Uganda Police “acting like a criminal organisation” — Besigye

By Staff Writer

Dr Kizza Besigye - No Ugandan politician has ever been arrested as many times as him in the country's living memory.
Dr Kizza Besigye – No Ugandan politician has ever been arrested as many times as him in the country’s living memory.

The former leader of the main opposition party in Uganda has accused the country’s police of “acting like a criminal organisation”. Dr Kizza Besigye who relinquished the leadership of the Forum for Democratic Change (FDC) after contesting the Uganda presidency in vain on three occasions, said people are being kept in police cells and released only after ransoms are paid to the police force. On Friday 24 January, he was arrested from his house after trying to go downtown to attend a working lunch appointment. In his own words, Dr Besigye described what happened to him:

I had a working lunch appointment today, Friday 24th January 2014; so I prepared to leave home (Kasangati) at about 12.30pm. When we reached the Western gate of my residence, we found a police patrol vehicle packed right across the gate. We hooted and the policemen who were sleeping inside the vehicle woke up and got out of the vehicle but ignored our demand to free our exit. All the policemen were busy making calls. Realising that I was getting late for my appointment, I got out of the vehicle and went to the gate to physically demand the policemen to get out of the way.

The policeman, who seemed to be in charge of the group, shouted at me ordering me back. When I didn’t back off, he pulled out a grenade-throwing pistol and threatened to shoot me with it; even though it wasn’t loaded! After an exchange with this police officer, I moved back towards the house to make some phone calls. It was at this time that I saw the familiar group of policemen (the occupants of Police van UP 1931) charging towards me from the opposite direction, towards the Eastern entrance. They immediately grabbed me, roughed me up and dragged me towards Eastern entrance. Their van soon arrived and I was bundled into it and off it sped towards my usual place of detention, Naggalama Police Station in Mukono District.

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  • January 26, 2014 at 2:28 am

    This comment has been deleted because it is not written in English – Editorial team.

  • January 26, 2014 at 1:32 pm

    this is the worse gvt of all time.

  • January 26, 2014 at 9:57 pm

    Uganda Police has now turned to throwing stones

    One of the battles between opposition politicians and Kampala police that have largely gone unreported took place late last year, inside the office of Kawempe District Police Commander (DPC) Mr. Siraje Bakaleke.

    On that day, Kampala Lord Mayor Hon. Erias Lukwago, using his mobile phone, photographed one of the pictures hanging on the wall behind Bakaleke’s desk.

    It is some sort of Museveni campaign poster with a bus, which is the NRM symbol, and an inscription “Pakalast.” The word pakalast symbolizes life presidency. When Bakaleke realized that Lukwago had photographed him with a Museveni campaign poster in the background, he protested and jumped out of his seat.
    He demanded that the Lord Mayor deletes the picture immediately, and in fact grabbed the phone. The Officer in Charge (OC) Criminal Intelligence and Investigation Department (CIID), Kawempe observed that Lukwago’s phone was sophisticated and it required the services of an IT expert to be sure the picture was deleted.

    Col Dr Kizza Besigye, former Forum for Democratic Change (FDC) President and the lord mayor Hon. Lukwago had gone to Kawempe Division of Kampala to follow up on the dozen people, including councilors, who had been arrested on Friday when a stone-throwing squad, helped by Police, violently dispersed an opposition rally.

    For me, it is this Dictator Museveni campaign poster still hanging in the DPC’s office that is more troubling than the stones that were pelted on Col. Dr. Kizza Besigye and other Opposition politician at Kawempe playground. This poster reveals the inner feelings of a senior police officer and explains his conduct while on duty.

    I believe you are now not surprised that after smashing opposition leaders’ vehicles, the notorious Kampala North Operations Commander, Sam Omala, declared “job well-done, job well-done.”
    If you were not in Kawempe, let me recount to you how the event unfolded. At around 2pm, Hon. Lukwago’s truck, which is used as a platform to address rallies, arrived. Technicians began assembling the public address system. Minutes later, some youth, among them women, stormed the venue and violently disconnected the public address system by kicking and throwing about every single piece of equipment.

    These youths then pounced on the assembling citizens, clobbering them with batons similar to those the police wield. All this happened in full view of the police that had been deployed in their hundreds since morning. Anyone suspected to be connected to the rally got a beating. And whoever the gang beat up got arrested by the police.

    Deputy Lord Mayor Sulaiman Kidandala arrived first and he must have got the shock of his life. Part of the gang descended on his green Prado and started dismembering it as police looked on. They violently plucked off the side mirrors and anything else their hands could pull out. In fact Hon. Kidandala was saved by quick intervention of our Col. Dr. Besigye, Hon. Lukwago, Kawempe Mayor Hon. Munyagwa, FDC Women League boss Ms. Ingrid and Member of Parliament Hon. Ssemujju Nganda. The gang now had to divide itself into smaller groups as the target had widened.

    I have now been reliably informed that these people who pelted us with stones are newly created ‘crime preventers’’ within Uganda Police and mostly NRM vigilantes. They even operate an office and work hand in hand with the police leadership. It is some of these fellows who stage-managed a protest against Kawempe Mayor Hon. Munyagwa at his office. I am told that Kawempe DPC Bakaleke himself has been a National Resistance Movement (NRM) councilor in Mbale.

    I am consulting my lawyers to find out possible cases we can file against this DPC. Not only did he risk our lives but also that of the youths hired to hurl the stones. In fact the actual residents of Kawempe so badly beat up two of them that I am sure they must be lying somewhere in hospital.

    If you must disperse a rally, why use stones when the country has bought you tear gas and water cannons? If Uganda had a professional police, this would have been a matter for serious debate in management meetings.

    I think the NRM cadres in police have realized that breaking up rallies will form future litigation and some reprisals and they have hit on the idea of hiring unemployed youth, since there are many in the country, and instructed them to throw stones at Col. Dr. Besigye. And like Col. Dr. Besigye correctly observes, this has become routine.

    Another time some 20 youths were ferried to Kiteezi to stop the tour of a committee of Uganda Parliament. Police have detained Dr. Col. Besigye 5 times in one week and released him without any charge. His vehicle was impounded and still kept at Kiira Polica station. His his 3 sets of mobile phones were also confiscated by DPC Bakaleke.

    And you remember the group that was assembling in Kampala to attack the lord mayor. Another group attempted to attack Col. Dr. Besigye at his home. I don’t understand whether these policemen know the implication of their actions. For example, this DPC Bakaleke? Who by the way is quite young – does he know that terror breeds more terror?

    Our people know where these goons they hire to beat us live. Does DPC Bakaleke know what would have befallen them if Kampala Mayor Lukwago or Col. Dr. Besigye had left Kawempe injured? This is a clear indication that Ugandan Dictator Yoweri Museveni is totally lost, very tired and expired. If he does not change then change will soon change him.

  • January 26, 2014 at 10:17 pm

    Dear Editor,

    UGANDAN dictator Yoweri Kagutta Museveni has also committed a lot of crimes, most of which are fundamental and he must face the International Criminal Court at The Hague in the Netherlands for Crimes against Humanity.

    On Thursday September 9th thru Saturday September 11th, 2009, Museveni attacked the Kabaka (King) of Buganda, His Majesty Ronald Fredrick Kimera Muwenda Mutebi II, blocked him from visiting his subjects in Kayunga district.

    Museveni ordered his army, the Presidential Guard Brigade (PGB) commanded by his son Brig. Muhoozi, surrounded the Kabaka at his Banda Palace, indiscriminately killed hundreds of innocent people on streets all over the Buganda Kingdom, detained hundreds of innocent people from Buganda Kingdom without trial and illegally closed Kabaka’s CBS radio station in Kampala. On that day, Uganda ceased to exist in reality!

    Kasubi Royal Tombs were burnt by Museveni agents and hundreds of mourners were shot dead by Museveni’s Guard Brigade. The Baganda King was blocked by Uganda Militarized Police and the army from touring his kingdom and a new law that aims at removing the Buganda Kingdom and eliminating the Kabaka (King) was enacted and endorsed by Museveni!

    In addition to the above, the Kingdom land is being grabbed by Museveni and his family! Dictator Museveni has totally refusing to return the Kingdom property to the Kabaka!

    Dictator Museveni claims to have brought back the Kabaka, but it is under his regime that we have seen the Baganda King crying in public!

    Museveni often say he went to the bush in 1981 to fight election rigging, corruption and sectarianism, but all these vices are prevalent under his regime! Museveni’s 28 years of dictatorship has been years of great suffering and frustration on the side of Baganda and the people of Northern Uganda!

    The iconic backing of Museveni’s 1981 upto 1986 guerrilla war by the Kabaka of Buganda was premised on agreements that all Baganda Kingdom issues would be resolved immediately after capturing power.

    But after the restoration of the kingdom, a lot has gone amiss. Dictator Museveni betrayed the Buganda Kingdom, breached all the agreements and refused to address the federal demands of the Kingdom, in spite of overwhelming support for it in the constitutional making process!

    On January 4, 1984, when Museveni’s guerrilla war was almost failing, Museveni brought on battle front line the Baganda King His Majesty Ronald Fredrick Kimera Muwenda Mutebi II and handed him an AK47 riffle to fight and to morale-boost the rebel Baganda fighters of Museveni’s National Resistance Army/Movement (NRA/M). If it wasn’t for His Majesty Ronald Fredrick Kimera Muwenda Mutebi II, Museveni wouldn’t have been where they are today with his wives, sons, daughters, sisters, brothers, in-laws and friends!

    On February 14 2001, while addressing his movement cadres at his country home in Rwakitura, Museveni called himself “Cotter pin” and the population named the opposition president Col. Dr. Warren Kizza Besigye “Ssennyondo” meaning “Hammer” to get out the “cotter pin”. The impression Museveni’s statement implied was that he came into power by guns and that he will only leave power by guns which is docile!

    We are doing everything possible – lawful and unlawful to end Museveni’s 28 years of frustration and dictatorship!

    Museveni’s regime and army (NRA/M) was built upon a foundation of lies, perversions and denial of the truth!

    We are also concerned about UK and US continued silence on Museveni’s well recorded Human Rights abuse incidents in Uganda.

    Museveni is totally lost! Uganda is very ripe for the Egypt / Libyan – style revolt!

    Fellow Ugandans, If we want peace, we must prepare for war. Life is not about how to survive the storm but how to dance in the rain!


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