Otunnu defends decision to support Gen David Sejusa

Flanked by Gen David Sejusa, Prof Omara-Otunnu inaugurates the FUF at a ceremony held at the London School of Economics in November 2013.
Flanked by Gen David Sejusa (left), Prof Omara-Otunnu (middle) inaugurates the FUF at a ceremony held at the London School of Economics in November 2013. (Photo by The LEP)

By Henry D Gombya

Ugandans who welcomed Gen David Sejusa to London where he spent 18 months in self-imposed exile and within that time helped found two opposition groups, have defended their decision to embrace the former Ugandan coordinator of intelligence services.

In a wide ranging Conversation with The London Evening Post, The Chairman of the Freedom and Unity Front (FUF), Professor Amii Omara-Otunnu defended his decision to link up with Gen Sejusa but castigated him for being economical with the truth. Soon after his (Sejusa’s) arrival in London in 2013, Prof Omara-Otunnu, a professor of History at the University of Connecticut in the United States, joined Gen Sejusa to form the FUF at a launch held in November that year at the London School of Economics.

Defending his decision to join ranks with Gen Sejusa, Prof Omara-Otunnu, who happens to be the younger brother of Dr Olara Otunnu, the current leader of one of Uganda’s oldest political parties, the Uganda Peoples Congress, said: “A lot of people doubted him from the beginning. I am not sure whether this was wrong or right. But I think we Ugandans who embraced him did the right thing.” He went on to say that in a new Uganda after Museveni has left power, the next administration will need those who have held positions in the Museveni regime.

“We have a spirit of forgiveness at one point, especially for those who have been in government for almost 30 years.  We need them too in a new Uganda and we need to demonstrate to them that we do not have the dirty mind that they have. I know that people are blaming us for embracing Gen Sejusa, and I personally think that those of us that embraced Gen Sejusa did it for the right reason,” Prof Omara-Otunnu said.

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