Museveni is becoming increasingly powerless – Gen Sejusa

By Richard A Luce

(L-R) President Museveni with his embattled Prime Minister Amama Mbabazi who nurses desires to achieve high office.
President Museveni  (2nd left) with his embattled Prime Minister Amama Mbabazi (3rd from left) who nurses the desire to replace the long serving Ugandan leader..

Ugandan President Yoweri Museveni is becoming “increasingly powerless” and is being consumed “by the very monster he created”, the rise of real power centres that he cannot control.

This is the view expressed by Gen David Sejusa, the former coordinator of military intelligence in Uganda. In a message he has sent to Ugandans through the press, Gen Sejusa advised his countrymen to think seriously about the options open to all as the end of the days of Museveni being in power draw closer.

He said: “All segments, those who believe that change can be achieved through peaceful means and those who think that a mixture of means is the solution, need to carry out a forensic assessment of objectives, capabilities, limitations, Museveni’s own options and those around him who exercise power, ostensibly on his behalf but in reality pursuing their own political agendas.”

One thought on “Museveni is becoming increasingly powerless – Gen Sejusa

  • March 5, 2014 at 8:08 am

    The challenges of national leadership can never be under-estimated, and Sejusa is right to remind us of this, however, I am sure the vast majority of exiles are aware of this, though they may lack an appreciation of its magnitutde. The main worry is that the current crop of opposition leaders put together have not adequately demonstrated any ability to offer better (even equal) leadership that the NRM has exhibited in the last 3 decades.

    Talk of (new) emerging power centers in NRM has been around for as long as the movement has existed, but they still managed to offer better leadership (and maintained it) than all other post independence governments in Uganda put together.

    On the other hand, the current opposition is so fractured that it makes the so called emerging power centers in NRM seem like a planned internal re-organisation or even better, an organised decentralisation of power! The pertinent concern here being how this same hopelessly fractured opposition can expect the rest of us to believe they can muster the cohesion necessary for national leadership and take us to the next level.

    In any case, the emerging power centers in opposition are all NRM cadres, so where is the change then? Do we need to change govt because these Muntu’s, Sejusa’s, Bakoko’s etc feel the time is right and so we should? M7 is known as a visionary for good reason and is the “coincidence” of the emergence of the leading power centers in opposition having been NRM cadres at this seemingly critical time where fractures within the NRM appear from within one of M7’s master-plans?


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