Gaddafi may have been sodomised by his captors

By Henry D Gombya

The last images of a weeping Col Gaddafi as he pleaded in vain to his captors to spare his life.

The new Libyan Government is investigating reports that former Libyan strongman Col Muammar Gaddafi may have been sodomised by Libyan rebels who captured him and late lynched him before shooting him dead. The National Transitional Government is said to be disturbed by mobile phone video clips showing what looks like a mob surrounding Col Gaddafi after he was pulled out of drainage pipes and subjecting him to a horrific sexual act.

Sources close to the NTC have told The London Evening Post that the new Libyan leadership is genuinely disturbed that such video clips are circulating around the world. If it is proved that Col Gaddafi was gang-raped while under the custody of NTC fighters, it will put pressure on the Western countries that supported Col Gaddafi’s overthrow as to whether they really know what type of people thy have replaced Gaddafi with.

Russian Prime Minister Putin is said to have expressed anger at the way Col Gaddafi met his death. Reports from Moscow say the Russian leader who will revert to his role as President after next year’s general elections, is said to have been ‘disgusted’ at what happened to Gaddafi. Officials in the Kremlin say the Russian leader was shocked and spent days refusing to talk to any African representatives after expressing revulsion at the way Col Gaddafi met his death. Many African leaders are also said to habe been shocked and disgusted at the way their former colleague met his death.

Gaddafi who was at one time was called ‘the Mad Dog of Africa’ by former US President Ronald Reagan, was captured after a convoy in which he was trying to escape his home city of Sirte was attacked by a French-led NATO warplanes, was snatched soon after his convoy was destroyed. Surrounded by a marauding and frenzied mob, Col Gaddafi whose wealth was estimated to have been over £125billion begged his captors to release him ion exchange for riches the fighters had never dreamed of.  After all his bodyguards had been killed, Gaddafi is shown in video footage appearing to be breaking down in tears and asking one man what he had ever done to him.

The frenzied mob then unleashed savagery that no African leader in any recent memory has suffered. Footage about Gaddafi’s sexual attack started appearing on social networks the NTC fighters showed off to friends and was later distributed worldwide. The mob that lynched Col Gaddafi is said to have come from Misurata, one of the few major Libyan cities that suffered sustained attacks from Col Gaddafi’s forces as he fought to retain power in a country he had ruled for almost 42 years. Human rights organizations are pushing for a full inquiry into circumstances leading to Col Gaddafi’s death.

Col Gaddafi’s killing has raised question about the lever of civilization in some African countries.It also raises questions as to whether the rest of the world really knew what was going on inside Libya and whether Gaddafi himself knew what was going on in his own country. At one time while in hiding in Sirte, he is said to have asked his commanders why there was no electricity in the house he was hiding in. Having been in power for four decades, Col Gaddafi may have lost any idea of what was really happening in the country and may have spend his last days hearing only from close confidants who themselves had little desire to let the Libyan leader know how hated he had become.

In the meantime, Gaddafi’s son Saif el-Islam al-Gaddafi is said to be negotiating with the International Criminal Court (ICC) over a possibility of his surrender. Negotiations are currently going on between ICC Chief Prosecutor Louis Moreno-Ocampo and representatives of Mr Gaddafi said to be hiding in a neighbouring African country believed to be Niger. He is one of the three Libyan officials the ICC had indicted on crimes against humanity. The others were his father and the former Libyan intelligence chief, Abdullah el Sanoussi who is said to have escaped to Niger as well. Mr Gaddafi has all along insisted he is innocent of the crimes the ICC is charging him with. There were reports over the weekend that plasns were underway to take Mr Gaddafi to an African country that has indicated it is willing to offer him asylum.

3 thoughts on “Gaddafi may have been sodomised by his captors

  • February 29, 2012 at 9:21 pm

    I reckon Putin’s upset because this kind of death is giving ordinary people ideas. The powerful of the world always seem to think of themselves not only above their citizens but deserving of every bit of their priveleges and enormous wealth. I loved the manner of Gadafi’s death, because he believed himself a super hero. So a romantic death with secret burial was what he would have wanted. He loved torture in his prisons, which probably included sodomy on the menu. As a Hard Man, he could deal it out, so I am convinced would have enjoyed the anal stimulation he recieved. Terry Reed, Fenton, Stoke-on-Trent, UK.

    • April 13, 2014 at 10:55 am

      Thank you, Terry. I had no issues with the way Gaddafi met his end either. Any one who is reasonably familiar with the thousands upon thousands of senseless deaths of innocent civilians, women, children, prisoners still awaiting a “fair” trial in Libya, boy soldiers backed by him in Africa and made to order other boys to kill their own parents during civil war, and the rampant human trafficking of young African girls forced into sexual slavery, all over the 42 years of his tyrannical reign (and let’s not forget his blatantly taking responsibility for the downed Pan Am flight), wouldn’t want to give this man any degee of civility either. In the end, Gaddafi and his grotesquely ego-driven mafia-style sons all saw that they were not any better nor above the very people who’s lives they should have made better (not poorer!) while sitting for four decades on hundreds of billions of dollars in oil revenues.

  • August 25, 2015 at 4:13 am

    So you both believe in barbaric torture and say it is acceptable, these people in sadistic revenge, has Libya become a democracy?
    Do they all get along, tribal differences forgotten? I Sorry but I can’t see a happy country. The west supported him because he ruled with an iron fist. And the oil. Just my opinion, check out a few proper accredited Info. I’ll be doing the same. Ciao.


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