We reveal why Gen David Sejusa has returned to Uganda

Gen Sejusa (2nd from left) meets some Ugandan exiles in London on the day he formed the Free Uganda party. Will they now believe him?
Gen Sejusa (2nd from left) meets some Ugandan exiles at the London School of Economics on the day he helped launch the Freedom and Unity party. Were they duped?

By Henry D Gombya

Ugandans in London are waking up this morning to hear news that Gen David Sejusa has at long last returned to Kampala as many of them have suspected all along. News of his return has caught many by surprise, especially those that have been working closely with him in his Free Uganda movement that he founded soon after arriving here nearly two years ago.

I first heard about his return while I was doing my Sunday newspaper reviews at Arise TV news studios in Piccadilly, London. The message I got was that Gen Sejusa had arrived at Entebbe Airport aboard a British Airways flight that landed around 3am Uganda time (midnight here in London). First reaction from Ugandans who have spoken to The London Evening Post so far is that of utter shock. Many said: “We told you so.” Others say they knew all the time that he would not stay long here and would return to what they called ‘his master’.

Gen Sejusa was coordinator of military intelligence at the time he fled the country on April 30, last year after he published an article in the Daily Monitor claiming there were attempts to arrest and murder army officers opposed to alleged plans by President Yoweri Museveni to have his son Brig Muhoozi Kainerugaba take over as the country’s leader when he finally steps down. There have been numerous rumours that the general has been in touch with the Ugandan leadership all the time he has been in exile.

6 thoughts on “We reveal why Gen David Sejusa has returned to Uganda

  • December 14, 2014 at 7:15 pm

    Is it a day of reckoning or a new disaster in the making? Time will obviously tell and give the answer to the above question. One thing is clear, Gen. Sejusa has returned home and received at the airport by high level government and intelligence officials of the ruling NRM, a system the general fled from nearly two years ago claiming his life was in danger.
    While in London, he was able to build a network of supporters who saw him as the next messiah or the late day Moses returning his lost people back to the promised land.

    On the other hand, there were different groups of people for and against him. One group said and I quote: “If Sejusa has balls, he should return home and face Goliath on the ground.” Well, he has done exactly that. Will this group be satisfied, now that David has returned home to face Goliath, or they will create another scenario claiming he was a set up in the first place? The second group which did not believe him has a simple answer that requires no soul searching “We told you so”.

    I was not aware that Sejusa was returning when I wrote my comment warning Ugandans to be more careful with the so-called opposition groups who open their mouth everyday about Museveni is doing this, he is doing that. Here we go, the messiah has gone home leaving this we hoped to return to the promised land behind. Fellow countrymen and women, beware of false Messiahs. Finally, a strong warning to Buganda and Baganda, since 1962 Buganda and Baganda have been the most misused people in Uganda’s history. I hope this time around, they will learn from history not welcome another “Mukopi” to take charge”

  • December 14, 2014 at 11:02 pm

    Gen David has been forced to leave the Britsh soil for two major reasons: No.1 Gen. David Tinyefunza, knows very well that the MANPADs, the missiles that brought down President Habyalimana’s FALCON,came from Kampala. Sejusa and Kagame were working in the same department(Intelligence) in the NRA. Kagame was a Major at Basiima house (Division Military Intelligence office) together with Aronda, a Captain by then. Lt. Col. Lutaya, Lt. Col. Byemaru, Lt. Col. Sesanga were all working at Basiima House. They all knew when the Libyan cargo plane landed at Entebbe old airport loaded with two APCs Type BTR20 plus two pieces of SAM16 missiles – all Russian made.

    The Libyan cargo plane made two deliveries. This happened in 1988. These missiles and the four armoured personnel carriers, were taken to Bombo army barracks (Bombo artillery and air defence ) by then. People should know that when the Russians were selling these APCs to Col. Gadhafi, it was in a package . What I mean is, each APC had to be equipped with a MANPAD . Even now in the Russian army fighting in Chechenia you can see very well that each APC has a missile to safeguard the Vehicle from low flying choppers.

    These missiles were later given to Kagame to shoot down president Habyalimana’s plane killing the two presidents and all the crew plus the two French pilots. The Skeleton of the Falcon is in Paul Kagame’s backyard guarded 24/7. Let me tell you this. Kagame is so bitter at whoever tries to ask for access to this Skeleton . All journalists have been threatened with death by Kagame himself. Museveni, the Ugandan leader is responsible for providing the missiles to Kagame. Kagame is responsible for ordering the downing o0f the plane. Sejusa knew all about the plan. It’s very sad that the French investigators and the French judge ignored the vital information from the exiled veterans, who even offloaded these APCs and the MANPADS . This is the most important information Gen. Kayumba Nyamwasa misses.

    When kagame learnt that Habyalimana was flying out of the country for the peace talks, he remembered the Missiles he left in Bombo and sent three Landrovers to get them ASAP. During the Rwanda invasion, everything, like manpower and arms, all came from Kampala . Masaka army barrack was a stopover for all trucks heading to the frontline . They took the two missiles which still had long life in the batteries. Officers in Bombo army barracks who saw the missiles being taken, were arrested and charged with treason. For example, Major John Mugarra , Cpt. Mukasa, Cpt. Kalungi, Sgt Doe and the rest. Gen. David has been allowed to come back home for keeping his mouth shut about Habyalimana’s plane.

    In all accusations the Gen. Has been preaching against his boss, nothing has ever been said about the blowing of the plane. My country Uganda ,is responsible for the Terror act of killing the two African leaders in 1994. Didn’t you see during the war in Libya, people broke into one storage house ,full of MANPADs in green boxes? Thay are called SAM16s. That’s the very type they used on Habyalimana’s plane. From that day Museveni and Kagame are all scared of such to happen to them . They both fly with jets that can detect some of the enemy approaching missiles. Habyalimana ‘s plane had nothing. We argue all African peace loving people to press for a new investigations into this terror crime.

    • December 15, 2014 at 5:17 pm

      May the ancestral spirits protect thee from all unforeseen harm. Thanks.
      From an eternal student of the late Professor Nabudere. Additional insights on the significance of the Indian presence in Uganda for nearly 30 years under nrm/nra regime shall be deeply appreciated.

      From a child of the rivers and forests of Mount Elgon. (1953)

  • December 16, 2014 at 6:00 pm

    Dear Editor
    I read the whole of your narrative and the only passage I picked that is vitally important and which I wish to signpost the readers to is: ‘……Personally, I did not come to stay in exile until some Good Samaritan defeats Museveni for me. I came to fight for liberation for myself….’

    No who can say with a degree of certainty that Gens Sejusa and Amos have disconnected from the ‘fundamental change’ of ‘Personal Merit’ ideology??

    Please allow me to indulge on the time-honoured Ganda lyric ‘Ani agamba unity songa dis-unity’ and paraphrase it by singing ‘ani agamba dis-unity songa eri unity’ Ahaahh

  • December 16, 2014 at 9:28 pm

    Interesting development! Hopefully the waters abroad didn’t get too cold for General Sejusa to tolerate! Or was it a mission accomplished culminating into home coming! Enemies identified and neutralized/compromised! Or was it some pressure from some forces from within and without causing his move! Whatever it is looks quite intriguing and elusive! However, it is not a match for time which will crack open what it is in due course.

    My prayer to Our Heavenly Father is to help those in the struggle for bringing some sanity back to Uganda.

  • December 18, 2014 at 3:00 am

    And now who is TVO?
    Sejusa’s return coincided with TVO’s planned uprising(that never took place).
    Does anyone know who TVO is?


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