Obama authorizes Special Forces to take out Joseph Kony

Henry Oryem Okello, Minister of State for Foreign Affairs in Northern Uganda. "The place is so safe. Come and I will take you there myself," he told TLEP editor.

In an exclusive interview with The London Evening Post during the Uganda North American Association Convention in Denver, Colorado last September, Uganda’s Minister of State for Foreign Affairs Henry Okello said Kony had been defeated and could no longer cause any problem for Ugandans living in the north. He said the area in which Kony had been operating was now very peaceful, schools had reopened and business was running smoothly. We also spoke to some members of parliament from the area and they all confirmed what Mr Okello said. The question to be asked now is who is Joseph Kony threatening now since he is on the run? What kind of army or rebel force does this man hold that necessitates the deployment of five African armies and Special Forces from the United States to look for him? And where exactly are they going to start their search? 

Having carefully read President Obama’s letter to the US Congress one could be forgiven to start wondering whether there is a hidden agenda that we are yet to discover that has compelled the US President to order troops to Uganda from where he says, they will go into other countries. Is Uganda being made into a landing pad for operations that the US has in mind for Africa? One also wonders whether there is an African country the United States and her allies have targeted for regime change. The deployment of the American troops comes at a time when Kenya, where there have been problems before, is planning to go to polls next year and Zimbabwe, a country whose leader has more enemies than poor Col Gaddafi, is also going to do the same come 2012. And conveniently, the two were not mentioned among the five that Obama said would be visited by American Special Forces during their deployment to Uganda. These may indeed be conspiracy theories from a seasoned journalist but legislators in the five countries Obama mentioned in his letter to Congress need to start asking serious questions.

Kony has been indicted by the International Criminal Court which has charged him with crimes against humanity. If President Obama’s forces succeed in taking him out, this will be the third victim of Obama’s executive orders to be eliminated this year. The first was former Al Qaeda chief Osama bin Laden who was gunned down while hiding in Pakistan and Awlaki, an American-born terror chief who was hiding in Yemen.

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