Je Suis Charlie! World vows to protect freedom of expression

We are all Charlie! No amout of treats will make us give up the freedom to express ourselves freely and the retain the right to offend satirically.
We are all Charlie! No amount of threats will make us give up the freedom to express ourselves freely and retain the right to offend satirically.

By Richard A Luce in Paris

The London Evening Post is today joining the rest of the world in celebrating the lives of the 12 journalists killed in Paris last week by two French brothers aligned to the terrorist Al Qaeda organisation in Yemen.

In doing this, we are showing our appreciations for the support people around the world, especially in Europe have responded to the terror attacks in Paris that left 17 people dead. The gathering of hundreds of thousands of people around Europe this weekend was a clear sign that those of us who live in what is known as the Free World appreciate the importance of being able to have the freedom to offend others by what we write. We are today posting some of the many cartoons that Charlie Hebdo has posted for a long time, indeed a time to celebrate their humour and have the freedom to laugh at our own silliness.

One thought on “Je Suis Charlie! World vows to protect freedom of expression

  • January 13, 2015 at 1:29 am

    We are all Charlie. Freedom of the press must be protected. However we must also
    ask ourselves serious questions. How come the so called terrorists come from the
    regions with vast natural resources mostly oil? Are there human beings with genes of
    willing to blow themselves? or are there factors that are leading to increased terrorism and people are afraid to talk about them. Here in Uganda, in a leading newspaper, an article has been written giving 4 reasons why the terrorism is on the increase and why terrorists come from arab world: 1. These countries were colonised by the west. The arabs want revenge. 2. The West supports Isreal against the arabs 3. The West supports dictators as kings in the arab world and in most countries these dictators are from the minority groups. 4. Through the dictators the West is able to exploit the oil from these countries.
    These reasons may sound out of place. But the free world must be frank and discuss them and their role in promoting terrorism


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