Wedding bells for South African leader as he takes fourth wife

Zimbabweans outside South Africa House in Trafalgar Square London Saturday during their monthly vigil against the Mugabe leadership. (Photo by Henry Gombya)

Meanwhile in London, Zimbabwean carried out their monthly vigil by converging outside the South African embassy in Trafalgar Square demanding that President Zuma helps their country carry out free and fair elections which are expected sometime this year.

Speaking to The London Evening Post, the vowed to continue holding their vigil every 21st of the month outside the embassy to urge their powerful neighbour help end Robert Mugabe’s presidency. They danced and sang patriotic music to the amusement and at time embarrassment of passers-by.

 PM Tsvangirai says he is pushing for national elections to be held in March 2013. His party, the Movement for Democratic Change says although the process of writing a new constitution is still under way, elections will be possible less than a year from now.  “It’s just not possible to hold elections this year, there is no constitution and no referendum has been held,” Tsvangirai said. “Elections will be held at the outer limit that is in March 2013 when the current term of the lawmakers would have constitutionally expired.”

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