G8 Summit: The West pitted against Russia over Assad’s future

The most powerful seven men and one woman (in green) who lead the world's richest countries, converge in Lough Eine Northern Ireland yesterday (Monday) to map the future of the world
The world’s most powerful seven men and one woman (in green) who lead the world’s richest countries, converge in Lough Eine ,Northern Ireland yesterday (Monday) to map the future of the world.

Western nations are facing down Russian President Vladimir Putin at the G8 summit in Northern Ireland over his support for the regime of Bashar Assad in Syria. Divisions between Moscow and the West have been laid bare at the annual gathering of world leaders, which comes days after President Barack Obama suggested the US may send weapons to the Syrian opposition.

In response Mr Putin warned that the opposition includes extremists opposed to European values, who “eat the organs” of their enemies. British Prime Minister David Cameron has put Syria top of the agenda for the summit dinner, at which he aims to seek consensus on five key principles which he hopes could restore momentum towards a proposed peace conference in Geneva. Downing Street said the Prime Minister regards the dinner, at the Lough Erne golfing resort near Enniskillen, as “an opportunity for a clarifying moment on Syria”.

Mr Cameron wants a clear statement of intent in the final summit communique on Tuesday afternoon. And a British official said the PM was ready to go ahead with a statement whether Russia signs up or not – a high-stakes diplomatic gamble which effectively presents Mr Putin with an ultimatum to engage with the process or be cast as the stumbling block to peace. Mr Cameron has deliberately chosen five subjects for debate designed to focus minds on areas of possible consensus on the way forward, without necessarily isolating Russia.

He asked fellow leaders – including Mr Putin, Mr Obama, German chancellor Angela Merkel, French President Francois Hollande, Italian PM Enrico Letta and Japan’s Shinzo Abe – to consider whether the G8 can come together behind a consistent view on demanding access for humanitarian aid to reach Syria’s people; taking on extremists on all sides of the conflict; condemning the use of chemical weapons as unacceptable; exploring whether the G8 could play a role in stabilising Syria after any change in regime; and supporting a political transition to a new government executive authority in Damascus which can command the consent of the Syrian people.

One thought on “G8 Summit: The West pitted against Russia over Assad’s future

  • June 18, 2013 at 11:37 am

    There is no way Putin is going to sign his bread and butter away at this summit. Assad seems to be the only one left in the Middle East investing heavily in Putin’s military weaponry. Ending the war and getting rid of Assad means the money well disappears too. As long as Assad slaughters his own people, Putin is quite happy to provide him the tools and get his pocket lined up.

    Obama is not Republican who would have told Putin to go to hell and do things their own way. Democrats beg and do not order and demand the way Republicans do. They act and ask questions later. No difference between Ugandan Police, arrests, beats and asks questions later. Had it been a Republican President in the White House Assad would have long gone.

    To summarize it, if the G8 wants to get Assad out, they are going to have to tell Putin in his face, get the hell out. This kissing butt thing is not going to cut it. Putin lost Libya his client for military weaponry, he cannot afford to lose Syria.


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