Nebanda, Wapa, Mugalu & others died from orders on high

By Henry D Gombya, Editor – The London Evening Post

Cerinah Nebanda, a young Ugandan MP who is said to have been killed by executive orders

Cerinah Nebanda, a young Ugandan MP who is said to have been killed by executive orders

Highly reliable sources have told The London Evening Post that Cerinah Nebanda, the first youngest woman to be elected to the Ugandan parliament, Brig Noble Mayombo, former Speakers of parliament James Wapakhabulo  and  Francis Ayume, are only a few of many Ugandan politicians seen as a danger to the hierarchy of the ruling National Resistance Movement (NRM) whose deaths were ordered by a very highly placed authority in the NRM. Details of the death of these people and many more, will soon be released by an impeccable source who was centre to what has been going on in the NRM for the last 30 years.

And we can now also exclusively report that some members of the above individuals as well as the families of senior Ugandan government officials killed in suspicious circumstances as far back as the 1970s are planning to demand that the government of President Yoweri Museveni explains to them how their members met their deaths.

Since Gen David Sejusa revealed last weekend that President Museveni was involved in the deaths of both former Energy Minister Dr Lutakome Andrew Kayiira and Maj Gen James Kazini, pressure has mounted on him to come out and issue a statement on these allegations. Denials since issued by presidential press secretary Tamale Mirundi and Media House spokesman Ofwono Opondo have done nothing to quell the growing anger of Ugandans for Museveni, who is the longest servicing leader in Ugandan history, to come out and tell the nation what he knows or doesn’t know about the killing. He hasn’t said a word publicly but is said to be furious at Gen Sejusa which has led to many of his officials doing their best to avoid him at the moment. Many Ugandan has said ‘enough is enough’ and are demanding that they be told the truth.

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32 Responses to Nebanda, Wapa, Mugalu & others died from orders on high

  1. Kayesu says:

    Fellow Ugandans now hold ur breath for this, M7 is behind the murder of Joseph Behakanira aka Ave Mar. Uncle Jo as was commonly referred to was under intense investigations for the CHOGM money. When he met the commitee that was investigating him he promised to reveal everything about the alleged money that he was far much more than he had actually received in preparation for CHOGM, In the next meeting. M7 later invited him to state house for a meeting and when uncle Jo came back home, he collapsed and was taken to hospital where he died shortly thereafter. Though alot was said about his death that he had suffered a heart attack and others talked of cancer the death came from state house. M7 knew uncle Jo would expose his lies. This was a honesty man who was well known and respected for his transparency. His honesty earned him his death. No one knows what was discussed between him and M7. His family and friends have decided to keep quiet and late God be the judge if what happened because they too fear for their lives.

    • Kizito says:

      Tinyefuza also killed people in the northern Uganda to weaken the northerners. Most people who died some of them were also looking for presidential seat through coup. The state has a right to defend it self before shedding of blood. We Ugandans we need peace. We don’t want any more wars through that start from media to bombings. Then its Ugandan to pay back for the cost of bombing our infrastructure.

      • Saidi bukenya says:

        Why don’t you use your reasoning capacity well enough? You will die one day darling but we have to speak about this.

      • ssesanga says:


        Your sick and quite abusive comment against all that don’t share your obvious love for President Museveni, has no place in an online newspaper read by inteligent and well-meaning Africans all iver the world.

        To protect them from such verbal abuse, we’ve trashed your comment.

  2. Robert Geriga says:

    I am happy that my issue on Ayume Francis is being answered. This brings to light the deaths of notable figures in the political arena. It also brings to light the reason why the President does not want to quit office claiming that the people still love him. THis actually is not true as he continues to manipulate the constitution to favour him. As this information is from his one time closest officer and a senior intelligence officer, no one can doubt his revelation. The revelation is 99% correct. I am appealing to the international and the national community to take note of this seriously.

  3. Dun says:

    Nonsense! death is a reality. Many people died before Museveni became president; many have died since he came into power and many will still die after he’s left. His own mother and father have passed on during his presidency; is he the one that killed them? If his own parents can die (and he too sure will die), why should it sound so strange that some other highly placed officer of government or opposition (or their relative) has died? Spare us this empty talk

    • kasozi says:

      surely if Museveni is a murderer how come people like Dr Besigye are still alive and giving him hell?!!!! Well we need to read the holly scriptures to understand death. ‘ Buli ekizalibwa omukazi kikula ng’omuddo ate kibula ng’ekisikirize.’ Let our hatred not blind us for some of the people you list died from publicly known diseases!!!

      • Kato Musisi says:

        Talks some sense don’t be daft Kasozi

      • Robert Geriga says:

        Do you know that many people now dont trust Besigye. He is looked at as Museveni’s worker to enhance the Muhoozi and the 50Years plan of NRM rule? Museveni believes in chaos and through chaous you rule for ever as their is ‘state of emergence’

        Assad of Syria has now limited time. He is getting out of Syria in Sept 2013. That is confirmed and killings with chemical weapon shall stop. In the same way, Uganda shall be free of tyrant anytime this year 2013. Thank you Tenyafusa.

        • Samuel says:

          We would also like to know who ordered the murder in cold blood of former MP, Mr. Henry Mugisa in the early 1990s. No report has ever been released on that murder which left his relatives and the Kingdom suspocious.

      • Yoga Adhola says:


        Your statement is indeed very logical; however, let Museveni come out and deny these allegations. It is as simple as that. If he leaves them untackled, people will believe them. And don’t blame them if they do because they will not be having an alternative version.

    • Mukudo says:

      You must be a paid man to say this.Museveni’s parents died of natural causes while the Mayombos and Kizinis died of un natural causes emanating from state house.If you can say that then lets all exonerate idi Amin and Obote of all killings.They were all angels with clean hands who never killed even a fly.

      (Offensive words have been edited out of this comment. We urge all our readers to kindly adhere to our policy where abuse is not entertained. Please stick to the issue under discussion – Ed.)

    • Kato Musisi says:

      Dun why are you so bitter about the revelations?? Have you got a helping hand you are worried about? When you talk about the death of his parents, you talk like a fool. They died of old age but most the people in question have been murdered. So think twice before you open your mouth. If you have nothing to say don’t say it here.

    • Lazio says:

      What a nutter you are? People die everyday everywhere in the world, however not every one’s death is questioned as long as the cause of death is clear. The people in question either died mysteriously or simply died during the nra war as a resulted of being ordered to be executed by none other than m7.

    • Robert Geriga says:

      Dun, your issues are right but your tone is defensive. I wonder whether you did sufficient research on this. Tenyfusa has been closer to Museveni than you I suppose. He even accepted that he ever got orders from him to execute some of the orders which were dangerous but he is now tired of it. He wants a peaceful Uganda. Some deaths are not natural but man made.

  4. Kayesu says:

    Dun, I will take it that no relative of yours has been killed by M7 that’s why u posted that comment. U don’t know what it means to lose a father under unexplained circumstances. I pray u don’t drink from the cup these people have drunk from. You should count yourself lucky.

  5. charles says:

    It is shame that M7 and co. hve in one way and another facilitated the murder of many public figures. When this MP from Toroma (Aromait) died, the first news that came that had met the president a few days ago i London. Then he collapsed at his home when he came back. I just remained wondering whether it is safe to meet the president especially if u have opposing views.



  7. Kato Musisi says:

    I don’t if anyone remember when Museveni was bragging about how they used to come and cause havoc during Gen Amin and Obote’s regime? This man may have been behind a lot of killings to give Gen Amin a bad name and Dr Obote.

    • Robert Geriga says:

      But now the truth is out. Why is he manipulating the constitution in his favour. It is a matter of time now. His own in the bush are now revealing his dirt and the world is seeing.

  8. Ndikumana says:

    But M7 has been a killer since he started thinking. You remember how he planted a bullet in the head of a police officer in Mbale during his FRONASA days? This is a man ruling us now, when he should be in jail serving a life sentence for killing a national officer on duty!! His wife is another deadly woman who will kill at will. Ask TONKU! We are in the hands of thugs and murderers, and we have to free ourselves from this lot.

  9. Willys says:

    Brig Opon Acak was killed by the same man. you people have you forgotten?

  10. Pattrick Elobu says:

    Let the renegade general, Gen Ssejusa spill more beans, we Ugandans are excited and helps us understand our turbulent history, even if the Ssejjusa revelations are but deadly and having a potent of reprisals thereafter or immediately for a majority of defenseless Ugandans

  11. Mukudo says:

    Let Gen Sejusa tell the world what and who killed John Garang.He already hinted at it in one of his missives.The world must know this deadly killer and act before it’s too late.
    A musezi will never accept being a musezi and will feel offended when called so.Instead,a musezi will always be the one to call others basezi.That is why M7 refers to others as killers and gets offended when called so.

    I have a feeling most killings that happened in Luwero and during Amin’s time were the acts of this well known Musezi.

  12. Mukudo says:

    Some historical bush fighters used to brag of putting on UPC shirts to harass and kill civillians in order to tarnish the image of the UPC government.Some Generals claim to have been in the UNLA to discredit it from within by killng innocent civillins so as to descredit the UPC government.Some NRA rebels used to put on governemnt uniforms and go on a killing spree in Luwero and later blame it on UNLA.This was a way of getting support from the population.

    Honestly this Man has killed more than Saddam Hussein and Hitler combined.


    All said and done, but the best judge is time lets pray for continues living, peplpe will be socked. especially those who trust much and early.

  14. Samuel says:

    Who killed MP. Henry Mugisa in 1990?

    • Samuel says:

      MP, Henry Mugisa was killed by a higly sophisticated team of gun men with silencers. Who could have ordered his killin?. Is there anyone with more information?.For what reason? The great kingdom wants to know.

      • Owakabalega says:

        Information got had it that the order to kill HENRY MUGISA came from above and the assassination was executed by Maj. Rwigyema who later died in the Rwandan war.

  15. James says:

    May be someone may also wish to avail information regarding the death of a former governor in the bank of Uganda. At the last hour, doctors discovered that he had been poisoned some two years earlier. Just do not think that these deaths are recent. They started way back in 1986. So it is a matter of compiling the list. Of course, there are reasons as to why they were killed. Just to clear the airs, the governor in question is not the late Dr. SK but another one.

  16. Nyakairima says:

    I was first told by a former SPLA fighter while in Europe back in 2008, that actually all those guys in Southern Sudan know that it is M7 who killed their leader, Garanga! This had actually never crossed my mind. It was shocking to see the hatred by which the man addressed me! Indeed, it is not rocket science to see that m7 is a bad man.

    M7 has instead used tactics of fear, and distrust among people to silence ugandans. This is the same tactic used by kagame. Whereby everyone cant speak freely because they fear the person next to them ( their friend, brother, neighbor, etc) could be a secret informant and might cause them to get in trouble for whatever they say. So people are secretely fearful of whatever they speak. This is the environment m7 has created in uganda yet he claims that he gave people freedom of speech. For some of us, we are able to cut thru m7s crap and disguises. It stinks to see a man fooling almost everyone, to the extent that i wish to disaassociate myself with the entire country.

    Yet because many ugandans have been conditioned in fear and mistrust, when a bold man like Gen Sejusa comes out to put some flesh on many of the convictions many ugandans have, the majority tend to just shoot him down. This is absurd. And just like like satan (for those who are xtians), m7 uses deception, and fear, to enslave his victims. And he has been so successful at this. Claiming that everyone who speaks the trueth about his (m7’s ) intentions is inciting violence to ugandans. M7 is #1 traitor to uganda. M7 ruined our sense of diginity of our own country. M7 is evil, cunning, hard to discern to a typical unsuspecting, unenlightened ugandan, m7 is worse than amin, obote, all other past ugandan presidents.

    Because he uses the most lethal weapon on human destruction: fear and deception. Amin, obote, all killed. But they did it without deception. So their killings created fear among ugandans, but they were not disillusioned. yet mr m7 combines the two: fear and deception. Like satan, he first give you a bait ( deception) the he hits (kills). Then everyone remains wondering what just happened! m7 is that bad. Many ugandans dont have the ability to cut thru m7s simple tactics, I wish i could join those exposing him so we just educate/empower ugandans to understand social characterisation so they can see who m7 really is. So when you add power and money to him, then you empower his mischievous character through things like using other people (selfishness), greed, etc.

    m7’s good energy is misdirected because he has no one to check him ( control). He literally micromanages all institutions in uganda like a father who micromanages his home, to the extend that the father ends up in the kitchen giving orders to his maid on how to mix spices in the kitchen.

    Eventually and inevitably m7 revealed the true character of the dictator that is in him. And because of his deception, many ugandans conitune to live in self-denial of this fact, even when now it is so evident what can best describe m7. Leader or ruler? If leader, m7 would be demonstrate more honest tolerance but for the ruler he is, we see that he lives more by impossing himself and his own terms and conditions on every situation in which he is involved; from uganda, to DRC, east african community,South Sudan, etc. He does this, and attempts to do it whenever the the opportunity materialises, or the power balance favours him. He is simply your classical opportunist.

    So that is, but to the least. is simply what now what best describes the man we once all loved so much (exclude those who never really seem to trust him even from those early days, those who saw him as a sinister right away!).

    However, because m7 is a great politician though a bad leader, most politically minded people might have mistaken him for a great leader. But the two are not synonymous.

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