Uganda Govt and RPF responsible for 1994 Rwanda Genocide

By Henry D Gombya

Paul Rusesabagina of the 'Hotel Rwanda' fame, told The London Evening Post Uganda is to blame for starting Rwandan genocide.
Paul Rusesabagina of the ‘Hotel Rwanda’ fame, told The London Evening Post Uganda is to blame for starting Rwandan genocide.

The killing of more than a million Rwandans during the 1994 Rwanda Genocide must be blamed squarely on the shoulders of the Uganda Government for having invaded Rwanda in 1990 as well as the Rwanda Patriotic Front (RPF) that allegedly shot down the aircraft in which then Rwanda President Juvenal Habyarimana and his Burundi counterpart Cyprien Ntaryamira lost their lives as they returned from Arusha in Tanzania where both leaders had been attending a one-day regional heads of state summit that discussed, among other things, a peace agreement that Habyarimana had signed allowing the RPF to be integrated in his government. 

This was said by Mr Paul Rusesabagina whose protection of fleeing Rwandans in a hotel in Rwanda was made into the film “Hotel Rwanda’. In an exclusive interview with The London Evening Post, Mr Rusesabagina who now leads the opposition Party for Democracy in Rwanda – Ihumurwe, said Uganda’s invasion of Rwanda on October 1, 1990, led to the massacres four years later that will be commemorated in April for the 20th time.

Between 2500 and 4000 Ugandan troops led by senior officers of the Uganda National Resistance Army among whom was Paul Kagame who was then the chief of Uganda’s army intelligence but is now the Rwandan leader, invaded Rwanda after crossing from Western Uganda. They then formed themselves into the Rwanda Patriotic Front (RPF) which was made up of officers and men who had been fighting in Uganda since 1980 and had just helped now President Yoweri Museveni overthrow the governments of then President Milton Obote and Gen Tito Okello Lutwa.

In our second interview of the month where we will be talking to various stake holders and those that were on the scene during the Rwanda massacres and witnessed one of Africa’s worst mass killings that took place on 6 April 1994, Mr Rusesabagina who has been honoured the world over for his bravery during the 100 days of the Rwanda genocide during which he saved the lives of 1268 frightened Rwandans by hiding them in Hôtel des Mille Collines where he was General manager of a sister hotel, Hotel Diplomat, warned that Rwanda  is tittering on the verge of yet another genocide that will take place unless there is a change of leadership.

12 thoughts on “Uganda Govt and RPF responsible for 1994 Rwanda Genocide

  • February 10, 2014 at 4:29 pm

    We Africans are regretting so much about what’s going on in the world against Africans people. Kagame supported by Museveni are both of them still in power, while the UN, AU and the international community knows about all the crimes they have committed in the Great Lakes Region that result by causing a very big crisis that may cost generations to generations in the named region not fixed. Nobody is talking against them even our African leaders (AU). Today DRCongo has lost over 8000000 innocent people, including women and children. Nobody cares about it, because Kabila who’s a made product of the same criminals of our problematical region he is still being protected by the Americans and British e
    interest very well enough. So they have to protect him even if he’s a cheater during the election of 2011, no Democracy, violation of human right … what if it ends up by producing a lot of terrorists? How are they going to deal with the Americans and British?

  • February 11, 2014 at 2:49 pm

    Are details important to History? Are they important to you as journalists? They don’t seem to matter much to Mr. Rusesabagina.

    In his Hotel Rwanda story, he had no difficulty turning his long-time friend and business associate Georges Rutaganda, a Kigali beer distributor in the day who accepted the hotelier’s checks as payment for provisioning the ‘besieged’ Mille Collines, into a war profiteering pimp who dealt in hard currency only. An oversight? Maybe. But when Rusesabagina had the chance to set the record straight before the ICTR by testifying for The Defense at Rutaganda’s trial, he was a no show. And Georges died in an African prison behind humbug charges based importantly on such uncorrected details.

    But those details were erroneous because Rusesabagina intentionally and maliciously made them so–to optimize book sales, perhaps. Just business, you understand. But the misrepresentations in your interview/article seem too stupid even for this Ordinary Man’s solipsism. For example:

    1. The Rwandan executive Falcon 50 was shot down on 6 April 1994, as it approached Kigali after leaving a conference of regional leaders called by Ugandan president (and RPF patron) Yoweri Museveni in Dar es Salaam. So, NOT a meeting with the RPF in Arusha, as you have it.

    2. The Rwandan Social Revolution that deposed the Tutsi monarchy took place between 1959 and 1962. NOT in the early 50s as the article states it.

    3. Because it might just be a typo and has such a nice Freudian oops to it, I am reluctant to point out that one of Kagame’s noms de guerre was ‘Pilate’, rather than your rendition of ‘Pirate’, after The villainous Pontius Pilate, murderer of The Christ?

    These are just the gaffes that stayed with me after a cursory reading. Much more could be said about the flaccid and flatulent bandying to tribal and national distinctions in support of some kind (any kind) of Genocide Theory; or of the dubious unto clownish role of THE ‘Human Rights shyster’ Peter Erlinder in the whole Kagame Opposition circus. But the combination of Rusesabagina’s self-promotional duplicity and your writer’s historical inexperience do a grotesque disservice to the Historical Record.

    • February 11, 2014 at 4:05 pm

      We are grateful for pointing out some of the errors in our story which we have since corrected. We may also wish to inform you and our readers that the meeting that Habyarimana had attended in Arusha, despite warnings from the President Mobutu for him not to attend it, had been arranged by Tanzania and not Uganda. You point out too, that the writer of the article is ‘inexperienced’. We fail to understand what you mean and what this has got to do with the interview. But we would like to point out that the author of the article is our editor who has been a journalist covering Africa since 1979, that is 35 years, if we are correct.
      Last but not least, we fail to understand what Mr Rusesabagina’s dealing with a businessman has to do with the main theme of his interview, that is, who was responsible for the 1994 Rwanda genocide that claimed so many lives and left millions of people forever destabilised and why the West has decided to shield ‘in cotton wool’ those that planned and carried out the assassination of two African leaders, French citizens and Rwandan and Burundian politicians, government officials and senior military officials who perished in the plane crash. Don’t you agree with us that the truth ought to be told by those who saw with their eyes what happened? We are sure our readers would appreciate it very much if you disputed what Mr Rusesabagina has said and gave them what you think really happened 20 years ago in Rwanda.

      You also attack the credibility of Prof Peter Erlinder, a scholar of some great repute who has written facts that he has checked quite well and facts that the UN itself has on its records about what happened in Rwanda as well as what the US Government has on its secret records about Rwanda. We fail to understand your motives but we say that while you are clearly entitled to your own opinions, the facts will always stand out.

  • February 11, 2014 at 6:52 pm

    It is quite astounding indeed that there are people who prefer to rubbish pertinent information about the crimes against humanity perpetrated by two rulers in the Great Lakes region. Well, one day for sure the truth will come out & all those associated with the regimes will have to answer…there is no statue of limitation on murder! As a Ugandan born, it is very sad that we have in Rwanda a man who wreaked havoc & mayhem killed & destroyed so many lives in Uganda is continuing with the project in Rwanda & beyond. I am however, encouraged to read that Ladit Paul Rusesabagina is adamant that Tutsis & Hutus should now find a common ground & remove the menace that is Paul Kagame the butcher of the region. This is a rare opportunity for all that love peace to unshelfishly step up & liberate the region. How long can this be allowed to fester? The US,GB & the rest of western powers could careless who runs those countries as long as their economic interests are not at risk…so really getting rid of one dictator would be business as usual. It is a known fact that the lives of Africans is not a factor in how support is apportioned to the dictators when they go on a rampage & kill hundreds of their kinfolks. The Hutus & Tutsis must seize the moment & build partnership across the region so the terrible evils are removed from the environment. Enough is enough of the atrocities. There are many decent non blood thirsty people who will step up to lead & make the region a better place. We must overcome! Regards. Wklaa

  • February 11, 2014 at 7:02 pm

    I quite agree that what is in question here is the facts. And my opinions have nothing at all to do with the factual errors in your article–though I am saddened to learn that your esteemed editor is so bound up by his sense of European entitlement as to think a confusion or conflation of two different meetings in two different Tanzanian cities is ‘close enough for African history.’ So, let us to the facts:

    1. The one-day Regional Peace Meeting was called in Dar es Salaam not Arusha: [According to RPF flack and Genocide hustler Linda Malvern] On April 4, (Habyarimana) had flown to Zaire to meet with president Mobutu Sese Seko and on the sixth flew to Dar es Salaam, Tanzania, for a one-day regional summit for heads of state convened by Tanzania’s President.
    My research has shown that though the invitations (which included one for Mobutu) went out in the Tanzanian president’s name, the organization of the meeting in Dar and arrangements for the return of participants were solely the responsibilities of the Ugandan government, and part of its long-running plans to eliminate popular regional leaders. Before he pulled out on the advice of his security chief Honoré Ngbanda, Mobutu was scheduled to travel in the same plane with Habyarimana and Ntaryamira. And Museveni’s agents delayed their return flight long enough to make sure the Rwandan Falcon 50 and it’s French civilian crew would land at Kanombe after nightfall–and after the RPF had closed the only alternative runway at the Kigali airport to guarantee the presidents would land within easy range of their killers.

    Perhaps your editor might augment his 35 years of experience by availing himself of evidence outside the British Genocide Industry and reading French anti-terrorist judge Jean-Louis Bruguière’s report on the events of 6-7 April 1994. I have done an English translation of it (more readable than the ICTR-generated version, I hope) that can be found on The Old/New CM/P blog@blogspot.

    He there might also find mention of the Rwandan Social Revolution, which he dates in the early 1950s, about a decade off–but, I guess, close enough again for Africa.

    And what does Paul Rusesabagina’s betrayal of his friend Georges Rutaganda have to do with his eye-witnessing the ‘Rwandan Genocide’? Anyone who has looked critically at this tragic story sees right away that ethnic, tribal and national identities are used not to reveal the forces behind the mass killings, but to further obscure them–while maintaining the essentially racist sizzle of warring blue-gummed savages that sells copy.

    Mr. R (and your editor?) would have us believe that rather than ‘800,000 Tutsi and “moderate” Hutu being slaughtered in 100 days by Hutu “extremists”‘ (old version), the (new) Genocide was really of a million mostly Hutu (with those few Tutsi who could not be whisked behind RPF lines by the ‘Good Hutu’ Rusesabagina) killed by the (British/Israeli/US-backed) Kagame-led (Ugandan-based) RPF–oh, and the FAR and MRND had a part in it, too, because they were fighting a civil war!!

    What Mr. R is trying so desperately to hide in his eye-witness testimony, is that his loyalties lay from early on with the invaders of his country. He saved his guests, after all, by taking them behind ‘enemy lines’. He has nothing but disdain for Habyarimana (I heard the President ‘forced’ him to wear a lapel pin of his image?) and the majority (read Hutu) party, the socialist MRND (later MRNDD). Georges was a vice-president of the MRND youth wing known as the Interahamwe, which, though late among its peers in the multi-party govt. to take up self-defense training, came to have its name given to the marauding, machete-wielding savages that, according to Malvern, Rusesabagina, and their ilk, carried out the genocide.

    So the Rwandan troubles were not some tribal or ethnic feud. The mass murder of innocents, just as in Iraq or Libya or now Syria, was the result of an ultra-modern and hyper-cynical military campaign for regime change to advance the recolonization of this resource-rich region. And, as always, the bounders and mountebanks and arrivistes jumped up after all the dying was done, in fresh livery, and told us just how it was and cashed in on our indolent sentimentality.

    Which brings us to Prof. Erlinder, who ‘professes’ to be (this is really how he bills himself–repeatedly) THE Lead Counsel at the ICTR. I know it’s only an article–the difference between ‘A’ and ‘THE’. But surely the differences between a meeting in Dar or in Arusha, a ten-year miscalculation in the date of a national revolution, and the mis-rendering of ‘Pilate’ as ‘Pirate’, are no less sinister than a Quisling promoting himself as the savior of his country or a third tier defense counsel presenting himself as THE Lead Counsel at the ICTR.

    When I was starting out, a carnie told me that when you see a brother hustling, and all his tricks are shabby and not working, you have no right to blow his game in front of all his marks. But, guess what, life is not a carnival or even a Cabaret, old friend.

    Rwanda, Central Africa are not data mines where imagination-challenged academics and low-curiosity scribblers can go and turn innocent people’s suffering into fodder for the tabloids and chat shows. Like Assange and Greenwald and Snowden, Erlinder is just swiping other people’s work, taking it down to Kinkos, and selling it to a gaping Public as their own, fresh-brewed scoop.

    Well, one of my few opinions is that though the Public may not deserve better, History certainly does.

  • February 12, 2014 at 11:49 am

    It amazes me all the time that some people would go out of their way to refute facts even when they know from the bottom of their heart that what is being said is true and it is them who are trying to falsify the truth.

    • February 12, 2014 at 3:30 pm

      And I, Mr. J, am amused that you would think correcting erroneous dates, places and spellings, constitutes a ‘refutation of facts’–as well as by your hopelessly indolent, sentimentally anti-intellectual, even pro-crypto fascistic notion that Historical Truth is ultimately discerned in the lower-reaches of the ‘heart’.

      • February 12, 2014 at 6:09 pm

        Waooh! This is clearly an angry reader! We must have touched a raw nerve here.

        • February 12, 2014 at 8:29 pm

          It is obvious a raw nerve indeed! In this journey we are traveling you expect to meet two types of people those who are keen on exhuming ghosts and other who open old wounds by creating new ones…there are never middle roads…

  • February 12, 2014 at 7:00 pm

    It amazes me to see what Gombya has written here.Well,that Rusesabagina guy is free to have ambitions maybe for presidency or whatever but Its so uncivilised of him to hide in intellectual jargon and pretend he doesn’t understand the historical truths of his country.Am from uganda and I live in Rwanda currently but I want to tell you,President Kagame is right in all his approaches.This is a country that lost a quarter of its population in a three month genocide.You cant just open up immediately political space before the country is stable.I think Rwanda is on good track now and its developing so fast.But if you the likes of Rusesabagina are planting the seeds of hatred again,what will happen in this country of a thousand hills is only God knows.
    If you can deny the truth that you saw with your own eyes,God save Rwanda.
    If Rwanda was at war,it doesnt mean to annihilate a people.You can call people names but I pray that God will save Rwanda and you shall be humiliated once again.
    I think Rwandans had enough horrible experiences and they should be aware of such genocidaire tendencies.Rusesabagina has lost touch and is being fed on genocidaire information from his former genocidaire goons.

  • February 13, 2014 at 9:08 am

    Ladit C. Bukenya,
    I do beg to strongly disagree with the position & opinion you have expressed here. I would like to believe that if indeed you are in Rwanda; there is no freedom for you freely express yourself except to sing praise to the emperor. Ladit Bukenya please do understand who that human being is & you will realize that what he is doing is exactly what you have accused Ladit Rusesabagina of…Ladit Kagame is a man with trails of blood all the way from Uganda & therefore it is not a surprise that his rule has been predicated on murder & total intimidation. No human being is immortal…he will expire one day. The question that you need to ask yourself is; what is the foundation that Kagame is building in Rwanda & will it survive his demise? I do believe that there is a great opportunity for peace loving Hutus/Twas/Tutsis to come together & build trusts among themselves & deal with the most dangerous man of modern time in Rwanda. We need true viable democratic institutions & not personal rulership. Wklaa

  • February 13, 2014 at 2:18 pm

    Ladit Wodkoch, the Law of Survival which Mwami Bukenya is using is different from the Law of Physics. While Sir Isaac Newton labored to develop the three laws of motion which he used to describe basic rules explaining how the motion of physical objects change, no one has ever defined the fundamental relationship between the survivor and those who help them survive. The survivor has a secret code which he/she uses to maintain or accelerate the relationship. That secret code blinds the user to every fact and truth. In order for mwami Bukenya to live and maintain his status in Rwanda he must tell the world that Kagame is the best thing that has ever happened to Rwanda. End of story. Dictators like Kagame know how to control the mind and thinking of those they claim they are leading.


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