Uganda opposition calls for sacking of country’s police chief

By Nkonge I Kaggwa

Uganda Police chief Gen Kalekeezi Kayihura
Uganda Police chief Gen Kalekeezi Kayihura

The Ugandan opposition has rendered the country’s Police Chief, Major Kale Kayihura incompetent, following the disappearance of classified tapes that recently leaked and made public by social media icon Tom Voltaire Okwalinga ( TVO).

In a press conference presided over by the Uganda People’s Congress (UPC) President Olara Otuunu at the Ugandan parliament on 15th April, the Ugandan opposition demanded that the Inspector General of Police (IGP), Gen Kayihura steps down to protect the image of the Uganda Police Force ( UPF) because the leaked tapes feature him interrogating several people particularly those opposed to the National Resistance Movement party (NRM) but more especially President Yoweri Museveni.

Olara Otunnu told the media that the information that has now gone viral and being circulated by TVO spill a lot of dirt on the IGP who is trying to train individuals to testify against those who are in the opposition or against the Ugandan President. He added that in other voice recordings, Kayihura is trying to malign politicians and advising the youths never to consider Ugandan Prime minister Amama Mbabazi’s intension to contest for presidency, come 2016, which is continuously causing a lot of hullabaloo in the country today.

“Sadly, the revelations contained in the recently released Kayihura tapes concerning the operations of the youths livelihood program have borne out our worst fears in this regard”, Otuunu retorted. He noted that the IGP’s involvement is so alarming and subversive to the public because it completely undermines the authenticity and legitimate role of the IGP as a non- partisan custodian of public law and order of our country.

2 thoughts on “Uganda opposition calls for sacking of country’s police chief

  • April 19, 2014 at 5:27 pm

    The opposition in Uganda is very weak. Instead of going to grass root to convance for votes they are busy wasting time. Do they think Museveni will dismiss his police general.
    Wake up, stop wasting time go to villages, other wise come 2016 Museveni will win and then you will begin your stories of rigging!

  • April 20, 2014 at 2:54 am

    It is quite naive for the oppositions to waste their time and energy discussing Major Kayihura’s behavior and his partisan position with the demand for his removal! With many awkward passed incidents and encounters with M7 system one would have thought that the oppositions took serious note and by now have some better ideas under their sleeves! They seemed to have forgotten that they are dealing with a military system which has taken root in the land for 30 years. This means that majority of young Ugandans have grown up knowing only this system. So soft democratic tame process will only make all of them a laughing stock for M7 and his associates.


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