Uganda’s youth propel ex-drug addict to parliament

 Kyagulanyi Sentamu Robert aka Bobi Wine, during his reign as chief of a Ugandan marijuana-smoking gang
Kyagulanyi Sentamu Robert aka Bobi Wine, during his reign as chief of a Ugandan marijuana-smoking gang

By Our Correspondent  in Kampala, Uganda

Ugandan youths have given President Yoweri Museveni’s 31 year rule a bloody nose after they declined monetary offers to give a landslide victory to an independent candidate that once boasted about leading a marijuana-smoking gang in the country’s capital, Kampala during a parliamentary by-election held last Friday. 

 Kyagulanyi Ssentamu Robert, a popular Ugandan musician who goes by the nickname ‘Bobi Wine’ said during the campaign that won him the seat that he had turned down an ‘offer of billions of shillings’ from the ruling party to remove himself from the contest. Museveni has frequently used money to entice his impoverished countrymen as well as the country’s legislative assembly, to side with him in changing the constitution to remove term limits and to vote for him during presidential elections to enable him stay in power.

Standing as an independent candidate in a by-election called after Apollo Kantinti, a Forum for Democratic Change (FDC)  candidate who had won the seat during last year’s general election lost it after the NRM candidate, William Sitenda Sebalu challenged Kantinti’s election and the Court of Appeal ruled in his favour. Both Kantinti and Sebalu lost heavily with Bobi Wine winning more than five times as many votes as his opponents added altogether. The musician-turned politician’s move depended heavily on the growing strength of the Ugandan youth, most of whom were born well after Museveni and his NRM came to power more than 31 years ago. To them, they have only ever known one Ugandan leader and given their support for Bobi Wine, it doesn’t seem they are very much impressed with what they’ve seen so far.

One thought on “Uganda’s youth propel ex-drug addict to parliament

  • July 4, 2017 at 4:20 am

    Dear Ugandans,
    These results send very clear important message. That rigging can be defeated. Infact
    rigging may not have been a big factor causing losing of many of our opposition candidates.
    If this guy who smokes can beat rigging, why could not others beat it?
    For the coming elections, we in opposition must be ready to win. This saying elections are
    ready rigged even before voting must stop.
    When people and youth like you in your area, you will get votes. These by-elections have taught us this. People talk of money, soap etc being determinants of results of elections! is it true?
    So whether age limit is removed or not, our power are our votes. People abroad who write not
    true stories about their country, must come and we use our vote power
    Big Magosi


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