Revealed: Why NRM continues to subsidize UNAA

By Henry Gombya

Ugandan Vice President Edward Ssekandi (middle) was the guest of honour at this year's UNAA convention.


Uganda’s ruling National Resistance Movement (NRM) is to continue giving the Uganda North American Association (UNAA) US$20,000 per year to help it organise its annual convention. This was said by the country’s Minister of State for Foreign Affairs and International Relations, Mr Henry Oryem Okello during an exclusive interview with The London Evening Post (TLEP).

The Minister was answering questions put to him by TLEP at the Sheraton Downtown Denver Hotel, in the great city of Denver Colorado, as to why Uganda keeps sending a high delegation of Uganda government officials during UNAA conventions. For example, this year’s convention was attended, among others, by the country’s Vice President Mr Edward Ssekandi, the speaker of Uganda’s parliament Ms Rebecca Kadaga, Uganda’s Ambassador to the United States, Prof Perezi Kamunanwire, Prof Tarsis Kabwegyere, until this year’s election the Minister for Disaster Relief and Preparedness, senior presidential advisers, several NRM members of parliament, senior staff at the US embassy in Washington, to name but a few.

In answer to this question, Mr Oryem Okello said the presence of so many high-ranking NRM officials was indicative of the recognition by the Museveni government of the role Ugandans in the Diaspora are playing in the development of their country. He revealed that remittances to Uganda from those in the Diaspora now amount to an average of nearly a billion US dollars per year. “Over the years we have realised the enormity and benefit of those Ugandans who, because of Uganda’s turbulent history, many live in the United States, there millions of Uganda who live in Europe.” He said studied his ministry has carried out on remittances made by these Ugandans is enormous.

The foreign minister said it was the intention of the Uganda government to cultivate and work closely with Ugandans in the Diaspora. The NRM had therefore realised the benefit that these Ugandans bring to their country and is now making an effort to make them understand what is taking place back home. In addition, it would continue to give UNAA US$20,000 per year to help them organize their conventions. “We could do better if Ugandans who live in the Diaspora understood government positions, understood what was happening in Uganda and understood that in spite of its difficulties, in spite of its challenges, Uganda is still their country.” He went on to add: “Instead of being antagonistic towards each other, we should work together as Ugandans and have a win-win situation for all of us.”

Oryem Okello went on to explain further that the presence of such a high-powered delegation from the Ugandan government showed that President Museveni was committed to letting all those that live abroad understand that they can have a role in what is happening in their country and while they remain living in the Diaspora, can help towards the country’s development. “That is why you have seen at this convention a number of Ugandan ministries represented, including the Speaker who is here to assure Ugandans about how democracy is being exercised back home.”

2 thoughts on “Revealed: Why NRM continues to subsidize UNAA

  • September 14, 2011 at 10:26 pm

    Dear Editor
    Its very unfortunate that a standing Minister of government would suggest a personal guarantee of your security. As a free person, with birthright, heritage, inalienable and traceable ancestry from Mutuba Musanvu e- Buddu, this implies that this government has taken away all these and you have to beg them to enjoy it. Given that this government owns the citizens, owns the country and everything that moves, wants to move or; will or wants to move is ONLY guaranteed by those at its commanding height.

    My concern is what about those who have no access to these ‘owners’! i.e. the alienated, impoverished, the unwise of about the world i.e. who have lived in Bukunja and who singular claim is ancestral inheritance and lineage.

    Mr Editor, after you have ‘passed through the eye of the needle’ i.e got your ‘key to the guarantee’, could you stop kow-towing to the ‘fake owners’ and grovelling on behalf of the unmentioned Bukunja persons, for some ‘freedom after guarantee’ – I mean patake the line of returning the country to its real OWNERS.

  • September 15, 2011 at 4:43 pm

    Dear Namwanga thanks for reminding the confused minister who does no longer own but owned by these fake owners who are trying to own all of us. They are now on a big project to own Ugandans in the diaspora becuase they assume we do have $$.
    They are working hard so praise our contributions when they are sterving our jjaja, uncles and friends any basic resource.
    They have now run out of enough money to oil the wheels of PATRONAGE tha is why they are busy in Europe.
    Their agents are no longer shy, they walk tall and within us. Look at people like Promota, the group a church in Cryodon , with that crook Rev recently in court, the Muyimbas of East London hob-nobing with chief spys using “Buganda Centre” and many quite ones.

    Like the ssekandi and Bukenya of yesteryears we are watching and following weaklinks ,. The owners are not stupid!!! BUT RATHER SLOW::
    NRM is not serving the citizens but greedy individuals…come on YOU SLEEPY OWNERS RECLAIM YOUR COUNTRY NOW.

    Thanks evening post


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