Ugandans urged to stage massive boycott against 2016 election

Prof Erci Kashambuzi (with glasses) during the interview with The London Evening Post.
Prof Eric Kashambuzi (with glasses) during the interview with The London Evening Post.

By Henry D Gombya

Next year’s general election results in the East African country of Uganda are already known and will not represent the will of the country’s electorate. Ugandans are therefore being urged to mount a massive campaign to stop the elections taking place.

In an exclusive interview with The London Evening Post, Prof Eric Kashambuzi,   a New York-based consultant in development issues said it has been recognised by the United Nations that an election is not an answer to people’s need for a democratic representation. “An election must be accompanied by good governance that allows people to decide their future…The way things are running in Ugandan today, I would urge the opposition in the country to come together in order to defeat Museveni.”

He said there are many Ugandans who are fed up with Museveni’s leadership but do not know where else to go. Kashambuzi gave an example of events that took place in Kenya during Daniel arap Moi’s presidency and said had the opposition not come together, it would not have been possible to remove Moi from power. He also mentioned events in Zambia where the opposition got together to unseat Dr Kenneth Kaunda. He said it was only after the opposition in those countries came together that they were able to change the leadership of those that have been in power for so long.

Having come to power saying the problem of Africa was leaders who overstayed in power, Museveni has not only managed that but has gone on to become Uganda’s longest serving leader in the country’s entire history and has already been chosen by his ruling National Resistance Movement party as the sole candidate for next year’s elections. “Even if you look at southern Rhodesia, the only way to defeat Ian Smith was for ZAPU-PF and ZANU-PF coming together. Nkomo and Mugabe coming together. He said both leaders agreed to put their differences aside and came together to enable the country move forward and end Ian Smith’s regime.

2 thoughts on “Ugandans urged to stage massive boycott against 2016 election

  • March 9, 2015 at 3:19 am

    Dear Editor,
    It seems the Prof. does not want massive boycott of 2016 as you put it.
    The old man wants opposition parties to come together to defeat Museveni.
    All people who wish Uganda well should go back to Uganda and educate the mass to vote wisely but not to boycott elections.
    We must build on the little development that has taken place rather than destroying it and beginning a fresh. Boycotting elections would do the later.
    Prof sounds a wise man. Let him go home and help to organise the opposition and also perhaps join hands with General David Tunyefuza to beef up opposition.
    He can take along another Prof. of History Otuunu. I am sure the two Profs. can
    do a wonderful work in their mission of defeating Museveni.
    Siting down and lamenting that the results of 2016 are already known can not help and it shows points of weakness,

  • March 9, 2015 at 5:01 pm

    Dear Editor
    With due respect, to the call to ‘boycott’, do review what happened to the referendum result that took place in 2000 to ratify the 1996 NRA-constitution. To this end, an indication on the direction of travel since 1986 when the political history of the habitat started.
    We have excellent politically- interested and interesting ‘professors’ from different subjects; and ‘political highbrows’ doctors said to hail from ‘new breed’ of nationalities in that habitat. Given the NRA-2016 project; I surmise here that the question, a ‘registered messenger’, such as ‘your-good-self’ might ask is whether ‘it has fallen upon them’ (those quoted marked, that is) to thread the political disconnects buffeting the habitat. If so, can they fast-track the nationalities especially the ‘backward’ ones and the ‘kipingas’ as to what the political issues really are and why they feel so passionate about the vocabularies they are using? More so, if they are not really helping and buying time by ‘boycotts’ and ‘apologies’ which if ‘hermeneutically’ examined suggest participating and or validates the 2016-NRA project by a sleight of hand. Now Gen Amos would not only welcome the vocabularies, but also laugh all the way to ‘Kaikoos Island’.


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