Military solution not only way to end conflict in DRC – Robinson

Mary RobinsonWell-places sources within Rwanda and Uganda, the two countries accused of supporting the M23, say leaders of both countries are far from happy about the direction a UN intervention in the DRC is taking. Both will bear the responsibility of accommodating refugees who will try and flee the fighting. Uganda’s President Yoweri Museveni is said to be equ8ally angry that his efforts to reconcile the warring faction in the DRC may be wasted if FIB starts its operations.

Mr Museveni who happens to be the current Chairman of the International Conference on the Great Lakes Region is said to be utterly dismayed that the region has not been left alone to try and find a solution to problems in the DRC. His input in other areas of dispute especially in Somalia is highly respected.

Expressing solidarity with the people and the communities of the DRC who have suffered for so long from the conflict, Mrs Robinson pledged her strongest efforts to encourage a full and rigorous implementation of the peace agreement, which she has dubbed “a framework of hope.” She said she was encouraged by her discussions thus far and would also be “straight and direct” if she felt the process was not moving forward adequately. According to our sources, many Congolese in her audience were happy to receive a person from the UN who wasn’t threatening them with war.

One thought on “Military solution not only way to end conflict in DRC – Robinson

  • May 1, 2013 at 6:20 pm

    Open Letter to Presidents Barack Obama, Xi Jinping, Vladimir Putin, Paul Kagame and Yowerri Museveni; British Prime Minister David Cameron and German Chancellor Angela Merkel:

    Rufari Foundation
    Rwanda culture Powerhouse for
    Global synergies and Alternative modernities
    Mail bag 2995 Kigali, Rwanda

    Office of the Deputy Director

    USA, China, UK, Russia, Germany, Rwanda and Uganda to jointly check the UN’s erratic behavior and recurrent penchant for criminality in the Great Lakes region of Africa:

    On behalf of Rufari Foundation, I have the honor to recall to Your Excellencies’ diligent attention that the UN mission known and referred to as MONUC/MONUSCO, spanning 13 years as of now, has been a bogus force of 20 000 officers and men astutely wreaking havoc in D R Congo and Rwanda. Raping young girls in what very much looks like sex tourism enjoyed by officers and men splashing a lot of cheaply earned money. Which money is international taxpayers’ money including Congo’s and Rwanda’s hard earned foreign exchange: that is one. Two: trading Congolese mineral resources is common practice. Three and worst of all: fabricating and broadcasting terribly abrasive criminal allegations leveled against the Rwandan government.

    World leaders and strategists must seriously take note that the glaringly heinous and outrageously criminal fact of the so-called recurrent leaks of UN reports leveling baseless accusations at the Government of Rwanda every now and again, in a crystal-clear bid to antagonize Rwanda and D R Congo, has now become an intolerable mass destruction weapon and political destabilization lever.

    Now, UN security council Resolution 2098 prescribing UN belligerence into eastern Congo is being implemented! Eastern Congolese populations are for the nth time going to be crushed by a coalition of UN armed forces! Remember attacking the M23 which is already in negotiations with the Kabila government, is a negation of the sole universally approved conflict resolution leverage: the political and diplomatic levers. What is the hidden agenda driving France and the UN to drag the international community into an insensate belligerence in eastern D.R. Congo?

    The UN has so often been erratic in its pursuit of its mission to ensure peace and security in the world, causing massive death and desolation across the world in general, in Rwanda and DR Congo in particular. The Carlsson Report published in December 1999 clearly indicated the criminal role the UN played in the staging and the commission of genocide in Rwanda in 1994. Had the UN assumed due responsibility, said genocide would never had had a chance to erupt and wipe off a million Rwandan folks.

    It is now high time to have the UN inveterate penchant for complacent criminality checked. The UN has most decidedly become an abiding mortal danger for the peoples of Rwanda and Congo and for global humanity at large. The realm of dangerous absurdity in international laws’ execution based on treacherous international politicking, pervasive and complacent criminal negligence alongside the sacrosanct impunity of the UN must end. In 2003, US president G.W. Bush said of the UN that it had become a redundant and irrelevant organization! He could as well have said it was a bogus and criminal organization! President G.W.Bush was addressing the UN general Assembly of Heads of State and Government in New York.

    On different occasions, through the last three decades, serious proposals/resolutions (unexecuted to date) were tabled and examined in high political and diplomatic forums, as to overhauling and reshaping the UN structures, extending UN Security Council permanent seats to yet another few countries, Germany, Japan, Nigeria? Egypt? South Africa?, to top up the existing ones so as to balance chances to enhance global peace and security endeavors.

    We therefore reckon that we as the peoples of D R Congo and Rwanda organized in government and civil society sectors must one way or another track the sum of wrongdoings (omissions and commissions) of the UNO in the African Great lakes region through decades: ONUC (1960-1961 in D.R. Congo),MINUAR (1994-1995 in Rwanda), MONUC-MONUSCO (1999- … in D. R. Congo), with a due sense of legal scrutiny and political wholesomeness.

    This task is clearly a multijurisdictional responsibility. Granted the circumstances of the hour on the international scene, as regards Rwanda and Congo; considering the gravity of the international community’s and UNO’s unchecked chain of subterranean crimes spanning two decades, which have yet again cropped up to set Rwanda and D R Congo on a war stage or a collision course rather; Congo, Rwanda and Uganda, supported by the USA, China, Russia, the UK, Germany , and other willing partners of the Congolese and Rwandan peoples, ought to put up inter-jurisdictional synergies, including those of seasoned diplomats, security personnel, criminal lawyers and crime investigation police officers.

    These and other government synergies shall be supplemented by US, Chinese, Russian, British, German, Ugandan, Rwandan and Congolese civil society organizations’ concurring efforts geared towards the same purpose of ensuring the sorting out of atop said matter adversely affecting Rwanda, Congo, Africa and the world at large.

    On behalf of Rufari Foundation, I avail this opportunity to anticipate our gratitude to Your Excellencies for your attention and diligence and reiterate the assurance of our highest consideration.

    Ntarugera Deo Koya, Cultural & Political affairs analyst
    Deputy Director, Rufari Foundation


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