believed was about to create factions within the NRM. While Mbabazi remained for some time tightlipped regarding his next move at the political frontline, some NRM leftwing youths kept his flag flying, albeit at half-mast, by campaigning for him to stand as … Continue reading

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Kashambuzi donates land for building of educational institute

The author, Prof Eric Kashambuzi believes rightly or wrongly, that Sejusa and Niringiye are on a secret mission.

From time immemorial, education has played a major role in transformation of societies and landscapes. Education has been valued and supported through public and private efforts. Individuals or families have donated land, materials like books, computers, laboratory equipment and/or money. In countries or societies where the culture of giving is treasured, many schools, universities and institutes have been built or expanded through donations. Some donate labour during construction or maintenance time, while others offer their skills like architects or engineers and yet others provide advice in designing the curriculum and/or money. This is the spirit of giving for free in the interest of the common good. You don’t have to … Continue reading

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Burundi on brink of turning into full-scale civil war

Pierre Nkurunziza, the Burundian President whose intention to seek a third term in office may end up turning the country into a civil war.

By Jean C Nkundwa and Jonathan W Rosen When Faustin Kobagaya fled his northern Burundi home in March, sneaking through the night to the Rwandan border, he was running from what could soon become another violent chapter in his country’s fratricidal history. As a 10-year-old in 1993, Mr Kobagaya, a member of Burundi’s Tutsi minority, lost most of his extended family in a wave of ethnic violence that followed the assassination of the country’s first democratically elected president, Melchior Ndadaye. The murder of Ndadaye, a Hutu, unleashed a 12-year civil war in which an estimated 300,000 Burundians were killed. It also helped embolden anti-Tutsi extremists in Rwanda, who, only six … Continue reading

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