Uganda opposition accuses Gen Sejusa of ignoring them

Gen David Sejusa at his home in Sembabule. He has denied ignoring the opposition emphasizing the need to work with the country's military.
Gen David Sejusa who has denied ignoring the opposition but emphasized need to work with the country’s military.

By Nkonge I Kaggwa in Kampala and Henry D Gombya in London

The Uganda opposition has expressed concern over the way it is being severally ignored by the former Coordinator of Intelligence Services, General David Sejusa. The general who spent over 18 months in self-exile in London, returned home late last year with a mission to put on ground his pressure group, the Free Uganda (FU), a pressure group he launched while in London and whose sole purpose was to uproot the 29 year old regime of President Yoweri  Museveni.

In an exclusive interview with The London Evening Post, the spokesperson of the Forum for Democratic Change (FDC) Mr John Kikonyogo said the General had divided the political structures in the country into civilian politicians and military political actors. Kikonyogo claimed Sejusa spends most of his time in discussions with former opposition army officers who are in politics. “We have been ignored as civilian political actors; he only talks to fellow army men. Since he came back I have only seen in papers that he has met with so and so. I’m not even interested to know,” said Kikonyogo. He went on to add: “Sejusa doesn’t believe that civilians can change the 29 year old military regime claiming some of us are mediocre. It seems the reasons he is dealing with army officers is because he only under standards military language.”

But Moses Bigirwa the general’s  personal aide told the London Evening Post on phone that the general is so engaged in meetings that soon will open up to the media and the public at large. Bigirwa who is among the leaders  of the Uganda Young Democrats,  a Democratic Party youth wing said Ugandans still believe in traditional politics of focusing on elections and parties to take on government, “You think these parties in Uganda can uproot this regime?” Bigirwa asked. He said that the civilian politicians surprised the General when they deliberately refused to welcome him back from exile after he landed at Entebbe Airport though they knew the programme about his coming back.

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