Gen Tumwine urges parliament to declare Sejusa’s seat vacant

 By Nkonge I Kaggwa in Kampala – Uganda

Gen Elly Tumwine addressing the parliamentary Rules, Privileges and Discipline Committee in Kampala Thursday.
Gen Elly Tumwine addressing the parliamentary Rules, Privileges and Disciplinary Committee in Kampala Thursday.

The former commander of the then National Resistance Army which changed its name to the Uganda Peoples Defence Forces (UPDF) has urged the country’s national legislative assembly to declare the army seat of Gen David Sejusa vacant.

Gen Elly Tumwine who chairs the 10-man UPDF parliamentary caucus, told a parliamentary Rules, Privileges and Disciplinary Committee Thursday that Gen Sejusa has proved to be an undisciplined army officer who had abused the integrity of the army in the eyes of the public and the country at large. He said: “What is the purpose of this committee? It’s time for logic to apply now. No need to waste time on legal gymnastics.”

Describing Gen Sejusa as his childhood friend, Gen Tumwine told the committee that as Gen Sejusa had branded the Ugandan government led by Gen Yoweri Museveni to be a dictatorship, he “must be fought at all costs”. He added that although Gen Sejusa is a childhood friend who has served for a long time in the UPDF and is “a very intelligent lawyer” who has played a big role in setting up army rules within the UPDF, he should have learned from his past mistakes that have made him come in and out of the army. “He should have learned from those mistake,” Gen Tumwine said.

Tumwine’s outburst came after lawyers representing Gen Sejusa told the parliamentary committee that their client had instructed them he had withdrawn from his earlier decision to agree to appear before the committee via Skype. Sejusa is currently in the United Kingdom since he left Uganda after publicly complaining there was a plot by the Ugandan leader to have his son (Museveni’s) succeed him as the country’s leader. For the first time since Gen Sejusa mentioned this plan last April, President Museveni talked commented about Gen Sejusa when he told a press conference his son had no plans “at the moment” to get involved in the country’s politics. Museveni played down threats from Gen Sejusa of overthrowing him by saying: “He knows my house. Let him come and get me.”

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