France warned about following policy of regime change in Africa

By Henry D Gombya

French President Francois Hollande who two weeks ago sent his forces into Mali. Is he trying to ‘bring down’ African leaders?

France has been warned that carrying out an ‘expansionist and regime change policy’ in Africa which is creating a ‘free fall zone’ for Al-Qaeda in North Africa, and sending troops to Mali without an exit strategy will create more insurgence and breed worse violence than what is happening in Afghanistan today.

The warning comes as France is consolidating her hold on Islamist insurgents in Mali after being invited by the country’s leadership to halt the advance of the rebels towards the capital Bamako two weeks ago. At the same time, France and the United States have been accused of using ‘friendly NGOs (Non-Government Organisations) and international bodies like the International Criminal Court (ICC) to ‘stifle and mutilate the hard-earned freedom of the people of Africa’.

Writing today in The London Evening Post, political analyst and international lobbyist Dr David Nyekorach-Matsanga says the problem facing Africa today was for the continent’s habit of allowing ‘neo-colonial agencies and organisations to manipulate the political affairs of the continent. “In 2012 our continent witnessed many conflicts sparked by French hegemony, Dr Matsanga said. He added: “The French positioned themselves for violent regime change in North Africa by spreading the bombardment of Libya.”

The strongly-worded article Dr Matsanga has written accuses the Hungarian-American billionaire financial, philanthropic, and philosophical speculator George Soros of using his wealth to try and bring down Africa. He said Mr Soros is using the NGO he founded, the Open Society Foundation (OSF) to ‘infiltrate’ the AU and plant discord among African nations. Dr Matsanga said: “Events in most African countries like Kenya, Uganda, Zimbabwe, Sudan and South Africa, are dangerously leading to near civil strife caused by friendly NGOs that are openly being funded by the OSF of George Soros as an agent of the CIA to cause instability in African countries like Zimbabwe that have resisted neo-colonialism.”

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