Ugandan women in topless protest against police brutality

From Nangayi Guyson in Kampala, Uganda

Angry Uganda women bare their breasts as a sign of anger over the public sexual assault by police on opposition politician Ingrid Turinawe on Monday.

Women activists in the Ugandan capital Kampala on Monday took off their blouses and stormed topless, the headquarters of the country’s police force, the Central Police Station (CPS), protesting against the brutal sexual abuse of the country’s leading woman opposition leader.

They were protesting the sexual abuse of Ingrid Turinawe, leader of the opposition’s Forum for Democratic Change (FDC) Women’s League, who was groped in broad daylight by a policeman who stopped her from attending a rally called by Uganda’s opposition political parties last Friday. Turinawe was filmed by national television cameras as the policeman, dresses in riot gear, twice grabbed her ri9ghthand breast, squeezed it tight and used it as a rope to drag her out of her car.

The incident was captured live on NTV Uganda, a private television stationed owned by the Aga Khan.  The rally had been called to announce the new name which Uganda’s Activists for Change (A4C), a pressure group had changed to; A4C changed its name to ‘For God and my Country’ (4GC) after a recent ban by the government.

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