Sierra Leone has met IMF/WORLD BANK benchmarks to alleviate poverty

Sierra Leone President Ernest Bai Koroma whose government has met
Sierra Leone President Ernest Bai Koroma whose government has met world Bank benchmarks for alleviating poverty

By Pasco Temple

I don’t normally respond to opinions of people whose writings are not only very long and tedious, but also characterized by little wits, however Mahmud Tim Kargbo (a researcher and an ardent critic of the Sierra Leone government) and his likes have prompted me to. They need to understand some common facts of the World Bank (WB) and International Monetary Fund (IMF). The duo are owned and directed by governments of member nations including Sierra Leone. That is why in spite of change in governments, the membership stays.

However it is important to know that the aforementioned institutions,“each has a different purpose, a distinct structure, receives its funding from different sources, assists different categories of members, and strives to achieve distinct goals through methods peculiar to itself.” With their headquarters in Washington DC USA, they hold joint annual meetings, share joint task forces, sessions and research efforts.Most importantly, these institutions are manned by some of the world’s re-known economists with integrity and substance including Sierra Leoneans and it is imperative to recognize that it is totally impossible for poverty to be eradicated, it can only be reduced because it is a relative term.

Sierra Leone’s financial activities were rated “successful” after careful and diligent audit, consideration, assessments and evaluation. According to the assessment report, “Sierra Leone met all its quantitative benchmarks by successfully delivering in the areas of structural reforms, Tax policies, Public financial Management and Fiscal Revenue Reforms in the monetary sector.” As a citizen I know that there are grey areas, where the government needs to do more but there is modernization in most places of work, salary increase, improvements of roads, Goods and services etc. For instance “a grade eight (8) teacher used to earn Two hundred and seventy-Eight Thousand Leones (Le278.000.00) in 2008 but now earns about Seven Hundred Thousand or more Leones (Le700, 000.00).”

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