Solving the mystery of Museveni’s true identity

Yoweri Museveni as he is today. has ambition to head a federal Africa before he leaves power, that is, if he ever does leave power willingly.
Yoweri Museveni as he is today. has ambition to head a federal Africa before he leaves power, that is, if he ever does leave power willingly.

However, Museveni does not say he graduated in political economy, a subject that does not appear to have been offered at Dar at that time. That he may not have graduated can be deduced from the 1995 constitution which makes high school diploma (A Level) the minimum qualification for becoming president of Uganda. Perhaps because of a lack of university education essential as a minimum to understand the complexity of globalization, might explain why Museveni has delegated economic matters to his loyalists in the ministry of finance and the central bank that mistakenly drove Uganda deep into the Washington Consensus paradigm with all the negative outcomes such as high youth unemployment, income inequality and continued exports of raw materials.

The third mystery about Museveni is his transformation agenda. In his speeches and writings, he has stressed the urgent need to metamorphose Uganda which represents a complete change of Uganda and society like turning water into vapour. Many interpreted this philosophy to mean industrializing Uganda, creating a middle class economy and society through eradicating poverty, inequality, sectarianism and corruption. However, as time passed, practice digressed from rhetoric. Uganda has since become de-industrialized, land grabbing including by foreigners has gained momentum despite constant complaints from the natives. Illegal immigrants and refugees into Uganda and their acquisition of properties including land, easy access to fellowships to study in Uganda and abroad and finding jobs while Ugandans are unemployed, has increased at an alarming rate.

To the surprise of everyone at home and abroad, Museveni announced on April 4, 1997 that his mission “is to see that Eritrea, Ethiopia, Sudan, Uganda, Kenya, Tanzania, Rwanda, Burundi, and Zaire [now the Democratic Republic of Congo] become federal states under one nation” (EIR Special Report 1997). To realize this mission, Museveni called for fast tracking the East African political federation ahead of economic integration as earlier agreed. He also started emphasizing catering for his children and grandchildren rather than the people of Uganda as a whole.

As Museveni struggles to hang onto power, possibly by amending the constitution and removing the 75-year age limit [he claims to be 71 now, a claim that many dispute and believe he is much older], turning Uganda into a one party state by 2021 as he has promised and forging ahead with turning the Horn of Africa and Great Lakes Region into federal states under one nation. Ugandans are now renewing their efforts to understand who Museveni is and where he is likely to lead Ugandans and our country should he stay in power for life.

5 thoughts on “Solving the mystery of Museveni’s true identity

  • July 3, 2017 at 11:05 am

    The Key to Museveni’s destiny is locked up in some room in Mengo. Occupants of that room are the ones who supported him, who nurtured his ambitions, and used him to keep Obote uneasy, troubled, and unstable as revenge for his elimination of Royal power in the country. Since he captured power with direct assistance of the catholic Acholi and Baganda, Mengo has been in collusion with close members of Museveni’s mysterious Clan-(presumably Rwandese), to keep him in power until all their objectives are achieved- especially Land grab, minerals extraction.(oil being a big one) and wealth that will sustain them for generations to come. People from Eastern Uganda, perhaps with assistance from Lango, and non-royal parts of Buganda, and Western parts which hate Tutsis can lead the way to launching a second liberation war. Now, the time is ripe- with Trump – who dislikes dictators, War Lords and long serving, entrenched bureaucrats, someone need to emerge to the level of approaching the White House to discuss the removal of M7 from power by force.

  • July 5, 2017 at 7:20 pm

    Dear Mauso,
    Trump is too busy with North Korea. He may not be interested in Museveni. Moreover, Museveni is not
    a fool. It is matter of promising a company from the West ( eg Total) that it will have access to oil, and
    then the West ( including perhaps Trump ) will leave him alone. How did Mobutu manage to stay in power for so long. If change is required, it will be brought a bout by Ugandans and perhaps through
    Huge Magosi

  • March 11, 2016 at 2:24 pm

    Uganda needs peace that’s true but liberty is a tree whose water is blood. Without blood the tree dries and remember many crimes have been done in the name of liberty. “Oh liberty! How many crimes are done in thy name!” Many call the 1986 Museveni victory up to now liberation which puzzels some brains


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