Museveni is becoming increasingly powerless – Gen Sejusa

President Museveni  (2nd left) with his embattled Prime Minister Amama Mbabazi (3rd from left) who nurses desires to achieve replace the long serving Ugandan leader.
President Museveni (2nd left) with his embattled Prime Minister Amama Mbabazi (3rd from left) who nurses the desire to replace the long serving Ugandan leader.

“She talks about the arm-twisting of public officials to put in place mechanisms through which State House deploys informal staff to coordinate these illegal activities in ministries and areas like the Bank of Uganda etc.” While government spin doctors may dismiss her revelations and try to point to her alleged personal involvement, Gen Sejusa observed,the main point she makes is that officials in these positions are held captive, with a muzzle over their heads to comply or be framed.

“There are many officials still serving the Museveni government who find themselves in this situation. What they need to know, however, is that the dictatorship will sacrifice them when they no longer serve its purpose. The examples are many to learn from. Even as we see what is currently happening to some of the very senior leaders in NRM,” the general warned.

The former Minister who we intend to interview soon has claimed that she was “warned of dire consequences if she didn’t cooperate and turn a blind eye” to demands for public funds from Museveni regime, which funds often ended up being used for personal gain. It was through such demands, Gen Sejusa said, that the Ugandan leader asked Bakoru to make available UgShs13 billion (approx. £3,097,000) of workers money under classified expenditure categorisation where he claimed it would be used to build Army workshops. “None of these workshops were ever built but more important perhaps is the point that the whole activity was illegal,” Gen Sejusa said.

“These illegal actions are very costly to the country,” Gen Sejusa said, adding: “Currently we see the UPDF entangled in a one-sided way, in a civil conflict in South Sudan, where Ugandan soldiers have died in hundreds, millions of dollars spent and increasingly isolating Uganda and exposing Mr Museveni’s lack of foresight when he faces a serious problem with his exit strategy.”

He urged all Ugandans to start thinking about the change agenda in broader terms than merely concentrating on having someone to replace Mr Museveni in Kampala. “The problems which confront us are huge and as leaders, we need to raise the bar on the issues that need to be discussed and reformed,” he said.

One thought on “Museveni is becoming increasingly powerless – Gen Sejusa

  • March 5, 2014 at 8:08 am

    The challenges of national leadership can never be under-estimated, and Sejusa is right to remind us of this, however, I am sure the vast majority of exiles are aware of this, though they may lack an appreciation of its magnitutde. The main worry is that the current crop of opposition leaders put together have not adequately demonstrated any ability to offer better (even equal) leadership that the NRM has exhibited in the last 3 decades.

    Talk of (new) emerging power centers in NRM has been around for as long as the movement has existed, but they still managed to offer better leadership (and maintained it) than all other post independence governments in Uganda put together.

    On the other hand, the current opposition is so fractured that it makes the so called emerging power centers in NRM seem like a planned internal re-organisation or even better, an organised decentralisation of power! The pertinent concern here being how this same hopelessly fractured opposition can expect the rest of us to believe they can muster the cohesion necessary for national leadership and take us to the next level.

    In any case, the emerging power centers in opposition are all NRM cadres, so where is the change then? Do we need to change govt because these Muntu’s, Sejusa’s, Bakoko’s etc feel the time is right and so we should? M7 is known as a visionary for good reason and is the “coincidence” of the emergence of the leading power centers in opposition having been NRM cadres at this seemingly critical time where fractures within the NRM appear from within one of M7’s master-plans?


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