Maputo nabs top “Rwandan assassins” over Karegeya’s killing

Lt Col Francis Gakwerere who is among four suspects held in Mozambique overe Col Karegeya's assassination. He was in a list of the Rwanda death squad we published last week.
Lt Col Francis Gakwerere who is among four suspects held in Mozambique overe Col Karegeya’s assassination. He was in a list of the Rwanda death squad we published last week.

Reports reaching our News Desk from the Mozambican capital Maputo say four Rwandans including a senior military official, are reportedly being held in Mozambique in connection with the killing of former Rwandan chief of external intelligence Col Patrick Karegeya.

Col Karegeya is believed to have died from asphyxiation after he was lured to a plush Johannesburg hotel on New Year’s Eve. His body was discovered the next morning after his family became suspicious when he failed to contact them to wish them Happy New Year. Mozambique police spokesman Joao Machava said the Rwandans were detained a week ago and are awaiting extradition to South Africa. Machava gave no details as to where the four suspects had been detained but it is believed that the Mozambican police were acting on a tip-off from their South African counterparts.

One of the four suspects is a senior official in the Rwandan armed forces, Lt Col Francis Gakwerere. His name was on a list of seven people claimed in a blog run by Rwandan dissidents to belong to a hit squad sent to South Africa to eliminate Karegeya. Police in South Africa suspect the former spymaster was strangled. A bloodied towel and curtain cord were found in a safe in the hotel room. Opponents of the Rwandan government say he was murdered at the behest of Rwandan President Paul Kagame.

Karegeya was once an ally of Kagame, and they fought together in the Rwanda Patriotic Front. He headed the feared external intelligence agency from 1994, when Kagame’s rebel movement took power and ended the Rwandan genocide, until 2004. Karegeya was then arrested, and served an 18-month sentence for alleged desertion and insubordination. He had been living in exile in South Africa since 2007. Earlier this week Kagame said it’s a matter of time before those who’ve betrayed Rwanda face consequences.

4 thoughts on “Maputo nabs top “Rwandan assassins” over Karegeya’s killing

  • January 16, 2014 at 5:45 am

    I call upon all rwandans and their friendts,UK,USA,UN,UN Secuty council,UA,SADEC and our neibering countries in region to put under pressure H.E Paul KAGAME with his cabinet to accept the sitting on the table and talk with the FDLR and all opposition parti

  • January 16, 2014 at 11:46 pm

    People fighting Museveni should also understand that the war has many fronts. Those that can fight from north should also support those fighting kagame in the south. That’s why we need to understand all the Museveni/Kagame operatives that are operating on the continent and in diaspora. Its imperative to understand the sort of enemy we’re dealing with. Those that can, should start getting involved in South Sudan and Kenya. God willing, we shall meet in Juba, Kampala and Kigali to celebrate!

  • January 17, 2014 at 12:24 pm

    Editorial Team, please do your homework properly. Francis Gakwerere is in Kigali and is as free as a bird. He has certainly not been arrested in Mozambique or anywhere else for that matter.


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