Solving the mystery of Museveni’s true identity

Former Ugandan Vice President Paulo Muwanga warned that by the time the Museveni presidency ended, the country would have lost 'all its possessions and national assets'.
Former Ugandan Vice President Paulo Muwanga warned that by the time the Museveni presidency ended, the country would have lost ‘all its possessions and national assets’.

 Prof Kashambuzi writes:

Because some Ugandans focused solely on removing Obote from power, they never thought about the character of who would replace him. For them any leader was definitely better than Obote. Museveni got this message and after the 1980 controversial elections which Uganda People’s Congress (UPC) under the leadership of Obote won, he offered his military services to topple Obote. Museveni was warmly received in parts of Uganda against wise counsel. He launched a five-year Luwero Triangle guerrilla war, during which half the population in this area lost their lives, to topple Obote and hand over power to Paul Ssemogerere or another leader of the Democratic Party (DP) that is believed to have been robbed of victory by UPC.

When the National Resistance Army (NRA) captured power in 1986, the expectation of installing a Democratic Party leader as president of Uganda was dashed when Museveni was sworn in as the next President until the end of 1990. Promises were made that after 1990, the next president would be a Catholic and leader of DP. That has yet to happen. Since 1996, Museveni has renewed his presidential mandate in externally imposed regular elections conducted at gun point and embarked on programmes that went against national interests like land grabbing by foreigners and the awarding of fellowships to non-Uganda students. Ugandans have now begun to wonder who Museveni really is, focusing on three mysteries: his place of birth, education background and content of his agenda.

Museveni’s place of birth has remained mysterious. Some believe strongly that he was born in Rwanda, others that he was born along the border between Uganda and Rwanda. Yet others that he was born in Uganda but disagree where exactly in Uganda. Some say he was born in Ntungamo; others in Mbarara. Those who are benefitting from his government don’t see the purpose of pursuing this matter. On the other hand, those who see the Tutsi/Banyarwanda benefitting disproportionately, think that this is happening because Museveni himself is a Tutsi from Rwanda.

The second mystery is Museveni’s university education. It is true that Museveni was admitted at the Dar es Salaam campus of the University of East Africa. But what he studied there and graduated in or not, have remained mysterious. He is variously reported to have studied economics and political science, graduating either in economics by some commentators or in political science by others or in economics and political science by yet others. Museveni himself has stated that he studied political economy (Yoweri K. Museveni 1990, Africa Forum Volume I. No. 2. 1991, Uganda Yearly Review 1993).

5 thoughts on “Solving the mystery of Museveni’s true identity

  • July 3, 2017 at 11:05 am

    The Key to Museveni’s destiny is locked up in some room in Mengo. Occupants of that room are the ones who supported him, who nurtured his ambitions, and used him to keep Obote uneasy, troubled, and unstable as revenge for his elimination of Royal power in the country. Since he captured power with direct assistance of the catholic Acholi and Baganda, Mengo has been in collusion with close members of Museveni’s mysterious Clan-(presumably Rwandese), to keep him in power until all their objectives are achieved- especially Land grab, minerals extraction.(oil being a big one) and wealth that will sustain them for generations to come. People from Eastern Uganda, perhaps with assistance from Lango, and non-royal parts of Buganda, and Western parts which hate Tutsis can lead the way to launching a second liberation war. Now, the time is ripe- with Trump – who dislikes dictators, War Lords and long serving, entrenched bureaucrats, someone need to emerge to the level of approaching the White House to discuss the removal of M7 from power by force.

  • July 5, 2017 at 7:20 pm

    Dear Mauso,
    Trump is too busy with North Korea. He may not be interested in Museveni. Moreover, Museveni is not
    a fool. It is matter of promising a company from the West ( eg Total) that it will have access to oil, and
    then the West ( including perhaps Trump ) will leave him alone. How did Mobutu manage to stay in power for so long. If change is required, it will be brought a bout by Ugandans and perhaps through
    Huge Magosi

  • March 11, 2016 at 2:24 pm

    Uganda needs peace that’s true but liberty is a tree whose water is blood. Without blood the tree dries and remember many crimes have been done in the name of liberty. “Oh liberty! How many crimes are done in thy name!” Many call the 1986 Museveni victory up to now liberation which puzzels some brains


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