Museveni prepared to win 2016 elections at any cost – Free Uganda claims

Ugandan youths, may on them boda-boda riders, have been armed and are just waiting for orders to move in.
Ugandan youths, many of them boda-boda riders, have been armed and are just waiting for orders to move in.

By Henry D Gombya

Ugandans now preparing to contest next year’s presidential elections as the only way of ending President Yoweri Museveni’s nearly 30 years in power, have been told the Ugandan leader has already gone beyond the political process and won the 2016 election after succeeding in overthrowing the ruling National Resistance Movement (NRM)’s constitution.

A message from Free Uganda, whose overall function is the total liberation and emancipation of the people of Uganda, warned that Museveni has now put into motion the arming of militias similar to Rwanda’s Interahamwe who will mix with civilians and appear to be legally appointed to work as ‘crime preventers’. These, warns Free Uganda which is led by the former coordinator of military intelligence in the country, Gen David Sejusa, are among a militia that Museveni is allegedly training and arming to ensure nobody interferes in his bid to win, at all costs, next year’s general election.

Free Uganda warned that this time, not only will the Kibooko Squad that has been seen at past elections be armed with clubs to beat up those wanting to vote for Museveni, they will as well be armed to the teeth. In all, Free Uganda claims Museveni is already in the process of recruiting at least half a million so-called ‘crime preventers’ who will be placed under the command of police chief Gen Kale Kayihura. “Museveni is now recruiting in every Gombolola Ssaza etc., the target being to raise a total of 150,000 soldiers from 50,000. He is arming selected boda-boda [motorbike taxis] who are now under command of professional thugs supervised by Kayihura,” Free Uganda alleged.

2 thoughts on “Museveni prepared to win 2016 elections at any cost – Free Uganda claims

  • August 23, 2015 at 2:23 pm

    Is dictatorship a treatable disease or not? In my view I believe it is chronic and cannot be treated by any known medical methods other than a bullet. Every year this disease “dictatorship” kills more people around the world than malaria does in tropical countries. In the last 50 years Uganda has had three outbreaks of this disease: Iddi Amin 1971-1979, Obote II 1980-1985 and Museveni 1986-2015 and still counting. It is believed that the 1971-1979 Amin epidemic left more than 300,000 people dead and Obote II a similar number. Museveni’s has gone past epidemic and is now endemic and has spread across Uganda’s borders into South Sudan, the Democratic Republic of the Congo, Rwanda and Burundi. It is believed that the Museveni outbreak has left millions of people dead and it could get worse in 2016 with new strains emerging. It is my hope that one day a vaccine will be available for this disease that mostly affects developing countries and does not only kill humans but also prevents development and progress of every kind. Uganda has failed to move past what colonial administration left behind 50 years ago because of this disease. The strangest thing about this disease is that only one person carries it and yet able to kill thousands if not millions. It has a way of keeping people captive and immediately destroys those who try to stand up and find cure. From the look of things, the current disease is likely to continue for five more years unless God decides that time is up for the carrier or a brave armed man/woman wakes up one morning and says, let this bullet save my people and bang the dictator is eliminated..Because that is the only known cure for this disease!!

  • August 31, 2015 at 2:55 am

    Dear Editor.
    I have read and re-read your report quoting UFF links, and much as its interesting and gripping, am still at a loss as to what its all about. I saw that it variously suggest or alludes to ‘a’ 2016 election.
    Any way I would be right, and do correct me, that the 2016 election refers to an electoral contest between ‘the’ UFF and Gen Amos on who will control the National Resistance Army [NRA]. If the innocent citizenry of various nationalities are roped in then it is sad that they will be hurt. I say or use the word ‘innocent’ here to suggest that there are proactive citizens from the various nationalities egging this fight on. The latter are doing this for pecuniary reasons hidden in Gen Amos’s envelopes – a source of salivating for the scotched-earth outcomes – shall I say where TWO Elephants Fight The Grass Suffers.


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