Revealed: Kagame and Museveni’s ‘new plan’ for Eastern Congo

After years of a bloody insurrection in the Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC), General Laurent Nkunda was ‘arrested’ in 2009 with great fanfare in Rwanda. Wanted for war crimes and crimes against humanity, not a word about his situation has been reported for years. Are the regimes in Rwanda and Uganda using Nkunda and comrades in a new thrust to destabilize Eastern Congo? Who are the perpetual aggressors in this long, bloody saga of despair and death served on millions of innocent people in central Africa? Whose interests are the East African countries of Rwanda and Uganda protecting?
What is happening in the DRC will be revealed by Keith Harmon Snow, a veteran American investigative journalist who will reveal what Rwanda and Uganda are up to with regards to the DRC, why the Western media is keeping quiet about what is happening there and where Gen Laurent Nkunda is and what he has been doing since he was allegedly ‘arrested’ in Rwanda.

Mr Snow’s report will shock many. Starting today, we publish Mr Snow’s amazing revelations. As we are still working on this page, please go to the FEATURES PAGE to read this story. Concludes Monday.

One thought on “Revealed: Kagame and Museveni’s ‘new plan’ for Eastern Congo

  • June 15, 2015 at 6:21 pm

    The X Ugandan commandos, are requesting Mr. Kenneth Snow to expose the two African dictators in his report who committed the terror crime of blowing up Habyalimana’s (FALCON) at Kanombe air port .Two presidents , two French pilots and other high military officers were barbecued with a Russian MANPAD type: SAM16.Col. Gaddafi had given Museven the MANPADS for his air defence but, he gave them to kagame to eliminate Habyalimana.


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