Matsanga declares verbal war on Makau Mutua

Prof Mutua claimed in his Sunday Standard article that Dr Matsanga had once was once been "in the pay of LRA’s Joseph Kony and Zimbabwe’s Robert Mugabe" and that he also  "masquerades as Mr Kenyatta’s defender".
Prof Mutua claimed in his Sunday Standard article that Dr Matsanga had once been “in the pay of LRA’s Joseph Kony and Zimbabwe’s Robert Mugabe” and that he also “masquerades as Mr Kenyatta’s defender”.


REALITY ONE: Hardly do I condescend to react to a cat paws; in theory or in practice NEDDA!! Instead I always react to the ICC cat itself, whose incursions I have battled fearlessly to its 9th life in Africa. Nevertheless, since every rule has an exception I am goaded this time by ICC cat’s feckless paws; a sanctimonious hypocrite called Makau Mutua, a Spanner boy who—opportunism, rascality and self-induced blindness has obfuscated the waffling intellect he has, little respect he commanded on the streets turning him into a quackery Taliban: an intellectual fraud of sorts who treats ignorance piously (with a religious devotion).

REALITY TWO: Unlucky him, he should have known that “he who runs before the gods soon, runs out of breath” explaining why his bag of tricks is fast running empty—his Sunday staple of propaganda is falling flat on his face, no longer earning him brownie-points to an extent even his core constituency is today pleading to get a chance to be ICC defense witnesses for DP William Ruto.

REALITY THREE: Thirdly I’m gob smacked by the verbiage overly spiced with caravan of lies, stifling hypocrisy and colossal ignorance the overrated profess-err penned in his op-ed on Sunday Standard 1st Feb 2015 titled “5 Myths bla la”. Much as I fancy the creativity therein, I will be forgiven to mistake that bunch of tosh for a freshman essay at the law school on a cardinal ground of decontextualizing the whole and weaving tired clichés to justify deficiency of a proper explanation.

REALITY FOUR: Where is the mien of a so called intelligentsia, where is the much touted intellectually ostentation that Makau, the gloat-master, vaingloriously preens about? All I saw was intellectual barrenness resulting into poverty of cogency displayed in litany of personal attacks, bathos and circular arguments that bring back the age old chicken-egg dialogue. That’s immaterial, unlike Makau the ‘mysthorian’ who has honed the art of exorcising myths using the same myths, let’s deconstruct him by examining 5 Unforgivable sins he has committed thus far.

REALITY FIVE: It’s only a magician who believes in ‘abracadabra’ to carry out a ‘proper’ study on a subject and still hope to be taken serious. According to Makau-Logics advanced though his moth-eaten mind then conveyed by his coccidiosis infested mouth, he banked his hope on ‘evidence’ collected on behalf of ICC by NGOS. Surely, when and where did these NGO’s become investigative journalists, crime detectives or even investigators?

REALITY SIX: It was only natural in this world where many commit a sin Indian statesman Mahatma Gandhi described as “wealth without work” that the lord of mischief in these NGO’s (some briefcase formed after every and any event) resulted to procuring, coaching and sending half-baked liars to ICC. Was it informed by witch-hunt, political score or simply malice? Makau’s knowledge and ken is disappointing, he lacks probative skills to interrogate even the obvious. Supposedly his village sold its cows to take him to school; unfortunately, it’s a pity they sold a cow to educate a cow.

6 thoughts on “Matsanga declares verbal war on Makau Mutua

  • February 4, 2015 at 5:33 pm

    This man called Dr Matsanga has very bad language. Whatever his argument may be
    the language he uses shows that he is not civilised. This is a free world. One`s sex orientation is his business not anybodies business. I have been reading about this man
    called Dr. Matsanga. The language ( not the facts if any) he has used has now confirms
    what I have been thinking of him. He is NOT civilised ! He does not put facts like educated
    person. That is my opinion.

  • February 5, 2015 at 1:15 pm

    accurate and precise description of the insane professor

  • February 9, 2015 at 10:50 am

    Dr Matsanga completely lacks the intellectual capacity to intelligently rebut to Prof. Makau Mutua’s narrative. He’d be better off politely seeking asylum for LRA’s Ongwen in UK and contend with President Museveni on his return to his native Uganda as an LRA returnee.

    • February 18, 2015 at 11:09 am

      Editor in Chief and Co-owner Dr. Henry Gombya , it is sad that my name has been dropped here by some ,malcontents that serve emotions instead of reason one Solomon Ambuku and anothe one called Dr. Amanya. Editor despite the fact that i am one of the co- founders and the CEO of the London Evening post , i have not attacked any of these guys who use our own newspape on line to attack me on our own platform world wide. It must be known that i have played my role in Uganda politics and i have nothing much to add since opposition in Uganda is fragmented,in Zimbabwe i won a battle with EU – sanctions removed , and now Kenya Uhuru Kenyatta is free . Is this a person who has no brains? . Solomon Ambuku is just a small Human Rights activists who helped Hassan Omar to implicate Uhuru Kenyatta at the ICC. I have no regrets for standing for Africa. I owe nobody an apology . Makau Mutua is a silly man or woman who wrote silly things in Standard News Paper in Kenya . The likes of Amanya who worked with NRA to destroy Uganda are now running to us who have lived in exile for over 28years fighting the same instruments they brought to our country.

      Editor continue with the good work


      Dr. David Matsanga
      CEO/CO-FOUNDER . London Evening Post

  • February 15, 2015 at 8:38 pm

    With all due respect Matsanga (fake PhD) is not founder of All Africa Media. All Africa. The President and founder of AllAfrica Global Media is M. Amadou Mahtar Ba, who is member of the International Advisory Board of the African Press Organization. This enterprise is way beyond Matsanga’s ability to achieve or reach. On his website Matsganga shamelessly states:
    “Name:David Nyekorach – Matsanga (PhD)

    Work: Publisher, Owner, Chairman of Africa World Media Ltd”. If this is what it is you should not give credit to whoever isnt deserving and obviously not All Africa Media is Matsanga’s.

  • February 15, 2015 at 8:55 pm

    We apologise to Dr Matsanga for having written that he is the Chairman of All Africa World Media. This was a typo error that we have now corrected. His correct position is Chairman and CEO of Africa World Media Limited.


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