UN Security Council has chosen war against peace – M23

By Henry D Gombya

M23 political leader Bertrand Bisimwa during a press conference in Bunagana at the weekend.
M23 political leader Bertrand Bisimwa (centre) during a press conference in Bunagana at the weekend.

The United Nations Security Council has been accused of choosing war instead of peace in its decision to create a response team in Eastern Congo that will try to disarm forces fighting the government of President Joseph Kabila.

In a press conference he gave at the weekend at his base in Bunagana, Eastern Congo, Bertrand Bisimwa the president of the March 23 Movement that is in control of some parts of eastern Congo, said by forming the response team, the UN Security Council had decided to embark on a path of war against citizens of Congo who are genuinely striving to bring about good governance in their own country.

Bisiimwa said by moving toward the path of war, the UN Security Council had chosen to disregard the peace initiatives supported by Congo’s neighbours that are currently taking place in the Ugandan capital Kampala. He said these talks were meant to bring together the warring factions to sit at the same table and discuss ways and means of solving the problems in the Congo.

In a statement he read at the press conference, M Bisimwa said: “Resolution 2098 of the United Nations not only reveals a mismatch between the diagnosis made by the Secretary General, [it] constitutes a major setback in the history of the United Nations.” He went on to add: “…for the first time in its history, the United Nations [has decided] to kill citizens demanding their wellness.”

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