New Maldivian President’s brother says Waheed’s regime illegal

Former President Mohamed Nasheed claims he was forced to resign at gun-point.

High Commissioner Faisal was joined in resigning by the Maldives Ambassador to the United Nations, Mr Abdul Gafoor, one of the country’s top diplomats. She said the reaction of some countries to the coup; especially the United States and India had been quite disappointing. She however added that she had been heartened by British Foreign Secretary William Hague’s statement to the House of Commons in which Mr Hague had voiced his concern over attacks on ex-President Nasheed’s party; the MDM. Mr Hague told the Commons that the new Maldives government had as yet to establish its legitimacy with the Maldives people.

The United Kingdom and the Commonwealth Minister’s Action Group (CMAG) have distanced themselves from those who have legitimised the Maldives coup. CMAG issued a statement calling for an inquiry into the circumstances leading to Mr Nasheed’s resignation and voiced its solidarity with the Maldivian people to select their own government.

 Since the coup, several MDM members have been harassed, beaten up and some detained by the security forces that spearheaded the coup. At least 100 MDM supporters are feared to have been killed while several hundreds have spoken of being arrested and beaten up with iron rods. Nasheed has mounted a vigorous campaign to force his former deputy to relinquish power and call fresh elections.

In an interview with BBC Radio 4, President Waheed clarified the transition of power from the previous leader by stressing that Ex-President Nasheed had submitted his resignation on his own accord and denied the accusations by Nasheed that he had been ousted in a violent “coup”. “I am on the authority of the Constitution of the Maldives which says if an incumbent president resigns, then the serving Vice President should be sworn-in as the new President of the country,” President Waheed said when asked on which grounds that he had assumed office.

Dr Waheed also denied the allegations of hatching a “coup” and welcomed the international community to launch an investigation into the incident. President Waheed also reiterated his commitment to form a national unity government and continue towards democracy to ensure law and order is maintained, rule of law is upheld, and we constitution is respected. He urged the former president and his party to respond positively and work hand in hand with the national unity government for the larger interest of the country

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