No African leader worth Mo Ibrahim’s $5m reward AGAIN

Former Cape Verde President Verde Pedro Pires was the last African leader to win the reward in 2011,
Former Cape Verde President Verde Pedro Pires was the last African leader to win the reward in 2011.

For a second consecutive year, no leader in Africa has been deemed worthy of the $5 million Ibrahim Prize for Achievement in African Leadership. The foundation’s prize committee announced Monday that it had decided not to award the prize — the fourth time there has been no winner in its seven-year history.

Winners must be democratically-elected leaders who have stepped down in the past three years after serving their constitutionally mandated term, and have demonstrated “excellence in office.” The committee’s failure to again find a prize winner has led some to comment that its selection criteria are too narrow, and should be broadened to include those showing leadership in civil society.

But Ibrahim, a Sudanese-born telecommunications businessman and billionaire, who created the foundation in 2006, defended the prize. “Most African countries are new states — some of the states did not exist 70 years, 50 years ago,” he said, adding, “In established democracies there are some kinds of checks and balances, but at the early stages in a state’s formation the power of the president is huge … And we need really to point the finger at where the responsibility lies.

One thought on “No African leader worth Mo Ibrahim’s $5m reward AGAIN

  • October 15, 2013 at 10:34 pm

    Mo’s money is too little or small for African leaders. If it was a billion, maybe one or two could improve their leadership quality and political standing and claim it. Why would, from what I hear, Museveni who has $1.5 billion dollars settle for $5 million! If Mo wants to contribute to Africa’s future, the best he can do is invest his money in education. Sponsor as many as possible young Africans who show promise in any academic and scientific fields employ them after they have graduated so that they can effectively participate in the social economic development of their continent!! On top of that he can establish leadership academies in a few African countries teaching both leadership and social responsibility.


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